B.C. man’s outburst at a Tim Hortons drive-thru goes viral | Caight on Camera

A caught-on-camera incident where a man screamed at and berated a Tim Hortons worker is now being investigated by police.

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  1. This makes me wanna work the drive through there, just so I can get my vent issues out to the angry customers.

  2. Honestly I feel his pain.. I’m aware it’s face paced and nit easy. But having your order constantly screwed up becomes very irritating. It’s all about speed not customer service these days.

    1. Even before the pandemic, and not just with TH, but you had to verify what you’d been given. Fairly apparent something wrong with their customer service.

  3. That guy standing in the road needs the slap. As if buddy isn’t pumped up enough, now this tool on his phone!! Lmao. Mind ya bizzzzz! Giving his coffee!’ Let’s get this show on the road lol

    1. Wonder if the twit was trying to get something spicy to get online hits? Lucky the driver had decent control for going around in a confined space.

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