Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior | Hardball | MSNBC

Retired four-star General and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis is breaking his silence and sharing some of his thoughts on the Trump administration.
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Atlantic: Mattis Found Trump To Be Of Limited Cognitive Ability, Dubious Behavior | Hardball | MSNBC


    1. @mike mathews conspiracy theories are for the alternative world
      We still live in the real world and your bulshit of the speed of the internet is the same stupid talk like getting cancer of the sound of the windmills.

    2. @mike mathews read the report. I know it’s long but it’s a eye opener. By the way I am a republican from Belgium and I can’t believe what’s happening to your beautiful country

    3. @Gerda Buyst that’s rich. For 3yrs they said trump colluded. The report sounds like it was written by a 1st year law student. It was purely agenda drive with nothing but drivel

  1. No §&ïţ…
    Crime is usually associated with illiteracy (it’s a statistical marker)…
    tRump is illiterate and a criminal…he just happened to be born with millions…

    1. Marla Hill he is admired and respected only by the swampsters who are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, and those who are blinded to or enamored.with his aggressive disrespect of all the great values that life holds.

    2. CFR Andre My opinion is that the trolls, the corrupted, the MAGAs, also couldn’t care any less because they are also of low moral character and of low intelligence.

    1. When the people get fed up with the corporate hegemony that is ruling the US. Conman Trump came along taking advantage of working people’s despair so getting rid of Trump won’t solve the underlying problem. Until corporate rule is recognized as the problem we will continue being distracted by hate.

    2. once the people who put trump in (not the sad qanoners or blue collars – i mean  the ‘elite’ jeff epstein crowd) have completed giving America to Israel.

  2. Limited cognitive abilty?

    This isn’t news, this is common knowledge to anyone that has 2 brain cells to rub together.

    1. @dgilvani : If TRUTH be told you and [t]Rump have ONE thing in common i.e. your shoe-size exceeds your IQ score by far! Eat that!

  3. He is a scary scary person with No no values !! At all he will screw anyone out of anything. He is disgusting pig

    1. Nikki Casanova …you have a way with words , Nikki and you are absolutely right! You guys have to get rid of The Pus Sak in the WH!

    1. Currently reading Sheehan’s book on Vietnam war…scathing on the quality of American generals at that time. So I would not assume all generals are individually brave. Likewise, not all politicians are lying crooks…

  4. All of you that voted for him this is what you get and all of you that didn’t vote this is what you get

    1. @tomcoryell like spending a hundred million on a website that don’t work. Or taking donations for a country that was just hit by an earthquake and keeping the money? It’s not just Trump, it’s all of them. The whole government, both parties just play good cop bad cop, they work together, screwing us.

    2. @WillieGrey Absher and @Florian Held That is BS, the democratic party consistently stands with workers to raise wages, and cares about all Americans, they constantly try to do the right thing, the only thing that stops them is when a**hole voters elect republicans who accept bribes from mega corporations.
      And as for socialism, it’s crap, it don’t work, it’s garbage; the good news is that there are no democrats who believe in “socialism”. Bernie and AOC talk about “democratic socialism” just to troll the MAGA hat wearing deplorable’s when what they mean is just plain old democracy with a slightly more robust social safety net, in other words America but with more social programs! That is categorically not “socialism”.

    1. GORGEOUSGEORGE He does! He has many beautiful words, they’re great words, the best in all of presidential history. 😉

    2. tomcoryell Tremendous words. Fantastic words. the best ever. anywhere. I think that’s his range of adjectives used up. Dotard is the best description, after “f***ing moron” of course.

    3. Ever watch ‘The Stupids’ movie? I keep waiting for somebody in this admin the break out singing “I’m My Own Grandpa!”

    1. @Crazywaffle5150 That’s the typical Trumpanzee — tries to insult you for criticizing Chump & ends up showing she’s as much of a sub-literate cretin as he is. #MAGALOSERS!

  5. Well we all know this. The problem is that all his base is limited too so they won’t understand that trump is bad.

    1. So true, CRI… They won’t admit the obvious which is really scary…. they have to either be extremely stupid or just psycho.

    2. michael hines I’m not sure you are necessarily intelligent by comparison to a Trump supporter as that’s such a low bar but common. They are supporting a man who knows nothing, reads nothing and does nothing for the people he represents. Yes it’s safe to say his supporters are dumb. Or do you think noise from wind mills causes cancer too ?

    3. @michael hines LA is a city of nearly 20million if you include the greater metro area, of course it has homeless people, so does every major city in the world. Also, George Bush took away financial regulations and caused the US economy to implode which almost spread to the other economies around the world. Thanks god Obama came into office when he did and stopped the recession dead in it’s tracks and then built up solid financial foundations that have served the US for 10 full years now of non-stop economic and job growth! Too bad that since Trump got into power the number of jobs each month has fallen and now the economy seems to be once again balancing on a cliffs edge. As for California, you do realize that they have one of the best economies of any of the US States and that they raise many billions of dollars in taxes that they then give to the federal government who gives that money to states like Luisiana funding 60% of that states entire budget.(talk about a welfare state!). As for Texas, you’re right, the state keeps doing better and better, and it’s voting bluer and bluer too, I wonder why? Maybe cause all the educated democrats moving to the state to work at NASA? Probably!

