1. Exactly. If he didn’t like the bill, then he should have voted against it. She should have kept on asking why he voted for the bill anyway *_constantly_* , should have been her ONLY question after that, then finish with
      ….it will be YOUR fault for signing off on the law.

    2. “You say that you disagree with the exceptions that were in provision… then why did you sign it into law? Apparently you didn’t disagree with it enough.”

  1. Scotus is corrupt, and should not be even contemplating reducing women to property and incubators again.

  2. Arkansas passes laws that protect the criminals & punish victims. Does that sounds backwards to anyone?

    1. @Maritza M. Lozano How does a woman who is raped not get a pregnancy test and an abortion pill immediately after the rape? Does she have to decide whether or not it was a rape for a month or 2 first?

    2. @Ima Doll I didn’t see Democrats advocating a child should be forced to bring a pregnancy to term when that child conceived in criminal circumstances..

    3. @Henry Knox babies conceived under extreme distress by the mother are born with hideous deformities and genetic disorders that would mean lifelong suffering and misery for the child and all caretakers.

  3. This is completely ridiculous. A fetus life should never be considered more important than a whole living person. Smh.

    1. @Robert Clegg you are a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect…read your post…it is not instant. It take days for the boys to swim up there 🤦‍♀️

    2. @Jan May You me and every living thing starts off that way, so really that bunch of mass of cells is us. It’s the same as a seed, on it’s own it can’t become anything but you add water life begins, Once that sperm connects with the egg life begins.

    3. @Aunna Rudig aww, ya got me, ya troll!!!! I bit! Still, I think I’ve Plateaued while you’re at the Peak! 😉

    1. hmmm….this sounds almost as overly simplistic as the comments contained in the video. Yes, by all means, we all need to vote in November but there’s more than one reason someone might not vote, reasons I know nothing about. So….given all the other pressures women are facing right now, let’s cut ’em some slack with the ultimatums.

    2. @Alex Mercedes “I’m 25 and totally wrapped up in my own selfish life to be aware of potential consequences of issues and candidates I can’t be bothered to vote on, but thanks, Alex, for defending my stupidity and selfishness!”

  4. A woman’s life is at risk when she is raped. Her life is never the same.
    Rape is murder of the spirit. To force a victim of murder to bring life is further victimization. The only person on this earth that should make this choice is the woman herself.
    For you right to lifers. It is Gods place to judge, not you, period, end of story.

  5. It’s mind numbing that they’re clutching pearls demanding the privacy rights of the justices be respected, when the justices opinion reverses precedent that is itself based on the privacy rights of women. Just more rules for thee, not for me nonsense.

    1. @June Brilly Then why did Slow Joe say “Lets go Brandon, I agree!”? Is he dumb or does he also believe it?

  6. Revisit?! You had the chance to visit the rape and incest issue before you signed the law! 😡 This guy 🙄. All of these governors with the worst child morbidity and welfare are signing these crazy laws 😪

  7. Let’s create a humanitarian crisis and then “revisit the issue down the line.” How does this joker sleep at night? wtf

    1. This old man sleeps soundly, like all zealots sleep soundly. No worries about food tomorrow or raising children. He dreams contentedly about his work for His God.

  8. I love how conservative leaders claim EVERY person in their state is anti-abortion when less than half are. Pundits should stop bringing up “exceptions to the rule” examples. It’s not the exceptions that are the problem, it’s the blanket ban on most or all abortions.

    1. The percentage of people who back RvW is irrelevant. RvW is a prime example of democrat favorite implied powers. The word abortion, just like “separation of church and state” NEVER appears in the Constitution or any of its amendments. RvW is the greatest example of the Judicial Branch acting as a legislator. That fact alone is unconstitutional.

    2. @Asha yeaaa I’m from NY republicans want women to stay home like the 50s !!! You need to get your family and friends to vote 2022 and 2024 or move to a democrats state !!!!

