Backlash Over Facebook’s Plan To Build Instagram For Kids

44 State Attorneys General are joining together to urge Facebook to abandon plans for an Instagram for kids. They expressed concerns about children’s physical and mental health safety online and uncertainty about Facebook’s ability to “protect the safety and privacy of children on its platform.” Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost weigh in on the backlash Facebook is receiving.

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  1. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and such have always been built for kids even if immature adults use them a lot…

  2. And just watch the predators and bullies come out. I don’t think so. The A-hole has enough money without involving kids.

  3. If the parents let a kid be on social media, that’s on the parents and it’s negligent. Just don’t use it and FB will drop it. Kids under 16 should not be on social media. Didn’t need it before, don’t need it now.

    1. @Cristia Olson Social media is inherently evil and your anecdotal evidence doesn’t change that fact.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Social media is a whole bunch of people on a digital platform. People, overall, are not inherently evil. There are indisputably some individuals who are evil, and you could certainly make a compelling argument that big companies don’t always have users best interests in mind. It’s no surprise that some platforms can be toxic, either because they skew that way algorithmically or by virtue of their primary topic of interest, however, that doesn’t mean all digital networking and media is evil, nor the actual majority of human users.

      I will not dispute that the particular project the video discusses is not likely to be a “net positive” for children. The thing is, parents are abdicating responsibility for their kids access and use of media, and that is probably one of the biggest sources of problems with young people online. That problem is not new, and I’d wager the millennial adult users with nasty online habits were often latchkey kids who didn’t get taught online manners or healthy on/off-screen balance.

      Blaming social media though, simply for existing, is a cop-out. Parents have a responsibility to actually parent, rather that letting a screen be the nanny. Adult users also make conscious choices about what platforms to frequent or how to behave. Calling social media the source of the problem is like saying shoplifting happens because malls exist: individual responsibility gets removed from the equation.

    3. @Cristia Olson Social media has destroyed us as a society, if you want to delude yourself otherwise go right ahead.

    4. @Thyalwaysseek If you sincerely believe that it is responsible for all the evils of society, they why are you using it too?

      I believe in personal responsibility (and in parental responsibility), and in accountability, as a counterpoint to greedy corporate decisions. I’m not going to make excuses or defenses for those who choose to be toxic. I’m also not going to frequent certain sites, or get nasty just because I disagree.

      People have been capable of being toxic together since long before the internet, as can be attested to by anyone who ever worked in a job that had well-established social cliques or who was unpopular in high school. Social media just allows humans to do what they have done since the dawn of society, and folks have blamed different social gathering places for the ills of their times down through history.

    5. @Thyalwaysseek You’re not kidding! I had you sharing all this Qanonsense for the longest time! How is your recovery coming along?

  4. Considering Facebook started out as a cyberbullying site called Facemash, I’m not surprised.

  5. Most people will call it Instagram For Kids. Some will call it Grindr or Bumble For Kids.

  6. It would serve your children well to stay the **** away from Facebook. Be a good parent and just say no.

  7. Considering how a lot of adults are acting on social media even the “adult” Instagram is a bad idea.

  8. If Facebook wants to do something good for 6 to 12 year old children, they should build more real world playgrounds.

  9. “Grown ups can not handle social media.
    Let’s make one for kids.”
    Yep, sounds like the best plan ever. Also: It says “Kids”. So no adult will use it. Ever. Especially not little Epsteins.

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