What Should Public Health Messages Look Like As Covid Cases Decline?

The average daily rate of Covid-19 infections in the U.S. hits its lowest since September, and former Obama White House health policy director Dr. Kavita Patel discusses what she thinks public health messaging should look like as cases continue to drop

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  1. Remember it’s your patriotic duty 🇨🇳 We’ll resume freedom when WE allow it.

  2. Remember it’s your patriotic duty 🇨🇳 We’ll resume freedom when WE allow it.

    1. I haven’t washed my hands except when I shower and never wear a mask and I’m fine and so is everyone I know.

  3. Senator Paul may have had enough credits to graduate from college, but he seems to be many credits short of being a decent human being.

    1. @Lp78Ch How do you feel about Bruce Jenner? Do you think that he should be stripped of his Olympic medals now?

    2. @Lp78Ch Fauci graduated first in his class from Cornell’s Medical School where he did his internship and residency as well. He has spent 50 years studying diseases.

      Little randy is an eye doctor who had to invent his own accreditation organization to keep his license.

      And no one has sued Fauci for malpractice Paul has been sued twice. (Probably why he ran for congress — your constituents can’t sue no matter how incompetent you are. )

    3. @Bridget Collins And his pandemic preparedness plan is exactly what after all these years in disease studies?

  4. I expect there will be a portion of the population that won’t vaccinate, don’t care and will lie. I’m concerned about this.

    1. I don’t worry about it. The variants will knock the liars out.

      Evolution works best when we let stupidity be fatal.

    2. @C M Would you be cool if someone said mind your own beeswax to ya after deciding to use the road or sidewalk in front of where you live as their new toilet? I mean it’s a free country, right?

    3. Don’t worry. Those vaccinated will be dead if autoimmune disease in 5 to 10 years.

  5. Wow.. I wonder how you two even got your reporting/broadcasting jobs. You wonder how a doctor got his medical degree? Does that elevate you somehow?Journalism? This is journalism?? Surprisingly low brow.

  6. I think the Public Health Messages should mention that the vaccines are experimental, you have to sign your rights away to participate in the animal trials, and the ‘cure’ is probably worse than the disease.

  7. When this pandemic began, Fauci says vaccines take a minimum of 7 years to test properly. He also said that even after 7 years they still have risk.

  8. Here’s my guess of what it will be… “We still don’t have the minimum 98% of all people vaccinated, there is six new strains that will all require additional boosters as well. Children as young as three days old need to be vaccinated. States should require you to be vaccinated before you can leave your home. All of a sudden, we had a massive upswing in cases and you all need to be locked back down again to protect everyone else (whispering – because you know it has nothing to do with actually protecting anyone) AND those of you that are not vaccinated should be totally ashamed because you are a terrible person that doesn’t care about anyone but yourself. Shame on you SHAME!!!!!”

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