    3. @Travelin Troy Be honest about the “one night stand” where the man wants nothing to do with the pregnancy that he is 50% responsible for.

    4. @Joanne DEN don’t we deserve an option out of parenthood? Something safe, legal, without social stigma?

  9. Because he doesn’t think it will affect any of his daughters, wife , sisters etc….now i would never wish for any woman too be faced with that dilemma, but there’s a thing called irony….gov let’s hope you never have to answer to it …

  10. That governor, and the people of Arkansas that support such draconian forced laws on women are disgusting, pathetic non-humans who deserve every horrible misery upon themselves and their families. It sickens me that this is happening in this era.

    1. @Blake Stiteler Would you say the same if someone wished Putin ill will? This isn’t about politics.

    2. When someone declares themself your enemy and tries to do you harm, it is your natural right to cause enough harm to them in return to force them to cease their beligirence.

  11. It should have been pretty simple, you veto it,send it back to the general assembly and tell them you will continue to veto any bill that doesn’t include these other two exceptions.

    1. It seems he had a choice but took his choice aand refused to bring it to fruition…so nice to have a choice to make a decision…

  12. Horrifying display of religious extremism. Rather than allow the states to decide, allow the woman.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman well it must be if having an abortion is wrong. But seeing as you said you where only 18 in the comments maybe you should do more growing up before putting some input into something you must not understand. Hell my 17 year old son knows its a womans right to decide what is best for her and yet we get people like you thinking people like me are murders cuz we decided that our wellbeing is more important then a few cells that are forming

    2. @Christine Welford Again, point to where I said that rape was good.

      An unborn human is much more than just a few developing cells…it’s a human being that has a right to live.

      The fact that your only argument against me is that “I must not know what I’m along about because I’m only 18” and accusing me of supporting rape just tells me you don’t have a real argument and can only resort to false claims about what I believe.

  13. This governor is saying that if women in Arkansas are to busy raising children, they won’t have any time to be uppity and talk out of turn. If Arkansas is so caring about their citizens, how do they rank with child mortality, education, child poverty, etc? Why isn’t he promoting all of his successes instead of responding with weasel words?

  14. Respectfully, this issue is not that simple and it should be a decision between a woman, her family and her physician. This is a health matter and is no one else’s business.

    1. It is the WOMAN’S CHOICE, nothing at all to do with the “family”. College girl who got drunk, got laid and barely remembers it but ends up pregnant? Sure, it’s a stupid decision but not something that she should be forced to carry for the next 9months and then likely raise.

      Drop-out college students are 1000x worse off because now they not only have that child to raise but also student loan debt and worse credit history than most others. It’s a stigma that stays with them for decades and just spirals down because employers DO consider credit history when hiring. It shows the responsibility of the applicant, are they capable of making the RIGHT CHOICE when necessary.

    2. You make it everyone business when you demand my taxes to pay for it!
      That simple! I don’t care what you do to yourselves! I’m just NOT paying for it! If you don’t want to take responsibility why should I?

  15. They scream about rights and not getting government involved, yet they push for this? One of the most free things in life is the ability to choose, and they want the government to say you cannot choose this medical procedure for yourself that has been legal for almost have a century?

    1. @Invest My Stonks If it doesn’t affect the child’s soul, which it wouldn’t because it can’t even communicate or register memories, how does it hurt the unborn? It doesn’t kill a soul, assuming we have souls. It would just be born to someone else. By the way, don’t ever complain about having to pay for welfare recipients, which will only increase when you force people to birth kids they can’t support. You want to “save lives”? Better open up that wallet. Hypocrite.

    2. @Invest My Stonks A bunch of cells isn’t a baby. It doesn’t even know it exists. There is no cruelty or evilness.

  16. He has disregarded the voice of his constituents. If men were responsible for carrying a child, every family would have one child, and birth control would be free. Hypocrites and liars, heartless and misogynistic.

  17. It’s funny how the GOP doesn’t ever own there policy and panders like they are responsible but not for their own actions.

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