AZ Sec. Of State: GOP Leaders Suggesting Audit Can Install Trump ‘Fueling Dangerous Behavior’

The Arizona audit being promoted as a means to overturn the 2020 election and somehow make Donald Trump president ‘fuels dangerous behavior’ Arizona Sec. of State Katie Hobbs tells Joy Reid.
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    1. @Billy Goat Are you referring to Trumpchin Munchin? You know, the guy who looks like he just rose from the grave next to Adolf,

    2. So ya, let’s ignore the clown show of the numerous disasters of the Biden Administration and cackling, Hiding Harris.

    3. These weak pups have followed every conspiracy from Birther gate to Election gate and hundreds in between.Just like those the Fraudit and the cyber symposium went nowhere and new conspiracies will pop up to explain why again they could not produce a shred of evidence,but insist it’s there.,That’s a cult.

    4. @888strummer Because You don’t see the dangerous in that! Trump and Republicans keeping the Big Lie going with those Audits and even will bring another Insurrection.

    1. @13bustah You’re correct. Every documented legitimate case of voter fraud that has been discovered in a Federal election since 2016 all voted for Trump. Congratulations on being correct for once!

    1. @Jansen Art it won’t it’s a bot account, it just copies and pastes stuff on lots of videos.

    2. @Logan M By what Constitutional pathway?
      There isn’t a mechanism to change the outcomes of elections. It doesn’t exist…. and no, the Supreme Court has neither the power or laws to do it, either

    3. @Logan M Joke is on you. Always has been. Tell me where, in the Constitution, that reinstatement is mentioned? Times up! And the answer is: NOWHERE !

  1. I thought interfering with elections was a federal crime? Why have these traitors not been arrested and charged?

    1. @Victor Singery 😂😂😂 Republicans conspired to make their win a loss, how deluded are you? Postal voting were set up and promoted by republican for decades, the Trumps did most of their voting by post. How stupid are you to imply vote counting only takes a few hours? Postal votes coming in at night is unusual in what way? Multiple US agencies, Republican and bipartisan election officials have certified the election over 6 months ago. What resources and proof do you have to the contrary? Over 60 court cases have been thrown out even by Trump appointed Republican judges. Don’t waste my time with your baseless BS, you, like Mike Lindell have zero proof and all BS.

    2. @Victor Singery As I’ve already pointed out, all of the hundreds of people pardoned by Trump. You can’t pardon an innocent person and accepting the pardon is an admission of guilt. Trump’s impeachments were cleared by the Republican held Senate that doesn’t make Trump innocent. That’s corruption of the highest order. Multiple people in Trump’s administration have been indicted, your ignorance doesn’t exonerate them.

    3. @Buster Masten I did not ask you for your research. I want to see the article myself to find out if you read it and portrayed it accurately. Sorry, I need proof. , do you realize , this makes me extremely suspicious that you just made it up out of thin air and there is no such thing

    4. @Kai Huang Calling out the actions of corrupt institutions only proves my point. Was the investigation into General Flynn even justified? Set up for a non crime by your corrupt FBI. Forced a plea on him by threatening to ruin his family. Look how hard the corrupt judge tried to think he had power even after the prosecutor dropped the charges when they knew how bad it all stunk. These are the people you want to point to for your truth? Pardoning people is corruption? What about the black lady he pardoned serving life? Tell us about Clinton pardoning a drug dealer after sleeping with his wife and getting a 250,000 dollar donation.

    5. @Victor Singery pardoning your in-law, cronies and business associates is corruption. Republican senators profiting from insider trading with no consequence is corruption. Embezzling campaign and inauguration funds is corruption.

  2. There hasn’t been any transparency throughout this entire “audit.” Why should any of us take their “results” seriously?

    1. @Paul Bowering The only people who are going to believe this FRAUDIT are the ones who believe your Narrative of the election.

    2. lol. transparency is what Americas Audit is all about! therefore it HAS to be taken seriously. if you dont see those facts, then you cant be taken seriously.

