DNC Chair: We Must Learn The Lessons From Every Cycle | Morning Joe | MSNBC

DNC Chair Tom Perez joins Morning Joe to discuss high turnout for the NH primary, the chaos from the Iowa caucuses and the lessons the DNC learned from Iowa. Aired on 2/12/2020.
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DNC Chair: We Must Learn The Lessons From Every Cycle | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Crystal Giddens
      Lol. Bernie had said he would endorse the eventual nominee. He didn’t “roll” over he just kept his word. Something Trump doesn’t know anything about!

    2. Mike Warenda
      99% of polls show Bernie crushing Trump. Working class is still in a recession. We don’t want a president who gives massive tax breaks to George Soros and Hillary Clinton while trying to cut the social safety net. #CrookedTrump is through!

    1. Liza Tanzawa I’m actually not stupid I’m very intelligent. I’m smart enough to know what’s going on. Pete has more delegates than Bernie. That’s what gets counted. You the one over there adding stuff about $40K which is your own assumption of how the voting works. If you think someone is buying their way into winning a state primary. I don’t think 40K is enough to win over a state tbh.

      To say Bernie won two states is lunatic .. they are doing a recanvas count. Whoever ends up with the most delegates wins the state. Pete had the most delegates. That’s why he won. Bernie supporters can’t even acknowledge that .. they just wanna be sooo egotistic about Bernie winning that they won’t acknowledge another candidate winning another state.

    2. @Mike Luke you do realize that pos Troy Price, head of the IDP admitted himself a couple days ago, that there are in fact several errors that he states he “can’t fix”, supposedly (more like conveniently) for “legal reasons”.. due to the documents already being signed, after Blackhawk county and other Counties, as well as _REAL_ journalists pointed out all the errors that would have given Sanders the most delegates. It wasn’t just the app. The DNC, Buttugeig and IDP were in it together, to give Buttugeig that fake boost and screw over Sanders. And this recanvassing is Not to be trusted, because it’s being done by IDP. But carry on..

    1. @Deborah Freedman He’s in charge of the party, So the buck stops with him. At the very least, someone’s head should have rolled for Iowa.

    1. I don’t believe that. They feel more secure with a centrist candidate. But that is not a culpable trait in a party chair. They’ll come around as they realize Bernie is the one who can generate the excitement …. and the turnout. If turnout is high, Dems win. If turnout is low, Repubs win. That is why Repubs always try to suppress the vote one way or another. Tom knows this very well.

    2. @amity 150 If Sanders steals the nomination, we lose. Why doesn’t he run as the independent (Marxist) he is, and stop messing up our primaries? I can’t wait for that evil old Marxist to die. He has caused so much damage.

    3. ​@Deborah Freedman I see no reason to think Sanders is a Marxist. Socialism has been around much longer than Marx and doesn’t necessarily spring from a Marxist analysis. On the contrary, I know and respect lots of “intellectual Marxists” who use Marx’s concepts to understand the world, but operate in a generally capitalist and definitely democratic paradigm. Never mind, I seriously doubt Bernie is one. He doesn’t come from that point of view. By the way, if you take a college course in politics or economics, ya gotta deal with Marx and it sounds like you might find that reassuring. Marx’s socialism means something pretty different from Sanders’.

    4. @Deborah Freedman By the way, you might be behind the curve on the socialism thing. The Democratic party has changed a lot in 150 years and it is now obviously pretty open to Bernie’s vision.

    1. @orphan 200 So, what you’re really saying is you would rather criticize than take the time to read and understand how in depth the study is. Speaks VOLUMES about you.

    2. @orphan 200 Neither does your ignorance and refusal to even read. YOU: “I can’t figue out how to put this item I bought together”. ME: “did you read the instructions?” YOU: “No, they are just one set of instructions, so therefore I refuse to read them so I can understand. Instead, I shall go online and whine about how the item is bogus because I can’t figure out how things work”. There are troves of information backing up this kind of data, it’s not just one source Orphan.

