Attorney Praises Officer Becoming Witness: ‘Officers Like That…Change Policing’ | MSNBC


    1. R L T …one of the only policies trump hasn’t gotten rid of is Obama’s economic growth policies. trumps just riding Obama’s coattails.

    2. . All democrats are demon rats owned and controlled by demons.
      The democratic deep state corporate beast system antichrist network serpent legion of death is your extinction, the same serpent line that enslaved the black race

    3. Msnbc serpent brainwashing disinformants posing as human gutting the nation with fabricated lies and manufactured crimes for full beast system Demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity paving the way for the Antichrist

  1. Well! That’s a start but I really don’t know what’s going to happen going forward with this case. 🤔

    1. Gotta start somewhere but they seriously overcharged the shooter. Just trying to make a point.

    1. It is but if justice is rendered then we are moving in the correct direction. Showing (because we don’t need proof but we do need to be shown) that good will prevail and good officers WILL stand up for the truth.

    1. @Wigg Licker dude everyone has their version of “the real news”. Juditial watch is the one that fits your agenda so thats one you choose to believe, its all relative. But the real issue here is that david brosnan stepped up to the plate thats FACT!!!

    2. I’d wait until his testimony is done and dusted and read into in a Court record before declaring any victory is this matter. There will be people seeking to “get” at him well before then.

    3. @Ejay he stood on mr brooks shoulder while he was shot on the ground and bleeding to death. Thats where that charge comes from. They both have blame in this but the other officer was trigger happy and actually was caught on tape kicking brooks as he was bleeding to death. Just disgusting

  2. This is what it looks like when good apples step up instead of hiding the bad ones at the bottom of the bushel.

    1. Wigg Licker Oh wonderful another person who seems to know where to find truth. Let me guess. Fox News? Not true until they say it? Then when they retract you don’t seem to catch up and realize the other news stations had it right the first time?

    2. @Sean Breen The worms being the bad apples and the police union who protect them? Agreed. That’s part of the problem here.

    3. @Landon’s Channel
      Lets talk about serpent demon people posing as human gutting the nation from the inside

  3. Kicked him after he killed him. Tells you dirty cops don’t care and will continue to be evil regardless of what laws are created.

    1. Red Eileen of course that is horrible. And I fear that is what all-empowered socialist officials will do with the power of our medical and onward economy.

    2. Toward Treatise the rest of Europe looks at America and can’t believe how poorly it treats its citizens. You’ve had this fear of ‘socialism’ pumped into you. The citizens are treated better. Desperate people do desperate things. You can buy medical cover to upgrade if you want, but everyone gets medical treatment. Every new mother gets a years maternity leave, etc. We just find it weird that you continually vote against your own interests. If you had to be construct a society, would you choose to have a lot of poor, desperate people? How do you create a society that works for the majority, not just the few?


  5. It’s so funny how only Trump supporters don’t see nothing wrong with what happened!?,Same goes for the officers they should of left him go home on foot without the need to try to arrest him when he wasn’t even driving. What law was broken!?. All though he was intoxicated, he was not driving, so what’s the crime beside being of color!.

    1. Slick Willie partied on Epstein island dozens of times! Seems liberals are excused for being low life humans!

    2. We are over policed, nobody goes home, nobody calls a ride, when they pull somebody over they looking for any an everything to stick it to that person.

    3. He was intoxicated, passed out behind the wheel in the drive-thru, with the engine running. For all the employees knew he could have had a heart attack. Stop doing mental gymnastics. DUIs are serious offenses that gets people killed. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

    4. DolphinsWIthIgloos mental gymnastics!?, how!?, those are the facts!. If he is not physically driving while intoxicated it’s not a crime. Look what DUI law falls on before making your bias comments. Second all they had to do was tell him to go home or have Brooks call someone to escort him home simple!. The one that’s trying to justify these actions are you. Plain and simple the officers took it too far and violated their power of authority without a probable cause (No crime was committed!.)

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  7. Unfortunately, that officer will be vilified and turned against.. it’s like every business and court houses in the U.S… family courts are so corrupt in st louis county and every attorney knows it and knows what attorneys and laws firms are corrupt and they keep their mouths shut, because if they open up and are honest, they will be ostracized.. it’s said to be worst than middle school in the family courts, just destroying families for money grabs.. so sad.
    The police departments after no different.. just like these Catholic churches rotating child molesting preist.. police departments rotate cops that get caught or get set up to get caught doing the wrong thing..
    Same thing in big corps. Always about playing to those who think they have perceived power and ostrizing those who don’t want to play their game.
    I mean look at trump and his admin.. they do the same thing and Rudy is front and center in all this, those who did their job, got ostrizied and retaliated against..that’s Why the GOP are so complacent and do what they are told, otherwise you get campaigned against and lose their easy lifestyle in Congress..
    Unfortunately this officer will face that same retaliation for doing the right thing…smfh

  8. Here is the problem. Notice that the police officers are given due process before incarceration, and “then” asked to turn themselves in. Most arrests by police officers side step the persons 5th amendment right to due process, which requires a grand jury to determine if there is “probable cause”. “Probable cause” means the grand jury finds there are enough facts to lead a reasonable person to believe that the accused has committed a crime.

    A police officer is not a grand jury. A police officer works with the prosecutor to present the evidence to a grand jury. Until the grand jury determines there are enough facts that the accused has committed a crime, no arrest can be made.

    5th amendment of the bill of rights….

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime “unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury”. Further reading….”nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law;”

    Due process of law: …

    A fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard – “before” – the government acts to take away one’s life, liberty, or property.

  9. Youtube/Google, all serpents posing as human censoring the internet, all of them are the beast system conspiracy to rule with Full beast system Demonic tyranny

    1. Kick like, “is he still a threat”. The officer performed CPR on the suspect. Of course, that video wasn’t shown for the obvious reasons.

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