    3. @Poetryandthings You are probably in large measure correct. So is that an admission that no matter what evidence shows you will reject it?

    4. @Paul Bowering Yes because I 100% do not trust the Cyber Nincompoops, Jovan P. (Their Anons) . Nor do I trust a partisan fraudit. Where the volunteers were all regular Trump supporters and Anons. If they present “evidence “🙄I believe they will have manufactured it.

    5. @Paul Bowering Also I know you worship your orange God. However quite a lot of us thought he did a 💩 job. He did not handle the pandemic well at all first saying it was a hoax then praising president Xi for doing such a great job of handling it. His suggestions for treatment made Americans look stupid. He was hateful and not tolerant of minorities none of them! He gave I don’t know how many billions or trillion in taxes break to the rich! He promised Mexico would pay but we ended up stuck with the bill. He wasted a bunch of time tweeting. He tried to over turn an election by calling people asking to find him votes and having his cronies call as well. Last but not least the MFer tried to get an insurrection going. He is a traitor to this nation. He doesn’t care about you or anyone else. He doesn’t care about democracy. He doesn’t care about America. He’s a con man who would feed his own family to the Wolves to save himself.

  3. This joke of an “audit” included doing part of it in a remote cabin in the Montana woods. Like earlier conspiracy theorists like Ted Kaczynsky. You know you’re going astray when you’re following in the footsteps of the Unabomber.

    1. It’s funny that it doesn’t matter how many times the Montana cabin has been debunked, you’re still clinging to it like your life depends on it. Next time you see Biden on TV, make sure to wave buh bye because it won’t be long now and he’ll be escorted out of the white house for good.

    2. @Jeffrey McKee So when is this suppose to happen? You guys keep pushing the date back and can’t actually explain how trump will be reinstated.

      The Montana cabin hasn’t been debunked. The audit material was taken to an undisclosed lab in Montana and the only property registered to CyFIR, the company subcontracted by Cyber Ninja’s (stupid name) to do the audit is the cabin in Montana. So until there is a little transparency in this whole waste of money and time audit that hasn’t and won’t prove anything, the cabin in Montana hasn’t been debunked. Also, the elections were recorded and people could observe them, this audit is done completely in secrecy, how are people even going to take any evidence seriously. Several people involved have already come out and said they have nothing to show for it but a large bill for the taxpayers. This is on top of to government audits which found nothing!

      The only ones clinging to anything is you trolls and trump (and his grifters) who seem to think that the election was fraudulent and that trump will somehow be reinstated. It’s probably better that you don’t speak, you are just giving us more proof of how little you know.

    3. @Peter Urbanski You said “You guys” keep pushing the date back yet I’ve never set a date. I actually would prefer that this was slowed down if it meant that there’s a possibility of it being done more methodically (if possible).

      If the Montana lab wasn’t debunked, go ahead and post the address. It was a rumor that has no merit. If it were true, CNN and MSNBC would still be pushing it.

      The Maricopa audit was the most transparent audit in the world. You can physically watch in real time 100% of the ballot handling. If you’re complaint is about where the numbers are being crunched, it’s irrelevant because you can watch the numbers in real time. Can you think of 1 single country or county in the history of the world that was this transparent? If so, post it so I can debunk it.

      You said that the people could observe the elections. False. In every metro area in every single swing state, all Republican poll workers were kicked out of 100% of the polling places while 100% of democrats were allowed to stay. Interestingly enough, metro areas in every swing state are where the statistical impossibilities came from. How does Biden lose votes in the rest of the state while Trump gains but in the metro areas it was the complete opposite? How did Biden win barely over half of the counties that Obama won but Biden gained a huge amount more votes than Obama?

      You said “Several people involved have already come out and said they have nothing to show for it but a large bill for the taxpayers” FALSE. All audit workers had to sign “Non disclosure” agreements. Leaking info would get them arrested. You’ve mistaken the actual audit workers with the liberal media.

      You said that the government did audits. FALSE. A partial recount is not an audit.

