Veteran Says End Of War In Afghanistan Was ‘Inevitable From The Very Beginning’ 1

Veteran Says End Of War In Afghanistan Was ‘Inevitable From The Very Beginning’


U.S. Marine veteran Lucas Kunce, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, says he “wasn’t surprised at all” at the quick collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban takeover. He tells Lawrence O’Donnell what was shocking is “the fact that the American people didn't realize that this was inevitable when so many military people on the ground did.”
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    1. @BlaQ Bay17 – Are you aware that tRump negotiated to have Pakistan release Mullah Baradar, co-founder of Afghan’s Taliban, from prison in 2018? Baradar is now Afghanistan’s president. And that almost 500 Taliban fighters were released from prison in the ‘peace talks’ between tRump and the Taliban in 2020.

  1. It is all about money. End of a war is when the profits are no longer big enough for the weapons makers. New and more expensive war has to be found somewhere else.

    1. Biden appointed Lloy Austin as Secretary of Defense and he used to serve on the board of directors for Raytheon (weapons manufacturer)

    2. Afghanistan is supposed to have huge amounts of lithium. I guess China will now get to develop that to make batteries to power electric cars for the future.

    1. @Richard MacLean Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Only Way. Nobody meets the Father unless through Him.

    1. There were a lot good afghan soldiers who were just underfunded and under supported. Like the guy said, the elites were the ones who benefited on both the Afghan and American sides.

  2. I spent three and half years in Afghanistan in a humanitarian position. What he says is absolutely right, it was always going to be the outcome It was all about some companies making money. What we didn’t do was solve the problems of the poorest people who become the Talibs, we fed money to the elites and most corrupt in government.

  3. Air Dropping Supplies Into Panjshir Valley
    Would Be A Great Thing

    Only The Afghan People Can Free The Afghan People

  4. Absolutely agree with the points made here. I do wish I knew more earlier, I wish I did more myself. At least now there’s every reason to wake up and keep organizations accountable and responsible as much as we can.

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