Audio Of Michael Bloomberg On Stop-And-Frisk Emerges | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg is having to answer for comments he made in 2015 about controversial stop-and-frisk police tactics taken in NYC while he was mayor. Aired on 2/12/2020.
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Audio Of Michael Bloomberg On Stop-And-Frisk Emerges | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “EVERY candidate has a race problem” (mentions every candidate but Sanders, who’s actually winning, who marched with MLK)

    1. *’:RickK* RocKStar:’* a good point . Most of us White people have not examined our prejudices. Of course there’s systemic racism. An unrepentant racist like Trump told us he was a bigot while running for office.

    1. @Larry Ames you’re wrong about Bernie…and what does that have to do with Bloomberg’s exposed racism?

  2. This audio has been available since 2015 you’re only reporting on it now because a Twitter repost did your jobs for you

    1. @Dawn-Marie Langlois Great, another multi-billionaire who will take of his rich buddies and corporate America. The only reason he is running is to enrich himself because Trump is..he has no love for the country, just his wealth and power…this is a game/challenge for him…do not think he will be any different than Trump..

    2. @Dawn-Marie Langlois Just because the media says he gets under trump skin doesn’t mean it’s true. Mike is no different than trump

  3. The impart thing you should remember is: Bernie bad. If any candidate has any scandals, you should just go back and think about the important part: Bernie bad.

    1. @Paul Germana No, he’s just fine with killing their unborn children that MY taxes pay for! WAKE UP TRUMP 2020!

  4. Man this is pretty calm . Couldn’t imagine how this would have went if they were talking about a bunch of Republicans doing this .

    1. @kray97 Who are “these people” and who is “we” ie those who disavow leftists? Also, I was referring specifically of leftists, not “they”, whoever that is.

    2. @kray97 And I wouldn’t say he’s a Republican.. He was a Democrat before getting involved in politics. He’s also been an independent.

    1. @Beza Wossene you do realize that under Democrats and Obama We bombed twice as many countries as Bush did don’t you? No, I’m sure you didn’t just like almost every other registered voter from either party.

      Ps, You might want to read a little history of socialism in the world and the death and destruction. It is caused everywhere. It has ever been established.

    2. Ron Garvin 👈🏼🤣 Have you ever looked into the death and destruction record of capitalism Throughout the history?

    1. If only he was irrelevant. He has ridiculous money to spend on advertising and has a solid 15% support for doing nothing yet.
      And the DNC is changing rules to get him in.
      Serious worry.

    2. Yeah, he’s literally trying to buy his way into the presidential race. This is proof enough of how corrupt the two party system has become, both parties need to be deconstructed in favor of a parliamentary system with multiple political parties and points of view.

  5. You guys made it more muffled than it really is. I just heard that same audio super clear lmao. You guys are ridiculous.Good job Mika. You’re the only one asking the questions.

  6. The “UPSIDE” (for Sharpton) is if Bloomberg makes a nice donation to Sharpton to repent his $in$. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    1. @Ronald Jones and the crime statistics started climbing again. As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from sharpton’s purgatory springs.

    1. Ya he got caught stating a well know fact ..we all know how well that works if you are a Leftist and you do that , You get cannibalized

  7. Notice how at the beginning they left out the part about “Throwing teenagers against the wall and frisking them.” Go Bernie!!

    1. Bernie is disgusting too, he has people in his campaign saying they want progressives in gulags and want people that don’t agree with Bernie’s views go to reeducation camps.

  8. “Every candidate has a race problem”
    Even rev Al Sharpton is partaking in the Bernie Sanders erasure campaign.

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