AOC Reacts To Biden Infrastructure Plan, Pitches Bigger Investment | Rachel Maddow 1

AOC Reacts To Biden Infrastructure Plan, Pitches Bigger Investment | Rachel Maddow


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks with Rachel Maddow about the Biden administration's proposed infrastructure bill and why she thinks it needs to have a more immediate impact for voters and make a significantly bigger investment. Aired on 04/01/2021.
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AOC Reacts To Biden Infrastructure Plan, Pitches Bigger Investment | Rachel Maddow


  1. People have to understand that while China, Japan, Korea… have made tremendous strides in infrastructure in general, America, although it’s a “new country”, it’s very old, because it’s been let run down by all these wonderful leaders, who’s only concern is to increase the amount of dollars in their bank accounts.

    1. @Todd Of course, the people who fight to fix the problems are the ones to blame. Not the ones who literally give corporations unlimited control and absolutely no consequences for their actions. Sure.

    2. @Adam Taylor lol. Nobody is fighting for or cares about you. Nobody. The sooner you get that the better.

    3. @K Mick I do like my comments why wouldn’t I? You just mad because you can’t say anything because you know I’m right. It’s obama 2.0. the do nothing Dems are gonna do nothing.
      Remeber this is a plan, that has to go to congress, which means pork gets added and then things get taken away. It’s pure garbage.

    4. @Todd Well, if nobody if fighting for you, then just leave then. Real Americans will stay and fight for the country.

  2. Rachel’s paused reaction at the end of the interview is priceless. She’s impressed with what she just heard from AOC.

    1. Stupid actress, meet stupid bartender.

      And you’re impressed? You are easily impressed, let me say.

  3. I think housing funding will also be part of the American Family Plan coming in a few weeks. This American Jobs Plan is mainly for roads, bridges, rail, airports, internet, electricity and water pipes.

  4. Still waiting on my check in the mail, mom hasn’t got her’s via SSA yet, slowed by repube hacks in the Post Office and Social Security!

    1. @netzoned Ah yes. another Legend in his own mind. How can we ever repay you for the information. What was it again?

    2. @Chris filosifer YW. And, as we can see, the poorly educated that Trump loves so much keep raising their ugly heads. They’re so amusing, always projecting and attempting to insult. Of course, foreign or not, they are all TROLLs. That’s the only reason they are at an MSNBC video. They surely are not here to actually learn any facts.

  5. Great move. I hope there is a large training budget in the $2 trillion. Gearing up to spend is one thing. Having the skilled labor capacity is another.

    1. Obama still has “shovel ready jobs”!! Remember that? Never trust a Democrat.They’ll rob your great grandkids blind. Sadly,you slugs are fine with it.

    1. @Liam Gross AOC is pretty. That’s really all she’s got going for her. If she was ugly she would never would have made it since she’s an empty head.

  6. This is weird, I watch MSNBC so much and I have my notifications turned on but I never see MSNBC videos when they are posted.

    1. @K Mick it’s weird because I watch them a lot but I don’t hardly watch Fox. But Fox pops up on my feed every time they post something

  7. FYI WE the United Brotherhood of carpenters still have the skilled labor to perform this task and only takes us 9 weeks to have a batch of young carpenters ready .when they say we lack skilled labor that’s a scam what they mean is we don’t have enough cheap labor to come in a do the work Americans need

  8. Yes!
    NYC public housing requirements to get it upto code. – Very sad – I guess when its the poorer sections of society that have to put up with crap! and have no dignity…. 🙁
    When did we become so callous? – that we did not care for the less fortunate guy, and think somehow that’s being apologetic for being successful – why can’t we both – be successful and care about the less fortunate and do something about it?

    1. What’s amazing is how AOC is suggesting as if the NYC Public Housing crisis is a federal issue. It’s not it’s a city/municipal jurisdiction. I also find it amazing how she blames republican lawmakers for the policy, when the Democratic Party has been mayor of New York for the last 27+ years.

  9. On the subject of replacing at-risk bridges it seems that more funds are needed for cost overruns. How many major construction projects ever come in on budget or save money? It would be unheard of!

  10. The US has been needing an infrastructure rebuild since the 80’s. Just look at how old our entire public water system, sewage system, public energy network, to name a few.

    1. 3% of this money will be used for infrastructure the rest will be laundered through so many accounts and inevitably end up in Democrat bank accounts

    2. @SMB Actually that usually happens with the GOP. Just look at the most recent articles on how the Trump administration dispersed their Corvid funds.

    3. I say police the border, stop funding illegals and use that money to do exactly what YOU are talking about! Use wasteful money for homeless vets and mental health instead of spending it to support illegal immigration and all that it includes!

    1. this whole goverment isa flashback to the 1980s, when who evers arm felt good pitched that day before yesterday bieden, yesterday pataski today….. aoc,bull pen by commitie.

      there really is no singular leader.

      like with trump obama bush

  11. So obviously, Biden is blabbering about infrastructure just to get the heat off his administration for the disaster that’s still going on at the U.S.-Mexican border in Texas.

    But he probably thought, with 2 million new Covid+ illegals coming in, he might as well put them to work doing construction.

    1. Who was in Texas helping people raising million dollars?? When Cruz was going on vacation in Cancun.

    1. Lol, look at who she influences. Something to be real proud of. Now who wants to buy a timeshare ??

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