Palestinian Man Forcibly Evicted Says ‘This Is Ethnic Cleansing’

Mohammed el-Kurd, a Palestinian who was forcibly evicted from his home, joins Ayman.

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  1. “Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines”

    Oh my gentle Christ.

    1. @cuitlahuac – it’s not. So many comments are getting deleted but the anti-israel comments are clearly visible.
      what is going on with this network….

  2. it’s never enough for them. this land grabbing is all for someone who is not even a real jew moving from russia & poland.

  3. whats infuriating is that there is a scene in schindler’s list that’s exactly the same but the shoe is one the other foot

  4. “The US doesn’t determine my moral code”. A sentiment thought by many, with only a few bold enough to state it on American news.

  5. I watch Ayman 12 pm Az. Time, 3 pm ET after his hour of news coverage, then Ari, I skip Nicolle’s show.

  6. The British started that mess in 1947 since every peace treaties has been derailed SAD ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

    1. This mess predates 1947 and is not entirely the fault of the British. Like most things, it is more complicated than it appears. Until the end of WW1 (1918) this part of the world was part of the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman empire broke up after WW1 and this part of the world was divided into mandates by the allies (Britain, France, and Italy), until things could be “reorganised”. Britain’s mandate covered areas such as Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine (which includes Israel). Britain’s plan for Palestine was to make two countries, Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately this was complicated by ineptitude in drawing the borders (in the whole middle east), Britain’s strategic interest in the middle east, WW2, the regions constant infighting, and the influx of Jewish refugees. After WW2 Britain was broke, strategic considerations had changed, with the region still infighting, and political considerations with the USA made Britain basically abandon the area.

      For who’s fault it was. Was it Britain and France for being inconsiderate when drawing the map. Germany for causing the influx of Jewish refugees causing a power imbalance. The Jews and Arabs for using any excuse to attack one another. Or is it the combination of everything and everyone involved with that area of the world.

  7. DON’T WORRY EVERYONE! MSDNC will NOT be continuing this sort of narrative. This is just a bone for people on the left to make you think MSDNC is actually on your side. Back to Brunch!

  8. So, engaging in another pogrom, Israel? We fought on your behalf when someone did this to you. That should clue you in on how we respond to this sort of behavior.

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