Authority Concerned Over Jamaica Public Service Billing Practices | TVJ News

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  1. This is long overdue. I hope the citizens are favored. JPS is getting from bad to worse. I’m a victim of big bills from them. Also, paying customers should not be held accountable for those who are not paying. Keep up the good work @TVJ. šŸ‘

  2. Kmt jps a get out of hand on when you talk dem dont care hear wat dem said you use it so paid it

  3. Me have testimoney about high light bills all them can tell u u burn it so u have to pĆ y it

  4. I hope this assist poor ppl no supposed to have to pay for ppl weh a theif light its unfair we are already struggling and all our money go to Bill’s while those thieving light use them money buy clothes and party

  5. Jamaica needs more than one utility light company.. every citizens should get solar system to run their home… Jps and all entity involved should be investigate by out side source… Jps act like a gangster.. freedom of speech and respect people opinion

    1. Yes and the worker them dont know how to talk with people last month they disconnection my light after nine in the nighr when i went there the follow day they saying i have to pay three quarter of the amout for them to reconnection and it uaed to be half of what is there am tried of them

  6. They have to rip off some to pay for those who Bridge Power. Paper Billing is over. So this is hustling time.

  7. I don’t understand why small scale vertical wind generators & solar panels aren’t being used more as an off grid power supply in Jamaica? In other countries you can sell any excess power you generate back to the power grid & some companies offer no up front costs on solar that are paid back over time with the excess energy produced. Jamaica has an abundance of sunshine! šŸ˜Ž

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