Austin Mayor Reacts To Death In Weekend Mass Shooting | MSNBC

Austin Mayor Steve Adler (D) joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the deadly mass shooting in his city this weekend and what he's hearing from his constituents about gun reform. Plus, former member of President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Cedric Alexander, explains how police officers are reacting to the rise in gun violence across the country.

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Austin Mayor Reacts To Death In Weekend Mass Shooting | MSNBC


  1. Did their grief urge them to rethink their gun control laws, probably not, they obviously have joined hands with the NRA, and their greed is all consuming.they got to think about it, with their mental capacity, the state of Texas looks bleak.

  2. “There are too many guns.” How REFRESHING for a Texas politician to just say it out loud.

    1. @Michael Neel He didn’t “defund the APD.” Also there was a huge police presence when this shooting occurred. There was nothing they could do to stop it from happening.

    2. @Laura Kay the APDs budget was slashed by 33%. Special units combating gangs and organized crime were disbanded due to budget cuts. Proactive policing helps prevent instances such as this. I’m not saying that it would have, but actions taken by Adler and the rest of the city council have certainly expedited the rise of crime in the city.

    3. @Michael Neel Crime is on the rise all over the country. There are no studies showing that the budget changes have caused crime to rise in the months since the changes went into effect. It’s simply you speculating.

  3. How about the police unions negotiate with congress for gun law reform? If this is going to make your jobs harder then maybe you should advocate for better gun laws?

    1. The police opposed the laws Texas just passed. The politicians are pandering to the right wing voters, not the police.

    1. @dyan tebrinke Mahatma Gandhi was cool, but a bit of a barbarian.
      Bruce Lee was my Hero,
      I’ve watch Quentins movies and liked most of them a lot, but I have to admit it’s a bit gratuitous

    1. @jsean g Be nice if you could actually bring something to the debate.

      “I CaN sEe WhY AmErIcA iS rAnKeD 38th In EdUcAtIoN. HaHaHaHa.” Can you? Can you see why?

      How about putting on your big girl pants, and try to debate like an adult. Sound good?

    2. @B Taylor Violent crime and homicides are much more common in the US than in Europe. Homicides per 100.000 inhabitants:
      – USA 4.96
      – UK 1.2
      – France 1.2
      – Germany 0.95
      Any questions?

  4. Mass Shootings, ProLife and Executions.

    Something doesn’t match, right?
    Something is deeply wrong!

    1. @Luis Rosales you do know people become complacent, its like Christine said, you get used to something like a gun being in your purse or a holster, in your glove box, your reactions would be to fix the situation with your gun, how many times have we heard people say “he went back to his car for his gun”.
      People don’t stop and think when they are angry.

    2. @O S a fetus, a cluster of cells is not considered life only to Christians which I’m not. It’s not viable because it’s not INDEPENDENT not living on it’s own, still in the womb. Defending that as life and not a human being enforcing capital punishment killing of a human is incompatible and hypocrisy. So is lack of gun laws where human lives are killed daily. But again NRA BLOOD MONEY IS WORTH MORE THAN AMERICAN LIVES! Republicans are total hypocrites!

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis So would a three or three month newborn be viable? As far as your accusation of hypocrisy, someone willfully chooses to end someone else’s life has fortitudes their own life because that person murdered someone else made in the image of God. If you don’t like that take it up with the author – Genesis 9:6. Oh, before you rail against my use of the Bible ask yourself this question – “By what objective basis does any purely secular person, tribe, society, nation, government, etc… justify the right to make law and enforce law?

    4. @O S are you talking of a 3 month fetus, because they would NOT be able to live outside of the womb. Hate to tell you buddy but the bible is NOT against abortion. it does NOT even mention abortion. We do have the right to make laws, without law you have chaos, oh and god did tell us to abide by mans law.
      Romans 13:1-2 says: “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. … There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.

  5. Texass is a dripping red trump and Cruz loving state let the GOP deal with it like a power outage just do nothing

    1. Cruz is a federal representative. SMH. That’s the job of the governor and the state house and the state senate along with mayors and other local politicians.

  6. *FIXING ELECTIONS with Fewer Candidates:* _Are the Wealthy Fit?_
    What we should do is ELIMINATE Candidates who are too WEALTHY from running for Office since they represent almost NO ONE with the same LIFESTYLE……

  7. Americans should ask themselves why citizens of most other nations do not need guns to feel safe.

    1. Citizens of Europe should ask themselves why Americans have that right in the first place.
      Hint: it has something to do with the history of Europe.

    2. @Reason Counter hint: it has something to do with the fact that the 2nd Amendment is to do when the US was occupied by Britain.
      Learn US History.

    3. @Reason Now that is one of the dumbest excuses I have ever seen put out in the defense of lax gun laws. The U.S has about 120.5 firearms per 100 persons, next up is Falkland Islands at 62.1, then Yemen at 52.8.

  8. “Do something to stop this..” “Something” We all know what needs to be done. We’ve known it for decades, and yet…

    1. @O S You are absolutely correct. A criminal or a mentally disturbed person will choose a gun free zone because very likely the individuals inside that zone are unarmed. Gun free zones appear to be extremely dangerous and are deathtraps. Clearly, a person is much safer inside a gun store.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Ya, but trying convincing our “progressive” brothers. They have a natural aversion to facts.

    3. @O S Often times cognitive dissidents is very strong in people who already have their mind made up.

  9. What does it take to make a change, Greg Abbots or Wayne Lapierres family to be caught in one of gun fights?

  10. It’s why the NRA loves Texas, don’t expect any change to happen in that state, no matter how many innocent people have to die.

    1. Who are the innocent people that are going to die? I think you’re being a little over the top and silly. The most dangerous places are gun free zones. We have to look at the data. You were safer in a gun shop.

  11. Hello from Chicago! This past weekend..47 shot, 4 fatally. That’s down from 53/5 the weekend before. Anybody? Hello?

  12. This becomes a new normal since everyone has access to guns. You know what angry halfwits do in other countries? They throw potatoes.

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