1. Dave Chappelle has done a moral and spiritual 180. I’m always disappointed but never surprised that people don’t do it in the other direction

    1. @Kevin Knoerr lol apparently creating teslas which at its cheapest is 45k. Oh and making a company so he can go to space. Oh and spending billions on twitter than allowing those who spread misinformation back on. Apparently people think that these are positive impacts on the world. In all honest people need to stop worshipping the rich. 90% of the time they are rich because they grew up in a family that had luxurious and benefits others didn’t. And sadly many who started poor but then get rich seem to forget those along the way. Also I know your question was sarcastic, obviously so many people seem to be blind to the truth.

    2. @ACanadian To embrace being awakened/woke, if you will, you have to embrace justice, and that aint the majority of you.

    1. @ThunderWorks we all know republicans are groomers. Then blame others, like always. Republicans are all traitors. Don’t go attacking the capitol again.

  2. What’s worse?

    Uttering “what do you want me to say, Dave” and becoming speechless despite being a Twitter troll


    insulting your own audience members’ net worth, financial status.

    1. @Chris NotPratt OK well I’m sure you’re qualified to make that decision. I’ll still just ignore you though.

    2. @Stoopid Pursun Ahh yes the majority liberal audience of dave chapelle who frequently reinforces stereotypes, hates leftist policies and publicly destains the democratic party. Makes sense

    3. Hey CNN sheep, Sam Bankman-Fried just got arrested in the Bahamas. I only mention this because even though it is one of the biggest stories of the day, CNN most certainly will bury it. Your welcome for the glimpse outside of your echo-chamber.

    4. It’s crazy how CNN (y’all) are talking about Twitter…. Without really talking about Twitter 🤣
      sorry carry on. 👌🏾

  3. When ‘you’ put pro-hate-speech & anti-freedom-of-speech people out as a free-speech-dependent-type-of-entertainment, many might not like it.

  4. I had a friend in jr high that spent our highschool years trying to convince the popular kids that he was cool enough to hang out with them. It’s sad to watch a formerly respected comedian like Dave do the same thing now that he identifies as a net worth instead of a person.

    1. @Charles Ritter Whether or not you can post on Twitter is in no way related to what Free Speech rights you are guaranteed under the constitution. You have no idea what free speech is. You do not have a constitutional right to have a twitter account or to post on twitter any more than you can demand to be on the radio, tv or have your idle misguided musings printed in the local newspaper. Already rampant misinformation has misguided you and millions of Americans into thinking that if someone bans you from a media platform that they are somehow violating your rights when in reality they are simply invoking their rights and sometimes responsibilities to promote responsible speech. Get over yourself.

    2. @Paul Uttermohlen a platform such as FB or you tube is NOT required by law to remove “hate speech” or “promote responsible speech” etc etc. Nor should it have to as a private business. Elon is making big promises regarding freedom of speech on Twitter but we will see if the Oligarchy is able to stop him. Have you been following the Twitter files story? Your Uncle Joe “I touch little girls” Bidens people were meeting with Twitter executives to make him look good and make Trump look bad. When Trump said that the election was rigged he was actually telling the truth (For once)

  5. Have fun with the new crowd demographic you’re going to be getting Dave. Not sure you’re gonna like their heckling… 🤷‍♂️

    Good luck landing another special. Maybe fox will pay for one? 🤷‍♂️

    1. He’s in the same crowd as BROgan now – too much money to care and surrounded by fakes and yes-men. They left behind what got them to where they are.

    2. @Jon Nichols I think the CEO of Netflix said he would keep paying for chapelle specials “again and again”. But keep that narrative alive in your head if your so scared of a comedian. 😊

    3. @James Wade we’ll see 🤷‍♂️
      The fact is that Netflix isn’t too fond of catching flak over his last special specifically. Despite being controversial, it also didn’t get the best views. After this stunt, I’d be surprised if they bought another special again. 🤷‍♂️

      But hey, maybe fox will buy a special from him. 🤷‍♂️

      I was also a huge Chappelle fan because of what he stood for. The man who stood up against bigots and left millions on the table so they couldn’t profit off his name. Guess dave lost his self respect along the way. 🤷‍♂️

      Its okay though, he’s gonna attract a new kind of audience from the repub crowd and he’s not gonna like that heckling… Hope he changes his material up a bit so he doesn’t get slurs tossed his way and put in danger. We all know how repubs are with comedy.. 🤷‍♂️

  6. I’m disappointed in Dave, but I’m poor, so I’m sure he could care less. It’s a dam shame how money changes people

    1. @Double Oof Did you reply to the wrong user? Because your post makes absolutely no sense

    2. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise I think being disappointed is part of the shock this even happened, and wanting a backstory before saying “FU, you’re cancelled!” I’m not too into cancel culture anyway. I need an explanation!
      Dave’s a person. He can make mistakes… but, if his new path is Kanye lane …..ughhh, I’ll pass. I hope he’s not becoming the thing he once seemed to hate.☹️

    3. I don’t think money changes you . With a lot of it.
      I think it’s like a drug, that brings out what’s really inside of you .

  7. It’s a different world inside twitter and the support you get within can be intoxicating, but the real world is outside. Sometimes, you’d be surprised that when you go out, you don’t understand what’s happening because you drank too much inside.

    1. @Colin Forsecs I never said it was a secret the rich don’t pay taxes, was making the point of how Democrats turned on him years ago…

      Years back Elizabeth Warren started focusing on Elon for not paying taxes, and how SpaceX and Tesla had major workplace issues (sexual harassment, slurs, bullying (not from Elon) along with over 100 people literally collapsing on the job due to conditions/hours)… This was democrats starting to turn on Elon and to be fair, he did make some changes!