      You said that I’m giving you proof at how little that I know but what you really mean is that it’s all going over your head. I debunked your whole comment and it was as easy as debunking gets. Give me something that actually requires thought because your comments are getting so easy to debunk that I might turn this over to the neighbor kids hamster to debunk.

    4. @Jeffrey McKee So no ballots or ballot data was put on a truck and taken to private property in Montana? The people with the ballot data on private in Montana let people see what they were doing with the data?
      I just need that cleared up for me, please.

  4. I’m sorry, I must have missed the news story about Mo “don’t know diddley squat” Brooks getting a frontal lobotomy

    1. @Mia McRae Actually, if Harris were elevated to President, she would appoint a new VP, leaving Pelosi as Speaker. Rinse and repeat. Impeach, convict, and remove Harris, and her newly appointed VP becomes President and appoints a new VP, leaving Pelosi as Speaker. But none of this is likely, as it takes 67 Senators to convict and remove. Fat friggin chance!

    2. @Logan M lmao. If you still believe that at this point then you are dumber than what we give you credit for.

    3. @Logan M fresh from Faux Entertainment “News” , OANo, Musemax farms, a steaming wagon load of bovine excrement.

    4. @Just Sayin’ It doesn’t matter because in all of those scenarios, none ends with tRump in the WH before 2024, if he decides to run again! So for all that believe Trump will be “reinstated” in August OR September OR October…IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! But y’all keep believing them idiots on the right 🙄😒✌

  5. Call it what it is – a fraudit. They’ve had almost a year to show us their “evidence” of “widespread fraud”. And they’ve shown us nothing, because they have nothing.

    1. @kkarx Oh and don’t forget the fact that their comment was exactly what a commie would say! You really have no clue!


    3. Im waiting for Trump to win this recount and all the other swing states. Bidens getting fired😂😂 “You’re Fired” -DJT

  6. The Cyber Ninjas fraudit report gets the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval – “It’s not just good, it’s good enough!” (And that’s the *best* they can hope for, since the fly-by-night Cyber Ninjas have no expertise/credibility whatsoever, nor could their “audit” stand up to the scrutiny of a real audit.)

    1. @David Macaroni Bender
      They don’t realize that only 38% of the active duty military supported Trump. Over 50% donated to Bernie and voted for Biden.

    2. @Logan M I honestly feel sorry for those of you who have been duped by him with his dangerous big lie . 😞 He’s making fools of you.

    3. @Logan M It’s going to be a really long wait…so long that people will forget and it will never happen!

  7. Why don’t they go audit the 2000 Gore V Bush election if they want to find a stolen election 💜🇺🇲💜🇺🇲

    1. @Wayne Carroll -Almost anything and everything would be better than Trump. True enough, the Dems didn’t have a lot to choose from (although I did like Bernie) and Biden wasn’t the best choice but he is leaps and bounds better than Trump.

    2. @Sandra Stone Inflation, horrible foreign relations, a botched retreat, covid surging, open boarders, sounds like he’s smashing it, and anyone but everything free Bernie plz never that man be President..

    3. This started the W years in which he was “installed” to finish Iraqi war. And started a 20 year war that Donald Rumsfeld stated was brought in under budget when our troops had to have their parents provide safety protections for them. It was a monstrous happening and no other democracy in the WORLD has an Electoral College. It was put into place because rich, white, male, landowners could reverse the decisions made by people they thought were too ignorant. Alexander Hamilton saw the folly finally and wrote an amendment reversing the Electoral College. But it was too early because of the RICH, WHITE, MALE, LANDOWNERS!

