B.C. police release video showing a drunk driver's trail of destruction 1

B.C. police release video showing a drunk driver’s trail of destruction


Video of a damage spree caused by a single drunk driver was released in an effort to convince those who are impaired to make other plans.

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    1. an old lady mowed down an entire family here. some years before she rammed the dollar store. the police guy told me they cannot remove her license.

  1. Drunk driving should get a huger sanction. Because drunk drivers don鈥檛 care who they run over with their vehicles.

  2. How can this be ? A 1000 dollar fine & one year driving suspension. What kind of a justice do we have here. How could a judge be so lenient? I don鈥檛 understand why.

    1. @Winterheart786 the taxpayers only end up paying for the hydrant and stop signs mowed down because those are public property so its only correct for it to some from the tax money… the house damage was probably covered by the homeowners house insurance for water damage…. and the vehicle damage is probably coming out of the drunk drivers pocket….

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