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    1. His life is not at risk, neither is his family. So he’s not going to buy a $23 million armored truck to move cash, it’s too expensive. This says a lot! The most expensive asset is peoples lives, it cannot be replaced. Are Jamaican securities actually listening to this man. He blatantly said on national television that he doesn’t care Jack about your lives.

    1. U sit down in office chatting one bag of crop life important more than old machine a luck if the guard that dead get the death policey money Overton and all the managers fi go repent and have some mercy for poor people

  1. When I was a guard at guardsman group I noticed some guards putting there lives at unnecessary risk for these people who don’t even know your name and will replace you and forget about you in minutes just to make sure the suv and the bmw ac keep working.

    1. The man just blatantly told all securities that he doesn’t care Jack about their lives. He said he’s not going to buy a $23 million armored vehicle because it’s more expensive than the poor security life. Well as far as I know the most expensive and irreplaceable asset is someone’s life. Good on you that the lord has provided other means of survival for you. This is sad to listen to.

  2. I was a child when my father worked as a guardsman security and I use to pray for him everyday.

  3. Unu must spend more money on the security personnel dem ,bigger heads a pack up the money fi dem on dem own family,set a waste man dem.

  4. And again he is stressing cost over the value of the lives of his employees… this is again sickening… thats Jamaicas problem, money grabbers in high places instead of quality leaders

  5. All you need to do is ink the money bag so it would make no sense taking it that’s what the rest of the world does sometime the solution is simple but in Jamaica we have a lot of educated over thinkers

  6. I think this man is talking about damages and all that and talking like the security team m16 gun is way too much for them you think those little hand guns can face up to these criminals it as to be m16 against m16 these criminals has not living for so they will go very hard to take down a team in 1 hour

  7. Let him go out there and delivery or pickup the money cause after him see the people them get shot at the man them should a protest or leave this company after these comments rasta. Is all bout money nobody care bout the lives of the guards to arm them properly to protect themselves all what the government can do is support you when you willing to stand up to these criminals.

  8. Hell, A Lt. Commander failing to properly train his security team on basic ” field awareness ” his rank must be purely a “honorary ” title kmt!!!🤔🇯🇲🇬🇧

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