Atlanta Spa Shootings Shine Light On Long History Of Discrimination Against Asian Women In The U.S.

The attack on three Asian-ran spas in Metro Atlanta is shining the light on what women of Asian descent face every day in America. Jessica Prois, Editorial Director of NBC Asian America and Sung Yeon Choimorrow, Executive Director of The National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum join MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” Alicia Menendez to discuss the history of anti-Asian racism in the United States.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Atlanta Spa Shootings Shine Light On Long History Of Discrimination Against Asian Women In The U.S.


  1. 20 bucks says nobody wants to see what the FBI stats have to say about who is attacking these women.

    1. @moonboogie N8 I think everyone knows what I am talking about. And if you didn’t understand you wouldn’t have replied

    2. People need to spend more time outside. So many talking points being brought up that I dont see everyday. I live outside Atlanta the Asian community in Duluth is way rich and doing better than the whites and blacks.

    3. @Kavi Stone, how many mass shootings happen in the hood? Just because the media doesn’t label multiple victims a mass shooting when it happens in urban areas doesn’t mean it isn’t so. You are so easily manipulated.

  2. What this really shines light on is how the media is afraid to show who are the real perpetrators of Asian victims of violence.

    1. @GoMogolChannel you seem to know all the answers ,all i know is what he told cops and thats what im going with until someone has hard evidence to prove otherwise.

    2. @Alex Supertramp so now 10 ppl killed in Colorado grocery store…but I’m the one with the hate? GUeSs wHaT HE AINT BLACK EITHER 🤣

    1. Don’t give up! Keep up the fight for America! Please don’t let America fall! Vote Republican, Vote America!

    2. Yeah YouTube deletes most of my comments too or I get zero likes and zero replies on extremely popular news videos.

    1. @Facepalm Migraine I’m not a mind reader. So instead of you asking me what you’re referring to, why don’t you just spit it out?

    2. these liberals today would be like (if an event like 9/11 would happen again): “rip to all the black/asian people who lost their lives in this tragic event” then cry if you dont include their race in something, so hypocritical smh, if thats how you think..maybe the problem is YOU

    3. @Facepalm Migraine , you do know, his intended target was the Asian woman, don’t you???? The others just happen to be there!!!! [which is tragic as well] It happens all the time, these guy full-in-love with these woman, only to fine out later they [Asian woman] don’t give a F about them, just their money!!!! you know that…

    1. @King Willie did you call the police and report the alleged crime that was perpetrated against you?

    2. @TheTruthHurts732 – Of course not. What would that have accomplished? A police report, my word against theirs, and a bunch of wasted time. In fact, it might have landed me in jail even though I was victimized. They on the other hand can file an inflated insurance claim along with a police report and a BS story and you know it.

    1. What does it matter every race discriminates against others there are so many Asians who hate blacks look at how they treat them in China. Who cares I’m more concerned with the character of somebody.

    1. It makes you wonder if the other users pushing the propaganda are trolls in on it, or just that stupid that they believe it?

    2. Oldest trick in the book, also the good cop–bad cop trick. Meaning republicans play the bad cop, people run to democrats to save them. I think most media just do and say what their told and have no idea of the real agenda

  3. You’re not allowed on YouTube or any other woke platform to identify the group that commits the most acts of violence against Asians though.

  4. The person that admitted to pulling the trigger said it wasn’t Race-Related. He’s a serial killer, not a racist.
    MSNBC: “We’re going to make it about Race, the News is what we say it is”.

    1. He targeted 2 asian spas located miles apart. It was premeditated since he drove miles and miles to the 2 different asian spa locations. The other 2 victims just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. His intent was the asian spas

    2. @Harry no crap, it was premeditated to target the sucky sucky shops that he frequented. If he was mad at Asians in general he could went to Chinatown and shot everyone

    3. @Harry No Duh he wanted a happy ending and they gave him the poo poo platter. He was targeting his favorite sucky sucky parlors. These places had been dealing in the happy ending massage.

  5. Suddenly the media go from saying there are too many Asians in college to complaining about Asian discrimination… 🤔

  6. Screw the “experts”. They’re wrong 98% of the time. And in this case they’re suggesting to us they can read minds. Well done, idiots.

  7. They won’t let you say who is actually doing most of the violent crimes against the asian community because they will delete it, even if it is backed by FBI statistics.

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