    4. Im waiting for Trump to win this recount and all the other swing states. Bidens getting fired😂😂 “You’re Fired” -DJT

  8. Arizona repubs…hire clowns, expect a circus !!! Cyber Ninjas, sounds like a kids video game. I bet the total IQ of the republican party is near 50

    1. @AmericaDeservesBetter Mate I am from Europe and because I am coming from ex communist country I can say that only one party has “dear leader” in America as true communist party in the past, yes it is GOP.
      I see a lot of things from my old country in today GOP as voters supression, closed borders, big tech companies under government control, “dear leader” above everyone, “fake news” terminolgy which was used by our communists when they were describing all foreign media who spoke bad things about them and many other things from that communist playbook.
      I know you are not educated to know these things but when I see American politic as totally neutral viewer I see communists marks all over GOP.
      I believe you don`t see it as I do because yours experience with communism is only over right wing media who speak about socialism as it is a communism what is an absolute nonsense.
      Yes socialism was a part of communism but socialism is a part of capitalism too. Here in Europe every country is a socialist country in some way, it means country is behind you when you need it.
      I am asking you what is wrong with free health care or free education, what is wrong to yours country helps you when you need it most ?
      If I get cancer here in Europe I don`t need to lift another mortgage to buy expensive cure or to pay expensive treatment, my country is here for me to help me in those difficult times so yes we have social programs for those kind of cases.
      When some familly is poor and have no money to educate their smart children we also have social programs for those cases too because we believe everyone deserves same chances to make his life better.
      America is also socialist country but you are socialist for the rich what had been proved in a year 2008 when some of yours biggest companies were crushed and then government saved them with the biggest social program in history giving them billions and billions dollars.
      Trump bill for the rich people is also social program but only for the rich people.
      Mate you serve rich conservatives as a tool and they use old communist playbook to put you in line, unfortunately you still can`t realize it just because you are not educated enough and they know it

    2. Wow, you are really giving those guys alot of credit. IQ50 would be a stretch for MANY of those maga minions

    3. @AmericaDeservesBetter What are we all suppose to be afraid of? Also, when is all this suppose to happen? First it was when trump was going to win, then in January, then when the audits are completed, then that pillow guy threw out a couple of dates. All those times trump was suppose win or be reinstated have passed and all we see is the same thing from your dear commander in cheese and the GQP, absolutely nothing but whining.

  9. GOP act like spoiled little children. Just keep pushing until they get their way. It’s time to stop letting them skate. They just get worse.

    1. @Billy Goat no dem stormed the Capitol saying we want to hang Mike Pence or stop a legal proceeding of the electoral college comrade

    2. @ivan tavarez So the democraps have done everything you’ve outlined short of saying hang mike pence but quite a few “leaders” have threatened trump including the fraud in chief and vice fraud and go learn some history…. democraps HAVE stormed the capitol and have tried to overturn election results with legal actions and have tried to change election laws through legislation the past 4 elections so what were you lying about again??

    3. @Billy Goat Democrats have “stormed the Capitol with legal actions”
      Wtf? Loser. Go make out with trump. You’ll feel better.

    4. @Billy Goat ahhh yes the legal way thank you for making a distinction. What laws did we try to change to the last 4 elections. Who’s changing the laws to make time more difficult to vote and I’m not talking about voter ID I’m all for it. You guys are still at it 8 months after

  10. The irony is that the biggest fear of the hard of thinking is being taken advantage of for being hard of thinking.

    1. Im waiting for Trump to win this recount and all the other swing states. Bidens getting fired😂😂 “You’re Fired” -DJT

    1. Im waiting for Trump to win this recount and all the other swing states. Bidens getting fired😂😂 “You’re Fired” -DJT.

    2. @Logan M wait all you want…we’ve ALL been “waiting” for this fauxdit to end…and all the “new” dates keep changing.. Now the conspiracy is the CEO of Cyber Ninjas and 5 others have covid… The stalling is only making these idiots look even more incompetent!!

      Carry On!!

  11. Simple math: AZ doesn’t have enough electoral votes to change the outcome of the election. Trump is gone and he’s never coming back.

