1. Go watch the movie…
      LOTS of people dying in that one. Orderly it was NOT.
      An amazing thing that it wasn’t worse…

    2. @The Hermit I agree all these morons working against the constitution blindly following anything a media monopoly tells them. Rope is better for the NeoFacist! They are sooo stupid they think a multi billion dollar media conglermerate that buys it’s competition and censors it’s political opponents is liberal and not Facists! Don’t believe them, noone is that stupid hang the traitors!

    3. How? Are you going to get thousands of Americans to sail across the Atlantic and THEN make it across the Middle-East to save the trapped? Tell us how it would realistically work. And it’s spelled “Dunkirk.”

    4. @The Hermit still don’t understand where you crazies think Trump is a traitor 🤔…..just crazy.

      Meanwhile….Biden is turning his back on American people and doing as the Taliban instructs. Biden is now a terrorist as far as facts go.

    1. Since when we’re the Taliban “terrorists”? Autocratic authoritarians? Yeah. But they didn’t do 9/11. That was the Saudis. You know—our closest ally? And we do lots of negotiations with them. Huge deals annually.

    2. @jiwoominapenguinkim that’s basic BS you could spend the time reading instead of posting more lies. The afghan army and nato were apart of the Trump deal. Watch the Aug 18th british house of commons inquiry into Afghanistan if your to lazy to read

    3. @Randal Savage why do you have a hard time learning different views with out giving up independent thought??? Does not sound like it was too independent to begin with….

    4. @Stephen David Bailey when he gave you money? When he did the tarrifs on China? What does Trump have to do with Biden betraying our allies and troops? What does Trump have to do with people too stupid to learn anything that look like politics as a religion?? Media monopoly and censorship are facist values not progressive or liberal values. Today it was decided we will leave everyone on the 31st to keep the taliban happy. It’s amazing to see people still try to blame Trump for everyone thing it really is a derangement syndrome. Ever notice how the same people have zero accountability in their own lives and it’s all someone else fault??? What a coincidence!! Next thing your going to say it’s a bunch of dumb poor people working against there own interests for the Uber Rich Facists making them dance. Gotta love Vanderbilt Cooper lol. How come all the worst racial wealth inequality is in long term DNC held districts????? I wonder why they based those hoods off of indian reservations??? Because they want to help black people?? Lol they how would they get power blaming others???

  1. Well, he certainly was right about how the reporters were all adults back then…
    Over the past decade, reporters have been acting more and more like disrespectful children.

    1. @SAH Mom

      The media bashing on both sides, climate change destroying the western half of the country, huge wealth disparities, the racial divide between both classes, yup: American society is doing just fine.

    2. @J W hahaha you think Trump could to better?! He held back for great of failure. Failure in everything. Example: Infrastructure…

    3. @r rosen Infrastructure is a city, county & state responsibility… not our greedy, wasteful, corrupt, incompetent Federal Government already drowning in $25 trillion of bankrupting debt.

    4. Reporting has become partisan in the States. Right wing journos treat the left like a mortal enemy and vice versa. While they play patty cake with politicians from the same side of the aisle as themselves. Of course, many right wing reporters are not journos, merely chattering simps. Europe and the UK take journalism a lot more seriously. That’s not to say there aren’t some good reporters in the US. But they are all left wing or Democrat leaning. The right wing journos are shambolic, a disgrace. They are no better than gossip columnists

  2. I wonder how much money was siphoned of by Americans in power that was meant to go to help Afghanistan over 20 years

    1. Bombs are us. The US bombed N. Korea until they ran out of targets, then bombed their dams, which is a war crime. Who votes for stuff like this?

  3. What it must be like to be a mindless propaganda machine for a tired and bankrupt ideology. These hoops must be exhausting.

  4. 💜 “I’m not a sheep…I guess I’m a goat”. Proceeds to take medicine for horses. |

  5. Hearing critics abt this feat is like listening to a rowdy crowd of computer game warriors…who are allergic to dust 😒

  6. I get it would have been a mess no matter when we left— people would have flooded the airport, period. It would have been chaotic.

  7. Thank goodness SOMEONE finally said what has been glaringly obvious to anyone not blinded by our own propaganda. The fact that we are not invincible, that this was always going to end badly no matter who ran this war, was obvious to anyone with a passing interest in military history. This was inevitable, this was the inevitable result of our attempt at nation building when you keep that nation week enough to always need us. This was inevitable.

  8. The US has not “lost a war” against the Taliban. The “war” against the taliban has been over for years. What has occurred is that we failed to build a foreign stable government. THAT was destined to fail.

    1. The US lost when it shifted its goal post from killing Bin Laden and destroying AL Qaeda into nation building Afghanistan and destroying the Taliban as a fighting force.

      If failed miserably in doing all the later goals.

      But it wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional.

      The Military industrial complex wanted this war to continue because they were making gazillions of dollars from this war. So they lobbied congress to continue funding the war and keep US forces there even 10 years after Bin Laden had been killed.

      Obama should have announced the end of the war the moment Bin Laden was killed and removed all US troops out. That was one of big mistake that was made.

      Another mistake was when Reagan decided to fund the Mujahideen against the Soviets in the 1980s.

      The only reason why the Mujahideen wanted to fight against the Soviets and the Soviet backed government was because they began to educate women and girls. The Muhajedin were completely against that.

      Simple as that.

  9. Just remember when you withdraw always withdraw civilians before your military. That’s what was wrong decietful media.

  10. Air Dropping Supplies Into Panjshir Valley
    Is The Best Option

    Only The Afghan People Can Free The Afghan People

  11. 😂😂😂😂 when did anyone at MSNBC take “military strategy”? If they say do it…I would literally do the opposite. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Such a refreshing well informed reporting! Thank you as always Lawrence for being truthful and stating unadulterated historical facts. And I totally agree with you about the current press Corp – malicious, infantile, uninformed and whiney – It’s never about reporting the truth in the interest for the public good – rather it’s all about ratings and and promoting themselves to look good for their news corp…such a disappointment!

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