Ban Corporal Punishment in Jamaica | TVJ All Angles - July 21 2021 1

Ban Corporal Punishment in Jamaica | TVJ All Angles – July 21 2021

A small boy dead in Jamaica and corporal punishment is back in the news. Is it not time to ban the beating of children? This and more in this episode of TVJ's All Angles.

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  1. Yes, please, BAN IT

    kids already hate school enough, they don’t need another reason to hate it more

  2. While beating shouldnt be bam like likkle slaps and stuff but beating with machete whip sticks and stuff ban that rn

    1. It needs to be done a certain way because while beating don’t really do much a few slaps ofc

  3. Poor children are whipped and flogged mercilessly! Loving well informed parents give Love kindness patience tolerance forgiveness rewards etc! Prisoners state they were not hugged by parents / caregivers as children !

  4. Let us as a nation learn to communicate effectively among us as a people educated /uneducated/ poor/ rich ! Crime rate will be reduced ! Less drama! Let us try it!

  5. Stop police from interrogating people whom they beat to get information out of them , then you might get more support to band corporal punishment.

  6. I saw United states and Canada have to deal with them now they throw them in prison from early age

  7. Investigate why these parents are inflicting harmful lashes on their child/ ren. Then tackle such problems to curb and put an end to it.

  8. This pastor needed to consult a dictionary before coming on this panel. He made no sensible contribution to the discussion!

  9. That pastor shows why Jamaica needs to secularise; these _”church people”_ have way too much sway in Jamaica, and too damn often hinder (and, outright block) progress in the country. I fail to understand why this particular voluntary, social organisation should have the power to direct the nation.

  10. Corporal punishment or any milder types punishments have one goal in mind: it is to let the person know the degree of their misdeed and how it affects the social order in the home and overall society.
    If we take keen notice, we will realize that society in general is becoming more unruly despite the many restrictive laws on the books. This tells us that people are not able to cope with the pressures of life.
    Why are people not able to cope? For this inability to cope many parents will not stop abusing children even when corporal punishment is banned. They will only find more ingenious ways to do it.
    Solutions to the problem include:
    1. a nationwide love and family education training and support programed backed by goverment funding. This should include proper ways to cope with the stresses of life. This program should be deep and practical addressing cause and effect. It must be publicized using all media platforms every week.
    2. As a Christian nation we must go back to sound biblical principles of love, where a parent will understand the meaning of temperance and self-control and to know that they are obligated to God to properly rare their children.

  11. Corporal punishment isn’t even banned in America so I’m not sure why Jamaica is being asked to ban it. They government needs to define abuse vs. corporal punishment.

  12. When I was little, I watch a movie that a boy got whipped by a belt by his father

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