Barr, Confronted On Roger Stone Commutation, Offers Pallid Answer | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Attorney General Bill Barr before the House Judiciary Committee managed only a tepid response to being challenged by Rep. Eric Swalwell to reconcile his answer at his confirmation hearing that a president using pardon power to buy a witness's silence would be against the law with his reaction to Donald Trump commuting the sentence of Roger Stone. Aired on 7/28/2020.
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Barr, Confronted On Roger Stone Commutation, Offers Pallid Answer | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. When you look at Barr you see someone who has, long ago, given up any hope of being honorable.

    He can lie, even under oath.
    Why not, when he has already given up standards.

    1. @Eco Geek Corrupt because you do not share his views or because you believe he committed an actual crime?

    2. esj8341 I’m with you. It’s funny that Liberals go off their feelings, it has nothing to do with facts.

  2. You know your country is in serious trouble, when the top law enforcement official in the country, is also the most corrupt and unethical law enforcement official in the country.

    1. Well, what do you expect when you have Herr trump, miller, mcConnell, trump spawn, etc. etc. and their mafia ways running our country?

    2. @keith parkhill You feel Barr should have been convicted of a crime because he did not appoint an independent counsel?

    1. @efonefiddy Doesn’t mean much either. Trump’s Ex orders are for the most part, unfunded, unstaffed, illegal, or not even appropriate for the situation. Example. His drug price Ex order. Drug companies do not set drug prices , pharmacies do. He can sign all the trade deals he wants but without Congressional ratification , he might as well signed a tampon box.

    2. @keith parkhill Trump has granted total clemency to 36 people (31 commutations); Obama by comparison granted 1,927 (1,715).

    1. Hillary? Oh she’s a former member of Gov’t because trump destroyed her in 2016 which leads us to this video and this lying msdnc anchor. They became unhinged and still are

    2. @keith parkhilljust like trump was a registered Democrat for decades. Thank God trump walked away. It’s never too late to see how crazy the left is. This video proves it. Run away

  3. He also forgot that every mechanism in a Rube Goldberg machine has a starting point, and that every action thereafter has a purpose in a design.

  4. “Rule of law” verbiage from the “Murders-R-US party.” Like the Yellow tape phenom is caused by angry Arapajo bikers.

    1. You’re going to believe the “peaceful protest” party? The “antifa doesn’t exist” party?

    1. lou minox democrats are confederates. History repeating and it’s still about slavery

  5. I am actually suprised Barr showed up.

    Everything in the Trump Administration is generally dismissed as having Executive Privledge.

    “No reason to show up at this one.”

    1. Yeah the democrats were slimy turds about all this. Ask a loaded question and demand he answer yes/no. Despicable. They were not at all interested in investigating anything, they just wanted their soundbite.

  6. Bill Barr did what he could to get the position just to be trumps defender and personal attorney.

  7. Biden needs to jail Trump and all of his minions including Barr. The November Docket is coming. Poor thing.

  8. The amount of things that Barr is supposedly “unaware of”or “never heard of” is unfathomable for a man of his position

    1. @TechEnthusiast Be careful with the brainwashed trumpians or trolls. They might explode when truth revealed.

    2. My friend’s dog had a favorite stuffed animal it always humped. Barr reminds me of that stuffed toy.

    3. The way the questions were asked lead to a lot of this, plus for some reason they’re still going on about russiagate? Seriously?

  9. Executioner Czar Barr liar impeach charge obstruction deraliction of duty and oath foreign and domestic enemy.

  10. The only good thing that’ll come out of these hearings is the American people will witness first hand how utterly corrupt this man is..


  12. If his confirmation hearing is equal to a job interview, then he has lied under oath, and should be removed from his job!!!

  13. “Offers Pallid Answer”
    If this isn’t proof that they’re story tellers rather than journalists I don’t know what is.

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