1. The westerners know how to vote ! I think Ontario is coming around , hope for the best , but expect the worst !

  2. Why not also an armband for the unvaccinated? They could put some kind of yellow star on it so they are easy to identify. What could go wrong?

    1. @Daniel MW Considering that Malthusian ideas permeate the top levels of Gov’t and corporations, and they’ve published plenty of papers claiming that if the population isn’t drastically reduced (80%) Humankind is doomed, it’s not really much of a stretch to see that we are at the beginning of a long planned culling.

      b u d

  3. If they’re safe then you won’t have a problem with signing a legal form stating that you will be held accountable for any side effects.

  4. We won’t be going to restaurants or anywhere, there is nothing you can do to force this short of physical force.

  5. Non discretionary activities, non essential employees. 2 things that never existed before March 2020.

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