1. We’re you coming around the mountain when she comes, you were coming around the mountain when she comes to grandmother’s house to jiggle on preschool nursery rhymes about the ghetto

    1. @Patrick Hunter You need to re-read your comments….you don’t make any sense.
      Care to try again?

    2. @sam ridges Please…..
      I suppose you are now going along with those republicans who are trying to convince the rest of the world, that the domestic terrorist attack on Jan 6th, 2021 didn’t really happen….oh noooooo….it was really just a group of tourists.
      You people are so brainwashed by Trump and the Fox Entertainment Channel, your mental situation may be beyond repair.
      Sometimes I can’t tell if you MAGAs are playing stupid, or if you really are stupid.

    1. @Lizy Mora Lizy did you look up anything i said? No you didn’t Lizy …This is a flu if you get it is 99.6+% recovery rate . You can go look it up at the CDC ..Lizy another thing you can read while your on the CDC site, now the CDC admits that they over flatted the covid deaths …. CDC Director Admits that COVID Cases were Over-Counted in Hospitals…Read what the CDC says Lizy , it will blow your mind….6% is the number of the 500+ they said died from Covid …They lied to us …So why would i get a Vaccine that is not APPROVED by the FDA Lizy ? Did you look that up lizy …Lisy they skipped animal trails and a lot of other regulations …do you know how many people that has died from this VACCINE now Lizy ? i do..when your on the CDC site look that up to , Lizy it will blow your mind ….i know 3 people that had massive reaction to the vaccines …one is in a wheel chair now ….so whats going to happen a year from now that people that took this un approved vaccine ….but look up what i said Lizy and prove me wrong

  1. Takes cajones to make that trip. If the federal government really wanted it to stop, they’d arrest their employers here in the States.

    1. If the United States and Canada made concerted efforts to raise Mexico’s standard of living, the traffic would slow in proportion to the effort.

    2. Been saying that for years. Put the business owners in jail and they will be sure to check if they hired a legal worker or not next time!

  2. Get ‘Cyber Ninja’ to do the count — that will slow things to a crawl, and the world can always use another laugh.

    1. @Michael Thomas Who told them the Borders would be Open with a Biden Win?
      Trump & other Idiot Republicans. I never heard a Democrat say that.

    2. @Tsubadai Khan Biden did. You see all the illegal immigrants wearing biden please let us in shirts🤣🤣🤣 we have communist running the country and president Trump won the election

    3. @Michael Thomas Remember the last four years how the nutjob right kept *_sarcastically_* whining about people blaming Trump for every little thing that went wrong? Yeah, me too… and I knew it was really just dress rehearsal for how trumpers would *_literally_* blame Biden for every little thing that went wrong.

  3. I backpacked through some of this terrain on an AZ Trail thru hike. It was tough and I was well prepared with a guide book to find the scare water sources.

  4. Oh my God the the Smugglers are going to get smarter this is a crazy year to be a criminal🤔

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  6. It is becoming apparent that we are going to have to capture and condemn these ‘smugglers’ to death. That is the ONLY thing that will stop this invasion of adult males who are deliberately evading the legal system.

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