Kevin McCarthy says he opposes January 6 commission

Kevin McCarthy says he opposes January 6 commission 1


    1. @Fucus Zullanti You wouldn’t admit to it, factual proof to trumpliklans is tantamount to administering meds to the dead.

    2. @Barbara Ann It’s called Biden abusing his position of trust to fire a prosecutor that was investigating a company that his son was a board member of.

    1. @Brooke Ceron I disagree..Rumors..Are every where…That is why a 911 like commission, is Necessary…To find out unanswered questions…McCarthy, makes no logical defence…We have heard the lower level of , who and what was the reason…Now we need the upper level of reasoning…

    2. @Hunter Roberts god people like you make me sick you can point the finger in only in one direction without ever taking a look in the mirror if ur gonna process one then you must do it for both sides who cause violence but I watched as New York City wear I grew up get destroyed over nothing over people throwing a temper tantrum so In my eyes your all fucked up and children and don’t give me that race bullshit either bc how do u fight racism with more racism and the media plays u and it’s hysterical

    3. @NoLimit Gaming If you got a problem with what I said complain to the FBI and DHS. The facts are the facts. They are the ones that told us about the real threat being right wing extremism. Go take a nap snowflake and cry yourself to sleep.

    4. @IdoNt Giveafkastan The cities paid the price for injustice. There was no injustice done in the last election, you lowlife

  1. Of course he does … “With all the lies we have been telling, it will show what we really are!”

    1. Trump: “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

      Kevin: “Who the f*** do you think you are talking to?” Kevin yelled while rioters broke into his office.

    1. @John Lyons They are not the same. One is not pro racism, pro bigotry, pro misogyny. One wants to bring in healthcare services for all, the other doesn’t. One wants all to have an opportunity to get a good quality education, the other doesn’t. One wants to bring in a theocracy, the other doesn’t. So no, they aren’t the same. Maybe, if your team weren’t so keen on denying you education and mental healthcare, you would know the difference.

    2. It’s all Garbage ! When the Doj investigates Hunter Biden and his Father ! Or Antifa & BLM ! Call me If Not F U !

    3. @Total Control you are dreaming , brainwashed , or , whatever. I’m giving you 68 years of watching this unbelievable sideshow. These people are in it for themselves. You don’t matter ! Maybe one day , you’ll understand. I hope so . Good luck to you.

  2. “Three things cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddhist Proverb
    The videos will always be there as a testament.

    1. Lots of ppl still believe in lies because the media and politicians repeat them. The he truth doesn’t need to be hidden when ppl refuse to look for it.

    2. @Jbaz is this the best you got? can’t give facts so you just resort to kindergarten style insults?

    3. Yes The one I remember was the Capital Police Killing Babbitt a Decorated Military person ! Demorats won’t show that or investigate that ! If she was Black They would be All over it !

  3. “You need to stop obsessing and just get over it,” say the people who are still chanting “lock her up!” a decade and 11 investigations after Benghazi . . . .

    1. If anyone should be Locked up it’s The Clinton’s ! They Murder people right on TV ! They killed Seth Rich right during her Campaigmn and Bill probably had Epstein Killed !

    2. @Steve Sanzari Trump is more closely linked with Epstein. Prince Edward too. Yes Clinton has been linked to him. And now Bill Gates. So many rich and powerful men are linked to Epstein. Why do you think he was murdered. I will never believe he committed suicide

    1. ..CNN hiding Biden’s High Gasoline Price. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

    2. @bethhc .CNN hiding Biden’s High Gasoline Price. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. The guilty would never support what will help hang them. He was involved and fears getting busted.

    1. Do you have any evidence to back up that claim, or is this the blueanon stuff that’s so prevalent among neolibs?

  5. Plane flys into the WTC: WE GOTTA INVESTIGATE! *everyone’s on board*

    An angry mob storms the capital in an effort to stop the certification of an election based on conspiracy theories:
    “Shhh. Don’t look into things.”

    1. @Steve Sanzari the Jan 6th business was all about Trump and his supporters… you are just trying to deflect. Democrats have always condemned the looting and violence following BLM demonstrations.. and that includes Biden … Trump on the other hand praised the folk on Jan 6th… suck it up … you bought a lemon

    2. @Steve Sanzari See @Randall Marsh’s response to your fellow “believe what he’s told/not what he sees” QAnut @Mid Mo.

  6. OF COURSE! It might actually assign blame to Jan 6 to the cprrect person who Kevin has his head up that person’s behind.

  7. Just think if people showed up at Kevin’s house and kicked in the doors and killed his family members, would he still hold the same view or would he use deadly force to kill the tourists?

    1. I want to know what conspired between them in those phone calls. When they go through all of the calls recordings on that day Americans will get to hear the truth.

    2. @Ronald Reagan It doesn’t matter if he’s under oath or not he’s still going to lie.
      The truth isn’t a commodity that carries much weight in the government these days. Being honest is now considered a weakness, a personality flaw. Especially with the right.

  8. This guy is the type who would fail a sobriety test after getting pulled over for swerving all over the road and blame it on his mouthwash.

    1. Same reason DemoRats don’t Investigate Blm and Antifa ! Or Hunter Biden Or Joe Biden or Obama Or the FBI or the Doj or Hillary Clinton ? Because they are Guilty as Sin ! Republicans omitted !

    1. Lmao BlueAnon out here mind reading. How are you not embarrassed? Like, how? I make mistakes and I’m embarrassed. You’re out here just treating things you make up on the fly are verified fact. Weird as heck.

    2. @Steve Sanzari – How much does Trump pay you? Nobody with an IQ larger than their shoe size could support the party of the top 1% and armed insurrections. BTW: comedy is NOT your strong suit.

  9. “What!? And “prove” I am a traitor supporting a traitor who is supported by traitors?” said Kev.

    1. @Steve Sanzari your attempt to emotionalise the issue is worrisome. You sound very stressed and seem to need a break. Listen to yourself and ask “If I heard someone talking like that, would I listen or sidle away quietly and not make eye contact?
      I can feel the spittle from here.
      Devin Nuñes has shown his true colours long ago. A self-serving sycophant for whoever is in power. That should not be what we tolerate in elected representatives.
      Stay safe and have a cool drink.

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