      As for China having the upper hand, that is because mega corporations have bought and own all the GOP politicians and got them to allow free trade with China without any kind of regulations, like say the fair treatment of Chinese workers. China is growing because no one can compete with near slavery costs for their labour. We could have put into a trade deal the requirement that Chinese firms exporting to the US would have to prove they are paying their workers a living wage, and that their workers are given proper safety equipment and training. Also, what I would propose is to put in place a labour tariff that would cancel out this advantage. As a side note, 80% of American manufacturing jobs were lost to automation, not to China. This has resulted in huge profits for these companies as they fire many of their workers, that is why the democrats want to increase taxes(for the first time in many decades) on corporations so that the government can repair our roads, build new port facilities, wind farms, bring 5G internet to the whole country, etc. . . because these are all tried and true techniques for creating more jobs, first to build all that stuff, and then once it’s built it encourages new businesses to come to those areas with the new infrastructure!

  6. Folks, trump couldn’t do this by himself. Just like an addict he has enablers all over the place who take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves or protect their power structure. He won’t leave on his own unless his power structure crumbles.

    1. : if you can’t find REAL DIRT on someone after 2 1/2 years a $50m dollar budget +20 attorney & multi staff & TOP NOTCH EQUIPMENT, THEN there’s NOTHING there to find.. People need get their heads out of where the sun don’t shine & move on. Accept the TRUTH.
      its like the husband that beats his wife to death then says “OH i didn’t do it on purpose, it was an accident” after already beating her 500x .. its calked Beating a dead horse to death.

    2. @A dorable Mueller did his job with the report . It is the handling of the report by AG Barr that was heartbreaking

    3. Who says he’s ever going to leave office? He wants to be a dictator, dictators never leave. Plus once he’s out of office he’s in a lot of legal trouble which could land him in prison.

    4. @Gigi Devoe Mueller was bound by a stupid, obviously outdated policy to NOT charge a sitting President. He clearly laid out multiple examples of obstruction in his report.
      The fact that he wasn’t charged with crimes or sanctioned in any way does not mean that Trump is innocent of anything. Most reasonable folks have figured that out, and will cast votes accordingly. History will call it a strange blip of mistaken expectations of a man completely unprepared to lead a nation.

  7. When a highly decorated veteran, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, can’t take it anymore. That says how bad is this president and his administration.

    1. When Trump is finally gone,
      It will be interesting to see how many of his supporters will claim they weren’t at all.

    1. sheriffquick trumps name is coming off these building because he didn’t owned them.

      As far a having a check book. I pay all my bills and I don’t own a checkbook. Thats OLD technology. Trump is OLD technology

  8. Another words so the far right NAZI’s can understand that their fearless leader is STUPID like his white trash base

    1. No. The far right Nazis will invent yet a new fantasy of Trump having a hidden agenda. Nazis are politically insane. Like Trump’s base.

    1. sounds like his had a typical life just a little higher up the ladder. most all of us have had struggles that have brought us to our knees, Mr. Trump was able to pull himself back up. So far no dead bodies have popped up like in Hillary’s case.

    2. OnWingsOfHope Why do you need know about his taxes? Have you seen your Congress persons, city, county, state officials, how about your pastors or churches records or your neighbors, he lives next door to you dont you think your entitled to know who he is & what he has or doesn’t have??? BETTER yet how about your bosses & the company’s tax records, after all you need to know if the company that signs your pay check is solvent & what your boss does w his money.. Then there’s YOU, HOW many people have you shared your personal tax records with, aren’t all these people above entitled to know anout you??

  9. Now the man with dubious character, Trump, is surrounded only with other men and women of dubious character. Scary.

    1. @SuperOmnicron actually, it WAS four times. It just happens that each time involved multiple stops. He was accompanied by the Secret Service and his staff at all times because hey, he was the President. This has been fact checked multiple times. Additionally, Trump has been credibly accused of violently raping a child who was supplied to him by Epstein. Clinton has never been accused of messing with kids by anyone. Not one of Epstein’s victims named Clinton. They named other people. There is no doubt that Epstein was a deplorable person who cultivated all kinds of powerful people (including Donald Trump) but there is also zero doubt that Clinton just saw him as a donor, nothing more.

    2. Hand picked by the stable genius himself – the worst bunch of deplorables anyone might find in the country of the USA

    3. man with dubious character, Trump, is surrounded only with other men and women of dubious character – sounds like all media to me

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