    1. The reasoning of the GOP is beyond math. They want to prove that there is massive fraud in the elections. They started this of in Arizona because the state GOP is willing to play their part and the local election offices can’t stop the madness there. If they have their “proof” they will cry wolf about how the elections as a whole were fraudulent, and will have to be cancelled as a whole, making Donald Trump the one and only legitimate president as there were no legitimate elections held. That’s why there is this audit and Mike Lindell wants to go to the Supreme Court to settle matters there. Math works against the GOP so they will definitely not go down that way……..But Trump will have to rely on slow working courts and 2024 to make a run again…….with the hope that 2022 and 2024 will bring Congress back to the GOP. When that doesn’t happen he will probably be toast anyways, even if he manages to stay out of trouble long enough.

    2. The crazies believe that if this is successful then other states will do an audit and “find something“.

    3. Trump will be back in the White House before the end of 2021. I take it you don’t understand how decertification works? If you get a chance, look at the congressional race in Pennsylvania in 1992 or many other congressional races in our country that systemic fraud was found. The cheater is never allowed to keep that position of power.

    4. @Jeffrey McKee The problem is that decertification is a slow process if you start if of in a single county in Arizona. Decertification of the presidential elections would require running procedures in at least every swing state won by president Biden. The Arizona “audit” has not even lead to a hint of a decertification process as of now. At this moment it is the only straw the GOP has to cling onto. And it is by all means known to me going to crash and burn in maybe even the next days, but definitely weeks.

    5. ​@Jeffrey McKee
      There is a big, big difference between decertifying a corrupt Congressman/woman and removing a legally elected POTUS. The basic fact that NONE of you gomers seem to be able to comprehend is that your Cheeto Jesus isn’t even in the chain of command anymore. The presidency will remain democrat because even if Biden and Harris are unable to perform their duties *for any reason* the presidency then reverts to Pelosi, who will pick another vice-president and Speaker of the House and we carry on. When Nixon resigned the dems didn’t get to put a democrat in the Whitehouse, his vice president took over. You people are operating with false information, and you are doomed to more disappointment because of it.

    1. @Chris Bain The Democrats have been leaning more Marxist over the few decades. But, now many of them won’t even deny it. There is no greater threat to freedom in the US today. The Democratic Party is in bed with socialist and Communist elements, i.e., Hillary is a devotee of Alinsky, AOC is a socialist, Obama is good friends with Bill Ayers, who is a Communist and former member of the 60s left-wing terrorist group the Weathermen, etc. And then there is Sanders who marched with the Communist Sandinistas in the 80’s, traveled to Cuba and praised Castro’s Communist government and regime, and honeymooned with his wife in the Soviet Union in 1988. And the list goes on and on. And that’s not to mention the Hammer and Sickle banners of BLM and Antifa.

    2. @Chris Bain And if there was a fascist dictator in the US I would have a problem with him. But there is not. Radical Lefists and Marxists are the major problem today.

    1. @Your mom ! remember when trump had to settle in court for racist rental practices? Lol people in glass houses….twice he lost. Twice.

    2. 100% agree, ive been saying this for weeks…it would have blanket coverage on all right wing outlets and the usual suspects would be crowing through every TV lens pointing in their direction …but all we have is tumbleweed rolling

    3. @Jeffrey McKee Buwahahahahah That’s Hilarious! The sun is green! Believe that? Yes it is if Trump said it is. Bunch of psuedo patriot Trumpers. Throw Trump in jail for real this time.

    4. ​@Jeffrey McKee 2 posts , 2 conflicting statements

      “The results are supposed to be released before the end of the month so don’t forget to wave bye bye to Biden next time you see him on TV”

      “All an audit does is sheds light on what happened. It doesn’t change votes.”

      So please tell us which one do you want us to believe..i mean why should we wave bye bye if the result will not change the votes…just curious

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. I don’t want to downplay the virus or its severity, but this just seems like something they would do.

    2. Im waiting for Trump to win this recount and all the other swing states. Bidens getting fired😂😂 “You’re Fired” -DJT

    1. The Democrats are going to be shut down big-time they lost the last election in a landslide but they cheated because they are criminals that was not expected the virus was obviously on purpose for it is the most amazing political coincidence in human history

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