Andrew Yang Will Support A Candidate Backing A Basic Income | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Andrew Yang, who announced he was suspending his campaign following New Hampshire, discusses what's next, his thoughts on running for NYC mayor and if he's ready to endorse a candidate. Aired on 2/12/2020.
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Andrew Yang Will Support A Candidate Backing A Basic Income | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Karen Brock No they dont. Welfare is means tested for income and savings. If a person earns income or saves more than 1500 to 2000 they have to report it and their benefits get cut the following month. If the worker calculates the amount incorrectly they can appeal the decision. Appeals cost the state a lot of money and are stressful to do alone. All of this reporting and fighting take time and energy away from working. Watch these. She also has a book.
      Digital Montoringvof the Poor.
      Wed Oct 17 15:51:10 MDT 2018
      Open Mind Virginia Eubanks
      UBI is received no matter how much a person earns or how much they save. There is no reporting, and no fighting over the benefit. It will be direct deposited into everyones account each month.

    2. @jfsfrnd you do realize there is more to a welfare system than what you describe- that free $1,000 will have a purchasing power of about $5.00 – hardly a benefit especially the harm that goes along with it- you’ll never ever come out of poverty if you fall for the free money trick- it’s a scam- the math doesn’t support what they sell it to be

    3. @jfsfrnd seriously ask yourself i $5 a month is really worth a life time of slavery- THINK ABOUT IT, it’s NOT $1,000 a month it’s $5 a month- learn about inflation

    1. @Kevin Bransky You obviously have never watched his interviews. He’s explained where he would get the money on almost every interview. The biggest chunk would be from VAT on the biggest companies – i.e. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, etc, because they pay zero federal taxes. Pretty simple answer. And no, I’m not trying to argue over the internet with you. Just giving you some basic, freely available information.

    2. @alissandra333 There was a candidate named Vermin Supreme who ran in the past few elections. He would wear a tall boot on his head and make wild promises and claims. He would run on purpose to mock our elections, especially focusing on the campaigning techniques done by many politicians over the years. He promised every American a pony if he won, and that tooth decay was the number one threat to our security and defense. Vermin Supreme reminds me of how silly politicians will get in order to garner public favor, and when it came to Trump in 2016, alot was said about how low Americans will go when it comes to accepting candidates wild ideas. Yang might not be running to make a fool of our elections and our politicians, but his wild ideas certainly align with how extreme some people will go to make others happy (with the intent of profiting off those people, like and salesman or conman would do). Yang is more like Vermin Supreme than a true fundamentalist, and he seems too willing to ‘jump higher’ than his constituents, which in a way made him LESS likable to many other Dems and to former Republicans wanting to cross party lines. Yang is smart, successful, and very new at politics – his campaign told us all that.

    3. @Inferno Dragon Sorry, his numbers say otherwise. People see through his con and they have decided not to support him. Dems always talk about Republicans being ‘distracted by the shiny keys’ of the GOP, and Yang is exactly that distraction. He went super-overboard with his policies, and it prolly hurt his campaign more than helped. The primary candidate usually doesn’t pick a guy with low poll numbers, since they need someone likable to run with.

  1. Yang will forever be the best candidate.. with all the media attacking him throughout the year, he still managed to last this long and create a great movement 🇺🇸 #HumanityFirst #ForeverYang

    1. Do you believe the next best still in the race is Bernie? I’d like to make the case for that, seeing as the other options seem to be old establishment, or young establishment. Or non-viable female alternative. I just recognize that what Yang was interested in was the improvement of the human condition, and the American populace, and I don’t see any of the establishment candidates having any interest whatsoever in addressing those issues.

  2. “Made for tv debates”

    Exactly! Those debates are like watching the freaking apprentice back in the day and most of the time nothing was being debated.

  3. I´m from Portugal and i can tell you that never a political campaign had such an influence on me, not even in my country. You Sir are what a real leader should be and the hole world is a better place when people like you emerges, we need more humanity, we need more Andrews, this is now a movement, thank you so much for everything.

    1. Minh Tran : Yang Gang world 🌎 wide ! Human Based capitalism ! Stay tuned for Andrews next steps ! 🧢🇺🇸🧢

  4. The mindset of scarcity won in the end. Meanwhile the billionaires and their mindset of personal abundance are laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. @ach nix lol let them off the hook? The only reason they are corporations is because they are creating value. That’s how business works. If this is what’s coming from the Dems in Yang’s absence – yikes! We are in trouble.

    1. Same. Probably gave over 200$ to the campaign. His message will resonate with the intelligent people in the world forever.

  5. These talking heads are shameless. If he got this much coverage before he exited the race he would be winning this whole thing.

    1. NEWSFLASH: Trump is in favor of UBI, so Andrew Yang will be campaigning with him and wearing a Make America Great Again Red Cap!! hahah

    2. @Dolphin Man We won the House with a Majority of 38. And we kept or took Senate seats so we are only 4 short to be the Majority. In 3 current races in 3 different states the Dems won in Trump states.

    1. @DargorV And yet if we don’t start communicating with each other and working towards a common goal we are going to be obsolete. The great American experiment of a democratic republic will have failed. As Benjamin Franklin said “It’s a republic; if you can keep it!”

  6. Shame on you msnbc for not covering Andrew Yang’s campaign ! The entire world is witnessing America’s hypocrisy thanks to you now …

  7. I haven’t heard Yang’s name so much on MSNBC or CNN as I have in the last 12 hours. They even have the right picture.

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