Trudeau on Quebec daycare crash | “Hope the kids are alright”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that he 'can't imagine' the pain that parents are going through after a bus crashed into a daycare in Laval, Que.

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  1. Narcissists don’t show true emotions. Just what they think they should be showing. Trudeau is a true narcissist

    1. A true narcissist deflects from the current situation to spread their malignant viewpoints. Taking this opportunity to dunk on trudeau instead of being respectful to the tragedy says more about yall than anything else.

    1. Its not the bus’s fault those poor children passed away 😢 it’s the driver’s! The bus could simply stay where it is for a big while unless there is someone/something moving it.

  2. Since it happened in Quebec Trudeau is in front of the camera’s in a flash. If this had happened in Alberta it wouldn’t have even registered with him.

    1. After he is done we will only be aloud to have horse drawn wagons ..anything modern he will term assault style..

  3. if the tool used to commit this evil act was a gun, all the liberals would be focusing on it, i hope you all show consistency and blame the bus for this

  4. With systems like MAID availible for canadians (put in place by trudeau) makes me think that the deaath penality should be on the table for situations like theese. My sympathies to the families.

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