Republicans Called Out For Staying Quiet About The Insurrection

Writer-at-large for The Bulwark Tim Miller and former Senator Claire McCaskill express how far they think the Republican Party has fallen as most of the GOP stays quiet about or downplays the events of January 6th

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  1. The party of law and order unless you’re blocking the overthrow of Democracy !

    1. @frog mann. .When we started electing Presidents and adopted our Constitution, which specifies using the national election process to appoint leaders. Does your country have democracy?

    2. @old school outlaw If you want to change this too bad thing, and live in a documentary you might wish to make one and if you appear as the actor or the lead character in the documentary it will feel like you are living in the documentary ha ha !

    1. @Paul Brown *you’re. I don’t listen to anyone that doesn’t comprehend basic English language. I sure hope your parents didn’t pay for private school. 😁

    2. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things πŸ™‚

    3. @Sheila Boston So anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a troll? Interesting theory. 😁

    4. @The Darkness No. Trolls are the ones who sit here and constantly reply to every comment. Thanks for trying.

    5. @Mitchell Williams Oh ok, gotcha. Responding to comments I was tagged in makes me a troll. Good to know. πŸ˜…

  2. If Blm had stormed the Capitol, you best believe republicans would never stop talking about it.

    1. @Vorador so how do you square the less than 25 unarmed blacks killed by police in 2020 & 2019.

      There are such things as black trump supporters which were there.

      If you want further evidence trump went up from 7% to 15% of the black vote in 2020 nationally.

    2. @Doug Parker It should be zero deaths unarmed and there’s black klan supporters so I’m not sure what your getting at. The whole point is if it was BLM storming the capital it would had been alot more than 2 people dead.

    3. They very much would have a vote for a bill to capture all them and execute every one of them.

    4. Just look at the different response from the police when there was a PEACEFUL BLM protest, compared to their reaction to the insurrection

  3. And let’s not forget that they were in hiding..Senator Critter Johnson is just one example.

    1. LOL … good thing I was not there .. I would have forced republicans like Johnson, Graham, Curz. McConnell, and others right out into the capitol riot mob to confront them. Maybe the country would have gotten lucky and the mob would have torn them to pieces.

  4. This is how Republicans come to realize that they have completely and permanently lost power. Trump chased yourselves off the RNC stage. We watched. RIP GOP.

    1. @Duny Roa No, he’s just a man, a narcissistic, lying conman but just a man. He’s scared and will get all the publicity and ratings he craves when he’s finally held accountable. Question is what are you followers going to do when he goes down?

    2. @Susan Teeter I don’t think so. Trump was being investigated as soon as he became president and they tried to impeach him 2 times.

  5. If lawyers commit a crime, it’s considered terrible because they know the law. If lawmakers plot and plan to commit an insurrection, they should be jailed. Period.

    1. @BigBadJerry Rogers no ethics: brennan, comey, Pelosi, Hillary, pedosta, strzok,Schummer, mccabe, Obama. Completely evil people.

    2. It’s refreshing to know not all Americans are drinking the Guyana cocktail . One part formaldehyde , cyanide , drano , lysol and #2 table spoons of grape kooleoaid . Shaken not stirred , and add ice . Can be adopted exponentially to fill 55 gallon containers . Ah , Saludar !!! Viva los emotionally vacuous . Josh Que !!!

  6. I just hope that most Americans have more sense than to vote Republicans into office again, if they do say goodbye to democracy.

    1. And even if they don’t win elections, republicans are rigging the election systems so they can override election results they don’t like.

    2. @Erich fuest it’s unfortunate you see it that way. Conservative is conserving the moralistic principals this country was intended to be built upon. While many bad choices were made along the way, slavery being one, the system was set up to right itself based upon the values of the people and find the path that the majority find to be the best within the perspective modern era.

      Conservatives are supposed to seek to understand the context of why the founders of the nation set forth the laws as they did and ask the question of applicability to today. Similarly to how Christians are suppose to read and understand the Bible.

    3. @Nola I don’t know what I may have said that would cause you to think I don’t see it that way. That’s why I’m not claiming the Republican or any other party. All politicians do this same thing. I can now understand why growing up so many older people were so cynical about politicians and politics. My optimism kept me from seeing it until now.

    4. @Todd Baer you do realized they if they put Trump up for ’24, that is if he can avoid jail until then, he will lose by a landslide and it won’t matter who the other person is. It will be like when Hilary lost. Trump only won because the Electorial College said not her.

  7. they should be removed from office if they won’t even acknowledge that it happened. how would people react if one of them said 9/11 never happened?!

    1. @King Black Ah, a skeptic raises the key epistemological question: “How do you know what you know?”

      I have never seen the great Niagara Falls, or America’s Grand Canyon, but I am wholly convinced that they exist just as described through written accounts and visuals.

      And, yes, I believe the accepted narrative of the events of September eleventh because as a rational, logical, analytical thinker I know the impossibility of arranging the collaboration of so many disparate people, the prohibitive cost of funding all the intertwined parts necessary to achieving the desired illusion, and the enormous likelihood that several–certainly dozens–of people connected to such a fraud would have come forward–whether due to their inability to keep a secret, or because of the promptings of a conscience wracked by guilt–to reveal the “real truth” behind nine- eleven.

