Former Atlanta Officer Charged With Felony Murder In Death Of Rayshard Brooks | MSNBC


    1. Nope. Not guilty is guaranteed. Supreme Court already decided this long ago. If you don’t know, then you will be in for a surprise

    2. I guess it’s going to pay now to be a crook it’s not a race thing that guy asked for it he could’ve went and signed his self out of jail and be alive today it was all browns doing not the cops

    3. @Oscar Deville trolls said the same thing about floyd nd amahd. You’re racist a.. Will be surprised

    4. @King OfTroy “The BIBLE” Greatest Book Ever Written.
      Last Days Prophesy!
      Babylon The Great (America) has Fallen.
      All Praises To The Most High and his Son.

      ELOHIM Vengeance Is Upon America The Demonic!!!

    1. All democrats are demon rats owned and controlled by demons.
      The democratic deep state corporate beast system antichrist network serpent legion of death is your extinction, the same serpent line that enslaved the black race

    2. @rrmndtqrg8 q
      Lucifers minions designed to be unlimited chaos which kills everything until there’s nothing left

  1. When it starts with “fell asleep in the drive thru” and ends with “homicide by the police” one would think that maybe, just maybe, there’s something not quite working right. 🤔🤨

    1. *Drunk or sleeping, Brooks ended up real dead, shot by a policeman. It’s only right for that policeman to get life without a chance for parole.*

    2. He was on parole for beating his kids. Now the kids got scholarship to college, they will just have to go there to get their degrees.

    3. He should have called ambulance when he could hardly wake him up, he should not have asked him to drive in that condition, not even to the nearest parking spot. Was he worried about Wendy’s profits?

      Then the second cop should have told the first that he compromised the case by letting him drive …they could still be quarreling about that in the parking lot.

    1. @Fahim Ahmad Fought the police and shot at the police with a taser. Yeah a taser is not dangerous like a gun, but if used wrongfully, you can die !!!

    2. I don’t know how many of those are gonna stick though. Honestly, I’d be happy if he does 15 years in prison.

    3. @frictionRx9 But it’s not murder or shooting someone in the back who’s running or kicking him after he’s already down. And firing shots at the car his friends are in.

  2. Yea, I will always remember a black American woman and the love she showed to me in many ways!

    Alright, now I’m really out.


    1. Are you assuming all black women are the same because that would be racist. Perhaps you’re virtue signaling.

    1. I am 1000% sure all the persons to served as juror in this case : will unambiguously and singularly vote for conviction ;as it relates to the heartlessness exhibited by officers after killing Brooks…

    1. @Paula Lewis Listen psycho, you don’t even know me. To call me a murderer for stating facts is just beyond the pale. If he hadn’t fought the police, he would be alive today. You fight arrests in a court of law, not by assaulting police officers.
      Do you even live in reality or do you just see all police shootings as wrong and all those killed as innocent victims, regardless of facts?

    2. #Nope. They were charged with Aggravated Assault. Aggravated assault includes assault either assault with a deadly weapon; or an assault which did or could cause serious injury.

  3. So now an alleged criminal knows that by resisting arrest and running away that any officer that fires upon him is liable to potential felony murder charges.

  4. Good luck with zero police officers in your town Atlanta ! Cuz after this there going to be quitting in droves ! resisted arrest and stole the weapon and try to use a weapon on a police officer who fired to defend himself gives a s*** what he did after he was shot ! Even though that is the procedure they are taught ! Get ready for the crime wave Atlanta you’re going to get exactly what you deserve !

    1. *Let them white cops resign in droves. GOOD RIDDANCE. Clean the swamp, start with a clean slate. I’m sure there are many more good people of all colors who can replace those spineless cops.*

  5. Total bs, he pointed a weapon AT THE COP! what do you expect?! This is insane . Drunk, resisting arrest, then pointing a weapon at a cop

    1. So the cops consider a taser NOT to be a “deadly weapon” when they use it on a civilian, but suddenly a taser is a deadly weapon when a civilian tries to use it on them. It’s always the same – the rules always change to fit their circumstances.

    2. FLYNN no the D.A. Considered tasers a deadly weapon when he fired two cops for useing one on protesters that refused to leave a car by calling tasers a deadly weapon

  6. The cops did their job. What is the problem here. If you’re dumb enough to fight with the police and you take one of their weapons you should expect to die.

  7. This is insane. I’m embarrassed by my hometown devolving into absolute lawlessness.
    You can now steal a cop’s weapon, and he’ll be punished. Sheer insanity.

    1. @Don Lasky Non-deadly? Okay, I guess getting paralyzed by a taser and breaking your neck upon free-falling to the curb is not deadly at all. Just one of several possibilities.

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