Author: ‘Well past time we have men who have courage to step up’

Anti-violence educator and social activist Jackson Katz talks with CNN's Christiane Amanpour about violence against women.

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  1. I agree with Jackson. It’s not “Single mothers” it’s “fatherless children “.
    Those children have present mother’s & absent father’s.This is an example of the “language used” matters.

    1. I think, “Single parent,” is better? Rather than defining the mother by the absence of the father, or by anything. And vice versa. But, whilst being aware of this, we can’t police language. We can only influence it. Perhaps in legal definitions? Sure. But, the way people speak? Have a care . . .

    2. Biden to Immigrants after making an election promise “Yes, I can say quite clearly: Don’t come over,” … Biden and Kamala are racists and hypocrites!!! Stolen Election.

    3. @London : Ah . . . See, what’s happened there is a classic. You started to, “believe,” the LIES you sell, kid. The truth is, Dems were NEVER about, “open borders,” and never pretended to be. Of course we don’t want a flood of immigration, madam. No one ever said we did 🤷‍♂️

  2. hey carl, could ville platte elementary have their very own shout out for subscribing to your channel?????????

    1. Never want to be a simp. My friends would mock and laugh at me. Hmmmm maybe they don’t really respect me.

  3. I don’t believe “explicitly use the language of man …” .
    It is the type of generalisation that forms the basis of prejudice. Statistically more man has violated women, but each individual case still needs to be looked into with same level of legal due diligence regardless if the victim is man or a woman.
    Unconditionally “believing her” is sexism and ridiculous.

    1. My ex once threatened to puch herself in the eye and call the cops on me. Just for collecting the rest of my stuff so I could leave.

  4. Man is Murdered “PREMEDITATED MURDER” … Not “Business Partner Murder”. THUS, “PREMEDITATED RAPE” … Not “Date Rape”

  5. Thought we weren’t supposed to call each other men and women anymore? What? Oh! Only white republicans get in trouble when they say men or women…
    that makes sense

    1. Feminist don’t think. Equallity would be a man screaming for someone else to come stop an assault. Just like they do.

  6. You hear that men it’s your fault the police officer did this horrendous action. Every single man is now bad.

  7. So sad the only time these folks speak up is when one of their own gets caught. Hypocrites or worse talking heads spewing what their handlers tell them to spew. My opinion

  8. It didn’t just take Hollywood celebrities to give the Me-Too movement the ammunition it needed, it took “white” Hollywood celebrities to do that.

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