Austin Mayor: City May Have To Reinstate Shelter In Place Order | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Austin Mayor: City May Have To Reinstate Shelter In Place Order | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The Mayor of Austin Steve Adler (D) joins Ayman Mohyeldin as his city and state is seeing a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. Adler stresses Texas is in a "precarious state" and claims city hospitals may be overwhelmed by mid-July. Aired on 6/30/2020.
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Austin Mayor: City May Have To Reinstate Shelter In Place Order | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Nathan Harris they actually spread the disease.if you’re wearing gloves you’re not washing your hands if you’re not wearing a respirator you’re spreading it.

    2. ihave35cents how are they “known to spread it more”? By who? Where’s your medical degree from?

    3. @Independent Voter that’s straight from John Hopkins.if you’re not wearing a respirator or a surgical mask only 2% of the air flow is blocked.Airflow follows the path of least resistance

    4. Independent Voter I’m going by what those with a medical degree are saying. You have a great day sir.

    1. We are f. Ked and because of trps low life gtifter administration and dictatorship. F trump.

  1. When you have a lt Governor paying for a hairdresser’s bailout and said that we should be free to die and sacrifice our lives for money for big business

    1. @Kenneth b still the comment was talking about the moron that bailed out a hairdresser that was not following guidelines. It does not matter where the thing took place.

  2. Too bad there were no scientists with facts and evidence to warn you. I’m sure the damage of a second total lockdown will be nothing compared to the wonderful economy saving rush to open. You did this to yourselves. Until you finally learn a lesson, this will never stop

  3. Oyeahhhh they both said we are not new York and it won’t happen here…..PRAYERS going out to the PEOPLE in HARM’S way because of the LEADERSHIP FROM THE VERY TOP…

    1. Lol ….your deaths are down in NY because you already killed all your vulnerable people ….

  4. In Alabama they announced today there’s 275 ICU beds left open in the entire state. Memorial Day has caught up to the party fools. With the 4th weekend coming up by August when the schools open up….its going to be a disaster. Too bad they didn’t keep the state closed for two weeks longer.

    1. @Paul Wilson The current infection rate as of yesterday was the lowest in the country. They were the highest in April now they are the lowest because they used logic to reopen, not Trump’s happiness. Don’t take my word, check the number s for yourself.

    2. @pebmets No, NY came in at #31 as far as daily infection rates…. no where near the being the lowest.

    3. @Paul Wilson Yes, from the start NY had one of the higher rates. If you look at the trend for the past two weeks, as many states have showed steep increases, NY has been dropping. If you look at the patterns, The NE in general has been dropping while the south has been increasing. Remember rates are not total new cases but based the amount of positives vs population.

  5. This is the result of listening to Republican politicians rather than medical and science experts.

  6. Trump rewarded Putin with ventilators once he learned Putin was killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Treason.

  7. It’s simple: No shoes, no shirts, no masks, no service. You’re free to starve to death if you don’t want to comply. After all, starving only affects you.

    1. @Kristi if I’m around you it will be. I’d like to punch the guy down the convenience store for wearing rubber gloves

  8. Thanks to all the idiots that didn’t want to shelter in place and or wear a mask, this is YOUR FAULT!!

    1. Wow apparently you didn’t read the news the majority of people who got Covid 19 were by their family members 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  9. “We didn’t actually deal with our home being on fire.

    Our home is still on fire.”



  11. Actually more dead Texans means less Rump voters in November. They need to follow their furor’s lead and NOT WEAR a mask.

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