      So, no, I personally have not seen any airplane wreckage from the attack on the Pentagon, but I accept as fact that such an attack did occur, just as I accept that the Great Wall of China exists and that the Earth is not flat, for to believe otherwise leaves everything not personally and immediately experienced as open to question. Unfortunately, such a position results in a frame of mind so cloistered, provincial and devoid of trust of anything not directly verified by one’s own senses. And as a logical, rational, analytical thinker I would find life in such a bubble intolerable.

    2. Toxic green made that very claim. Also tormenting a school mass shooting surviver along with Jewish space lasers causing CA wildfires.

    3. @King Black the passagingers were the ones who prevented that. She intionally said 9/11 never happened. But was made to eat those words on the floors of Congress. Guess you missed that. Wonderful thing about video, you can still access it.

  8. Of course the Sedition Coalition stayed quiet about the Insurrection, they were part of it.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ They’re also still spreading the Big Lie because if they tell the truth, their own party (who claims to hate cancel culture) will cancel them.
    The hypocrisy is at an all time high in the GOP these days.

    1. And all they can do is spew whataboutisms when called out for it. Whine, spew fake news, and then blame the left, or BLM.

    2. I thought the Big Lie was:
      -Russian collusion?
      -or was it the Wikileaks story?
      -Or Jussie Smollet’s MAGA attack?
      -Or β€œMueller Time”!!! πŸ˜‚
      -Or Covington Boys intimidation?
      -Or Russian bounties on US soldiers?
      -Or Lev Parnas?
      I can’t keep up with all the big lies from the FAKE NEWS!

  9. You better run the January 6th 2021 insurrection content every goddamned day until the next election. People have very short memories

  10. George W. Bush taught me everything I needed to know about Republicans and that was to NEVER vote for them. When will the rest of us learn that lesson?

  11. You can’t call me left, you can’t call me right, you can’t call me late for dinner, but you can call me NOT a Republican anymore… thank you GQP

    1. @M. F. Hopkins I’m definitely a sinner and in need of rebuke daily from Him. May I pray for you?

    2. @ChristAlone01 Making a blanket statement about a group’s religion is not starting a simple conversation.
      I’m neither offended nor threatened, especially by the likes of you, but simply pointing out the facts.
      15 years of service and more than a dozen countries has reinforced the fact that people always use religion as a tool of servitude and opression.

    3. @ChristAlone01 you arent here to spread the gospel. I don’t believe you are here to do anything but feel self-righteous and superior, spread bigotry and condemnation, and gloat about your perceived chosen-ness.

    4. @ChristAlone01 your gaslighting Johnathan Tillian. Also, the only one whining is you because he made a valid point against your argument. Your personal attacks are an automatic loss of a debate.

      “Goodbye, friend of Hagrid.”


  12. I’m tired of hearing about them getting “called out”. How about you powerful ppl help us get them kicked out, ffs.

    1. Exactly, THIS IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It has always been this, they just hid it better. Trump gave them permission to take off the masks LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY and they don’t want to go back to wearing the “masks”.

    2. Same here. I’m sick of all this and yet no one even tries to do anything about it. Get the sicko ReTrumplicans outta here ASAP!!!! It couldn’t be that difficult. Dumpo is only one man. I think he’s a man.

    3. But then they’d have to come back to reality instead of the of trauma which keeps asking, “why?” It’s because there are domestic enemies masquerading as a good faith participants in the political process.

  13. People died with the insurrection January 6th, to ignore it and try to move on from it by lying and acting out like it never happened as a party then the whole party is responsible and should be held accountable.

    It makes me sick!

    1. @Willie Dynamite
      Complied ? With the law, you mean. She must have known her actions were not just reckless, but definitely illegal and seditious.

    2. It was the greatest civil rights crime since the civil war. If you think about it, the insurrectionists (all 10,000+ of them) attempted to cancel the votes of more than 80,000,000 Americans – among them 88% of all black voters.
      They conspired to do it – whether it was “hey, let’s go to Washington” or “let’s break down this barrier”.
      People died.

      We have an app for that!
      It’s called 18 U.S. Code Β§ 241 – Conspiracy against rights
      The penalties range from one year to life or the death penalty
      I want 10,000+ convictions and let the punishment fit the crime

      Most should have presentence investigations, psychological evaluations, and gun rights rescinded along with 6 months to a year probabtion.
      Many should spend 1-2 years in federal prison
      Some should spend 5-10
      Others should spend life
      And a handful should meet the ropes they were so happy to string up

    3. @Grace Jaye that woman should not have broken into the capital during the insurrection, tell her parents she died while breaking the law

  14. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    1. @Kelly Siefkas I don’t recall the Democrats trying to overthrow the government on Jan. 6th. Care to provide any proof?

    2. @montex66 April of 1861. Jan 6th? An overthrow? More like overzealous protest ers. But not as zealous as BLM or Antifa. Besides if you find the right videos you can see where the capital police let the Jan 6th protesters into the building. You are simply a shill. Totally one sided without any objectivity.

  15. Republicans trying to shut down the democratic process is like having a racing stock-car and trying to shut down NASCAR because you can’t bear losing.

  16. “If your “team” is on the side of the Capitol insurrectionists and Derek Chauvin, it’s hard to suppress the haunting fear that you’re the baddies.” – Amanda Marcotte – SALON

  17. I think some of these repubs likes to get high off on their own lies,point blank what a dam shame on them

  18. Called out? Called out by whom?
    Unless they’re getting removed from office and/or get charged by the FBI for inciting a riot, then none of these opinions matter. πŸ’”πŸ˜ž

    1. I guess there must be a different definition for β€œevidence” that doesn’t cover photographs, audio recordings, and video footage. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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