Barr Avoided Gaetz After Repeated Briefings On The Investigation: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Barr Avoided Gaetz After Repeated Briefings On The Investigation: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Ren Hippo At least until this matter has been resolved I think he needs to be removed from his committee assignments along with ‘Chinese Eric’ who had a close relationship with the pretty young woman who turned out to be a communist Chinese spy. He has remained very tightlipped about that relationship and we wonder what compromising information the communist have on him. Both should be relieved from their committee assignments.

    1. Can you come up with something that’s a notch about what a trump-fanatic would shout? Surely you’re smarter than those idiots… . . . .

    1. @Cindy Walz Yes, agree. Darn Democrats that want equality for people, equal opportunities, healthcare for all, lower college costs, affordable housing, stamp out poverty and hunger. How dare them!

    2. @Yoel Silver
      Laugh because you queen vladz trolling clowns are always funny entertaining and amusing 👍🏻😂👍🏻

    3. @Michael Blodgett I would rather have President Trump running our country than that low life lying cheating puppet in there now.

    1. @P C ah you’re lecturing someone about being uneducated and you can’t even write grammatically correct sentences or words? MADE? 😂😂😂

      Real news like what ? Newsmax? OAN?

    1. @keepit kawaii trump put his buddies in alot of powerful positions that they weren’t qualified for, I’m hoping they were to incompetent to get rid of all the evidence.

      I think that’s why they wouldn’t let Biden’s team in because they were tying up loose ends

  1. Wow…. Bill Barr finally found a slimeball too smelly to associate with!

    Didn’t think that was possible. That caught me by surprise.

    1. @Tammy Tammy BB’s only convictions are towards holding power. He set it up in Feb to know details about investigations involving high level politicians. Once he saw how strong the case was against the tax guy and how likely DT would lose the election, there would be no reason to continue to stand by his associates and put himself in more legal jeopardy.

      I’m sure they all know who the shadiest ones in their group are anyways from private jokes and what they or others in group saw firsthand. Probably no surprise to MG’s peers that he’s caught up in this and no surprise that BB stopped protecting him.

      They may be thick as thieves and power hungry, but these people aren’t friends.

      Our “public servants”—that’s the sad part about all of this.

    2. @Julie Henderson Absolutely.The less he knew & heard about it, the better off he was to do nothing about it.

  2. In Barr’s defense, I think a lot of us would actively strive to avoid being in the same room as Matt Gaetz as well.

    1. yeah but the problem is he was an general attorney. He could denounce him and open an investigation but he didn’t thanks to the magic “(R)”. is funny specially from a party who always proclaim themselves as the party of “law and order” the same Barr wanted to charge BLM protestors of treason. I guarantee you if he was somehow still working at the time of the capitol riots, he would flip flop his opinion like most republicans did.

    2. Let’s not go on pretending Bill Barr has a conscience or is capable of working in good faith. With the end of his tenure, he just had to make sure he was not tagged to this in some way. He’s still just as evil as Gaetz, he just doesn’t want to go to jail too. Buddies for life, not cell mates.

    1. @Lord Mitchell The answer is blowin’ in the wind… (until further notice) 🎶🎶
      Mr Sucker and the wifey will have a chat. ☝️

    2. Tucker will probably “forget” all about their interview just like he did with the dinner Gaetz mentioned.

  3. There is a perfect correlation between the pet conspiracy theories of the rabid right and the unpunished crimes of their favourite representatives.

    1. @photodude24 They keep saying it out loud! They admit they’re out of ideas about winning votes the legal way. Their STOP THE STEAL mission is really them screaming loudly to their tribe to START THE STEAL. It’s the only way that they can get elected. They are slimy, grimy reptiles, the whole lot of them.
      They’ve all made the glaring mistake of trying to follow their orange lizard king by his example.
      What they don’t realize is that not everybody has his knack for getting away with everything. The only time I want to hear his vile name again, please let it be the day they announce that the former president is indicted for tax fraud. Make it a billion while they’re at it.

    2. The way it usually works. What is uppermost in an obsessive person’s mind is the thing they are obsessing about, so it colors everything they say. Even when a conversation isn’t about the subject of their obsession they will often subconsciously take the conversation in that direction. MAGATs, NRA gun nuts, white supremacists and other racists. They just can’t help their stupid selves 😉

    1. Rudy , Don jr the list goes on n on . Best is yet to come . When Donald Trumps name is removed from walk of fame n he is locked up .