      Then came COVID lockdowns, where Elon was tweeting things along the lines of “this is fascist, FREE AMERICA” because he wanted his production back up and running – Conservatives started to like him, and now, he’s their “hero” of free speech (while he’s still deleting posts he doesn’t like and banning people).

    2. @Colin Forsecs As for Chappelle, I always loved his comedy. And to be honest I LOVE offensive jokes. However, if a joke doesn’t land, if it brings nothing but offense – it’s not a good joke… Instead of realizing that, maybe ego, Chappelle seems to think it’s everyone else’s fault the joke didn’t work… And because of, Chappelle seems to be working harder on offending verse working up a solid joke as he used to.

    3. That’s why he brought a bathroom sink with him when he moved into Twitter. He just shits next to his desk and basks in the odor.

    4. Yep, this reminds of when Trump stepped outside of his MAGA echochamber to attend a Nationals baseball game. Trump must have assumed he’d be greeted as a hero because the crowd resembled his MAGA crowds, largely White and fond of red hats, but he got a dose of reality and was instead confronted by a wave of boos. Similarly, Musk must have mistakenly assumed that because Chappelle is perceived as anti-PC, his fans would somehow embrace an elitist right wing toolbag like Musk.

      Meanwhile Chappelle has had an interesting few weeks, first he defends Kanye and now he’s propping up Musk.

    1. @jasiel morales Speaking of throwing people under the bus “Jasiel Morales is the biggest loser in the world, Its true, the biggest in the world, amazing numbers, I have never seen such a loser in my entire life, believe me” – Trump probably.

    2. @AthlonzTwentyTwenty 🤣🤣 when they persecute you is when you doing it white , whoops I mean right 👌🏻 💀

    3. @bruhbruh Dude coasts off dad’s money till he gets a mediocre service running when the internet’s a novelty. Sells said mediocre site to someone who just wants to shut down and own any competition and invests in Paypal, where they hate him so much they pay him to GTFO, only to buy an electric car company and pretend he invented the product. Without daddy Elon’s just an average sh1thead. Ignorance is bliss but bootlicking gets you off, doesn’t it.

  8. I love Dave and realize he battled backlash and cancellation himself and rightly so BUT… I think perhaps it is not always the wisest thing to ‘play assist’ to someone in obscurity who absolutely deserves the storm of criticism they themselves provoked. If Elon was unjustly vilified or just didn’t know any better I might have had some reservations. However Dave reaching out to Elon as storms are brewing on all fronts because of Kanye, Trump and Fuentes and neo-Nazis popping up everywhere is definitely not smart. Even if Dave provides rational explanations as to why or simply seeks to crack some hard hitting jokes on cancel culture, things may not be glossed over again. He should realize he’s treading a very fine line and takes enormous personal risks by associating himself with Elon or others in the eye of the storm.

    1. Well idk bout that: cause what I do know is Jewish people, in my experience are rarely liberal and progressive- yet YouTube definitely sensors in favor of the left. Therefore I don’t really know how that adds up but the point is YouTube “morally” is a joke.

    2. @The Arizona Joker how do you figure? You simply just weirdly hate Jews. Which is just odd. I want the prosperity of conservative American values☝🏾 we are not the same sir. You are troll.

  9. I don’t mind Elon having different political views. The hate. The disinformation and propaganda is what is driving me crazy. I never knew he would become this….. who wants a neuralink in your brain from a CEO who spews this stuff? Mind control is the biggest fear!

  10. Chapelle turning into a walking irony. Too much success, adoration and yes men does this to you ladies and gentlemen.
    P.S: Hanging with Joe Rogan as well,

    1. I think u need to look up the word irony. Dave chappelle has not changed at all, public opinion and society has. To the point where ppl like u cant laugh a t comedy if it comes from ppl who have views u dont share.

    2. He’s inching towards a 2nd mental breakdown. Hope his wife has outfitted him with a GPS so she at least knows where he’s at next time he dissappears.

    3. @myles putty If this is your level of comedy then I really doubt your sensibility. 😂 And this pseudo intellectual cliched counter argument is what your mind came up then Gods save you. And by the way, this is not the same fiery Chapelle who resurrected myself a few years back. Go get your head checked.

    4. @Rishabh Aniket never said it was “my level”. Lol . Again where does this walking irony come from? What are u even talking about? “Pseudo-intellectual” argument? I made a simple statement. U just typin words with no idea of what ur actually saying.

    1. @Crack Shot Wrong amundo! That was the price for re-instating our 1st Amendment right! Also, Biden’s Laptop Matters!

  11. By Monday morning Musk had perked up and was busily rewriting history. The deafening noise, he reassured his Twitter followers, had in fact been “90% cheers & 10% boos”.Tell that to James Yu, a writer who was in the crowd on Sunday. “A good 80% of the stadium boos,” he estimated, noting that once the jeering started Musk withered on stage and turned “into a corncob”.

    1. In November 2016 the story was a presidential campaign had colluded with an outside entity to influence an election. As it turns out that assertion was largely correct all along. The who and when was what was off.

    2. @niet janken you people are so original. It’s like millions of you all independently come up with the same word all at once. Fox News probably quoted you specifically when they whine about the woke.

    3. Bro listen to the booing in the world cup football matches that’s 80% booing compared to this it was 20-30% max. Listen to a European soccer match and you will understand what 80% booing is.

    1. @D H We all have free speech. Elon just thinks we shouldn’t pick and choose who gets free speech. Hence..free speech. Typically in any argument setting there are two sides..one whos rite..and one whos wrong. And lemme tell you..the one whos rite.. is never scared of free speech.

  12. “CHEERS and boos, sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience.” -Dave Chappelle

    “I’m just stating the obvious here, those boos are coming from the worst seats in the house”-Dave Chappelle

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