    1. @M A Tony is whose brother? Not Tom Perez’. Now I am confused. Anyway I think things are going just fine and Tom P. is just fine. Its like Nancy P. I don’t agree with many of her positions but dang, she’s got the skills needed to do the speakers’ job and that’s what counts. Its a big tent, not everybody has to agree with me just yet! I’ll win them all over!! Ha-ha! What counts for Dems is the turnout and as far as that goes, Iowa was disappointing but NH was very encouraging. If whoever wins the nomination can draw out the vote, Dems will do just fine. If we start saying “If my candidate doesn’t win the nomination I am just going to stay home” then we will lose.

  1. Bernie2020! No to Buttigieg, No to Bloomberg enough is enough we need real change! Now more corporate Democrats! Bernie2020!

    1. by living in a ‘democratic socialist’ country…I have to say “be very careful” about someone too far left…..We currently have a Marxist as a ‘figurehead’ for the true union leadership that is running our country…..Unions are no better than a corporation….and actually if you think about it they are another corporation but worse because corporations promote efficiency while unions promote mediocrity…..With unions you are only as good as your worst worker….no one is permitted to make another member look bad, so everyone is forced into ‘mediocrity’……and…..with ‘seniority’ the act of someone wanting to advance themselves is not permitted. Unions also ‘hate’ the self-employed and very small business…they can’t control them so your Inland Revenue has to by crushing them….being most ‘democratic’ economies are 80 odd% of self employed or very small business that can be devastating to an economy…….my country, after 3 years of the unions, has for the first time in 20 years started to use that ‘I’ word….inflation….all bought on by the constant strike action and soaring wage increases which is forcing everything to increase……we are currently at $2.35 a litre of gas – in your world that’s $10 a gallon…if you smoke….cigarettes are $35 – $40 a pack and the minimum wage is now $19.80……on it’s way to over $20…this used to be the ‘living wage’ but with the current inflation it is no longer…..what the reality is….we are no longer competitive in the global market, which is our only source of income…….so I reiterate……be very careful of swinging too far left…..it can be just as or even worse than what you have……and I in no way support your ‘orange dictator’…….

    2. @Deborah Freedman Look at Trump’s socialism for the rich. Lying to poor people while he redirects their hard earned dollars back to his billionaire buddies.

    1. Tom Perez=Tom Podesta=Pedophile Ring connectedtoClintonTrump&Epstein. Just Google “Tony Podesta Art” Tony is Tom’s brother.

    2. M A
      Don’t forget Trump is also connected to Epstein, Weinstein, and the Clintons asked Trump to run for President. Trump is a Clinton Republican and Hillary is a Trump Democrat. She’s trying to tear down Bernie to ensure her guy gets another 4 years and she gets more Clintonian tax cuts.

    1. @Deborah Freedman You have execrably low standards. The Iowa caucus fiasco has diminished trust in the democratic process. Guess who paid for Shadow? Pete Buttigieg. Guess who was on the board? David Plouffe. The whole thing stinks, overseen by Perez who was installed to ensure that Ellison couldn’t move the party away from neoliberalism with all of its intrinsic corruption.

  2. What we learned is that Tom Perez is an establishment hack, a unity tour liar and needs to remove himself from office and the DNC scene of the crime! GTFO!

    1. Did you hear what Chris Matthews said? Now THAT was disingenuous! But he will likely come around too. People who are old enough to remember the cold way tend to associate socialism with the Soviet Union rather than Scandinavia! And it scares them still.

    2. @amity 150 What Chris Matthews said wasn’t disingenuous… it was downright slanderous. Same with Chuck Todd and his comparison of Sanders’ supporters with Nazi brownshirts. Even a creep like Sean Hannity wouldn’t say anything as vile as what we’re hearing on MSNBC.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Hey, I’m not too offended, actually. My #1 priority for right now is getting rid of Trump. As long as the Bros don’t undercut another Dem candidate, I am ok with practicing aggressive tactics. I hope and believe Bernie has disciplined supporters. I also hope he is grooming someone to run in 2024, because even if 2020 turns out not to be his year, one year soon this country will go socialist.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera But please recognize who the “enemy” really is, and its not MSNBC, the most progressive of the major cable news channels. If Bernie turns out to be the one, I guarantee MSNBC will support him, Tom P. will support him, and virtually ALL Dems will support him.

  3. Perez: “We talked, are talking, and will talk about change.”

    Also Perez, “We stacked the deck against Bernie by putting Clintonistas on all the relevant party comittees.”

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