Axios Contributor Hides With Family During Explosions in Tel Aviv 1

Axios Contributor Hides With Family During Explosions in Tel Aviv


Contributor at Azios, Barak Ravid described hiding out in the safe room with his family after Israeli authorities said not to go out of buildings. He talked about hearing explosions and sirens as rockets aim at Tel Aviv, Israel.

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  1. Have we learned nothing ? Look at that. Think about how long it takes to go from killing a man with an arrow to killing a city with a rocket. Don’t feel immune we had a President go down there and declare a border to the world without concern for mutual compromise or respect for all parties involved. That’s not a conflict that forgets.

    1. That just might work. Who would have ever thought of a thing like that. Treat people humanely, and they might do the same in return.

    1. Yeah, I did too. I thought wise and compassionate Jared Kushner brokered the best peach deal ever.

    2. @Phil Groves maybe that’s it, we all thought it was a peace deal, but he actually went over there to make a deal on peaches… my bad!

    3. @Andy Smitty Hahahahaha!! A peach deal! Good catch, Andy!

      Peace. Not sure how my finger hit ‘H’ instead of ‘E’, they’re not even close to each other on the keyboard! Funny as can be!

  2. I’m confused – I thought Jared Kushner had brokered the most amazing peace ever in the Middle East.

    Stay safe folks – hopefully, someday, cooler and wiser heads will prevail.

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