  4. So satisfying to see that Justice is finally being addressed ON SO MANY fronts. This, trump’s legal troubles, the stormers of the Capitol groveling and begging, etc., etc., etc. Let’s hope Mr Floyd GETS JUSTICE!

    1. Hate to say it but don’t count you’re chickens before they hatch. We all know what happens when people with pull and money get in “trouble” unfortunately… Maybe someday this will change but, and for everyone that may respond this goes for everyone. Left, right or independent I don’t care money and power needs to stop being the reason one persons life is ruined and anothers just goes on and said problem just evaporates. Only then will people believe in the “justice” system again.

  5. Man you know your up that old brown river minus one good paddle when Bill Barr’s frantically ducking you.

    1. Yes, this definitely doesn’t make Barr some kind of a ‘better late than never’ hero figure.
      Barr (as far as is known) on purpose DIDN’T make this investigation public knowledge in time (vis-a-vis the election e.g.) – whether he was under pressure from GOP, Gaetz or Trump in the matter or not, to hold this back. Dr Birckx (don’t remember the spelling, sorry) has the last two months pathetically attempted same line of apology for HER weak complicity in lies, deception and fraud during Trump’s ‘watch’ in the administration’s murderous response to Covid. Barr tried to evade contact and to let himself be dragged into this vortex – and worked hard (now) to get OUT of the criminal administration in time AFTER Trump’s loss, so as not to face serious consequenses himself. Difficult to see his behaviour the last few months any other way. Doesn’t make Bob his uncle in my optics. Feel we agree on this too.

  6. The fact that Barr was AG when the investigation started kinda blows up the “liberal hit job” angle

    1. @NiNi J …Do we now IGNORE The Rule Of Law There seems to be a Number of times ON RECORD Where both Barr & Gaetz wildly Overstepped their responsibilities & authority. There’s safety in a Checks & Balances System. In Barr’s position; an Attorney General Maybe Should KNOW That! Let Him PAY THE PRICE!! DjamesW.

    2. The fact that Barr was briefed several times and did nothing about it is pretty much in keeping with RePUGliKLANism.

    3. After Trump lost the election a lot of red hats started calling Barr a liberal. Common sense is not one of their strong points.

    4. @The Insane Shecklador Having a set of brains is beyond their pay grade to be exact. The day the creator announced it was time for brains, they thought he said trains and quickly got out of the way.

  7. Well Matt Gaetz’s rich poppa was able to get him out of several DUIs and even got the cop fired but I don’t know if his rich poppa can help him this time.

    1. @Lord Mitchell Barr could probably ended this if he wanted. He didn’t. And now he couldn’t.

    1. So many of the claims from the Trump team were really projections. It’s astounding they were so stupid as to think they could fool all the people all of the time.

  8. This is why Gaetz must step down from the Judiciary Committee until this investigation is over. A Judiciary Committee that cannot meet with the AG is pretty worthless.

    1. He doesn’t need to step down, you don’t think they are in the process of removing him right now?

    2. @Chris Richardson Kevin McCarthy has already said on the record that Gaetz does not need to step until and unless he is indicted. That leaves it up to the Democrats to do the clean up on the Republican side of the aisle again. It would be better for Gaetz to step down himself.

  9. No wonder Barr looked so defeated by the end, his whole job was to protect the GOP from accountability.

    1. None taken. That is exactly why he took the job, he was as far right as a man can “lawfully” get. By the end he looked broken, I wonder if he still holds the same beliefs after sorting through so much dirty laundry.

  10. I can only imagine all the WTF moments Merrick Garland has had while being briefed on all of the open investigations 😂😂😂

    1. @Stealthy Mongoose I can only imagine all the WTF moment Merrick Garland has had while being briefed on all the closed investigations Barr didn’t prosecute.

    2. I keep wondering if anybody’s unearthed all the phone calls from donnie’s secret server – you know, all those calls with Putin et al.

    3. @John Swo lol true. You know things are wild behind the scenes because we haven’t seen or heard from Merrick Garland since he gave his speech after being sworn in at DOJ. I don’t think he’s stepped foot in front of the press once since then.

  11. When Donald finds out he’ll say he never met Matt. Doesn’t know him. He heard of him but only met him once. Never met him.

    1. The “I take pictures with a lot of people” defense. Just like he tried with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

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