AZ’s GOP Governor Relents And Allows Local Leaders To Require Masks | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. WTF? The virus did not just miraculously dis appear like mr trump suggested repeatedly that it would, the new infections are setting records , in just a couple weeks, the daily body count will be setting records.

    1. nuclearcasserole : Seems that the only thing that’s changed is that Donny actually WANTS all the vulnerable Americans to die? Covid 19 is still the same, that’s a scientific certainty

    2. j welsh : Did you hear Donny talking about Ivanka, getting a Cabinet post, last night? Donny will NEED her to take over from him, so he remains insulated from Justice. This election (already rigged in Florida) needs to CRUSH the GOP, so there’s NO ROOM for fighting the results, and NO EXCUSES for Donny’s militias to take to the streets. It’s make or break the Republic, this November. Be prepared for a fight, America ✌️

    3. This is disgusting
      New Zealand, So Korea shut it down in the single digits
      Ppl are asking EMTs if it’s a hoax.
      F this administration
      Hope their whole family gets covid

    1. Leo Valverde : Donny saw the entire thing, from the start, as an economic issue. He sees it through the eyes of his Lobbyists, whom he spends more time with, on the golf course, than his government. I don’t think a single American doesn’t know that, by now? His voters don’t weigh human life in the same scales that you or I would. This election threatens to turn into something truly disastrous for the whole country. Be prepared for a fight, if you want your Republic back?

  2. The AZ mayors reacted first in March. Then Ducey took their power away with his “stay at home” order. Now after opening the state too early and seeing rising cases and deaths for weeks, he passes the buck to mayors… on masks. Heaven forbid he consider another shutdown.

  3. Did you see the kids in the pool next to an adult, none of them wearing masks. Just because they are in the water does not make them immune.

    1. @David Turner then why did you say “Just because they are in the water does not make them immune.”? make up your mind

  4. Masks are a good thing. I always put one on before leaving home and most folks do the same here in Osaka Japan! Covid-19 isn’t a problem here!

  5. It is kinda funny and sickening how you people that refuse to simply wear a mask in public think. You can’t do one simple thing to be respectful and considerate of those who might be more vulnerable to this virus, like the elderly, people going through chemo, people with underlying conditions. You are that arrogant and sickening.

  6. Get all Republicans out of Arizona offices they are the ones keeping Arizona constituents SICK by only worrying about money and not us.. THE PEOPLE DEMAND TRUE REPRESENTATION!

  7. It is about time Ducey, you deplorable Republican slowpoke! We Arizonans are dying because of you!

  8. Let’s hope those people in the swimming pool remember to take a sip of the chlorine water every now and then to fight the virus.

  9. Been in AZ for three years now…definitely leaving after college and never coming back honestly

  10. This is what happens when your governor is a businessman first and a governor (steward of the people of his state) second.

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