Authorities give update on San Jose rail yard shooting rampage | USA TODAY 1

Authorities give update on San Jose rail yard shooting rampage | USA TODAY


Multiple people were killed and wounded Wednesday in a shooting at a light rail yard, the latest burst of bullets to rock the nation this year.


Police spokesman Russell Davis said the gunman was dead and that employees of the rail yard were among the victims. Davis said he did not know how the gunman died, nor whether law enforcement fired their weapons.

"There is a lot of speculation on fatalities," Davis said. “I can’t confirm the exact number of injuries and fatalities, but I will tell you that they are multiple injuries and multiple fatalities."

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  1. No matter what someone’s mental state OR ‘motive’ is — no one should have access to weapons designed to kill many.

    Ban, confiscate, buyback, REDUCE

    1. @ellie Atteberry you know damn well why.. if he/she is of a fair complextion the line will be white supremacy. If he or she is of dark complection it will be nothing to see here folks…

  2. America is bleeding.
    I truly pray the American people are blessed with more love, compassion, kindness, sensitivity, and understanding for each other, and the society as a whole is blessed with heartfelt and true healing, so that each person can truly feel, happy, safe and secure, and free to live a free and full life. May the families be consoled, and the victims memories be a blessing, and may their spirit find peace.

  3. I don’t understand why people who ain’t trying to kill someone need more than paintballing and laser tag

  4. …umm yeah we’re just fixing facts for you as we speak… we’ll come up with a story for you asap.

  5. Is NRA more important than your citizens lives? A country which put vested interests grp interest first before its own citizens won’t last long.The Heaven( the law of nature ) is watching.

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