Holness Names CRC Members: Jamaica Closer to Become a Republic | TVJ News

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  1. Jamaica ,not ready not with thrse sorth of criminal in covetnment brobely with a next generation certenly not with the jp or the ppthey are not worhhy the day it happen with these criminal in power we will be in afar worst condetion than what wr are in now

    1. So true and they also will implement death penalty to deter criminal as soon as they become Republic which will by the way plunge this place into darkness as criminals will be more elusive and get more brazen when they attack in attempt to not be captured.

  2. Am sure A.B.C. and his friends D.E.F.G will soon be apart of this rubbish going forward as well ..

  3. Are we going to end up with another useless ceremonial head with virtually no executive powers or a real head of state?

    1. Cause why , will there be better benefits, will you get more money, will there be better public services, will there be better labour wages ?. The only thing I see coming from this is that our government will and can treat us as they see it fit ,in other words modern day slavery with no intervention meaning no one to help us from the wrath of our government something like communism. So put on your seat belt cause we in for a long rugged ride.

    2. The current colonial mindset amongst our representatives needs to be changed.

      Our internal systems need to be changed.

      Corruption, nepotism, and croynism needs to be addressed.

    3. @Bev Smith true but who gonna volunteer to change this ?, certainly not those who benefit from it., they will withdraw from colonialism but I guarantee the mindset will remain now picture a jamaica like that. This will become a dictatorship stronghold it’s that transparent.

  4. Finally, Jamaica need change, maybe things can get better, if if Bro God pull this off I’ll definitely endorse him.

  5. I hav Ben saying. That for a long time. Get rid off king now. Out off Jamaica 🇯🇲

  6. Hopefully out of this will come a new Constitution that makes Jamaica a proper Republic with a Republican form of Government.

  7. Jamaica becomes a republic? Bob Marley became the 8th national hero? Portmore becomes a parish? and a third international airport to be built?. ( not the Ian Fleming airport too small). You see a pattern? Long promises overdue. These 4 development will never happen because having that burden of changing something and don’t know the outcome, is a long time sequence of events that eludes Jamaica. Jamaica always the last to make it to the party. It’s the tail that wags the dog. Keep waiting!!!!

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