Attacks on Asian Americans spike again amid pandemic | USA TODAY


    1. Imagine attacking a French American over what the Germans did to the Jews. That’s how dumb you sound Marky

  1. Trump’s rabid followers listen to believe and follow and act on every word he says words have consequences words have power in them and people should be held accountable for the consequences of their actions which include their words

    1. White people in the comments are actually getting offended? Because they don’t like seeing news sources talking about problems with other races and let all the racist things be present?

  2. .. лишить трампа гражданства – пусть в россию едет, там жить в сибире =)

  3. If it were a white guy attack an Asian , you won’t show it. Why? Thought others do not know your conspiracy of sowing discord between the Asians and Africa Americans! US conspiracies are repeated again and again.

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