Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces close in on IS-held city

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces close in on IS-held city 1


Iraqi special forces are closing in on the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul after two weeks of fighting to regain control of the city from the extremists.

Our Middle-East correspondent Alex Rossi is embedded with the Golden division on the frontline, who at one point advanced to within a kilometre of Mosul.

He sent this report from the town of Bazwaya, where coalition troops have come under heavy fire from IS resistance.

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3 Comments on "Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces close in on IS-held city"

  1. A New Kind Of World War? Did WW3 Start A Decade Ago?
    South Sudan 50,000 dead and nearly 3 million displaced. Over the past
    decade and a half, the US and its allies have invaded, occupied, killed,
    wounded and dispossessed over ten million people, in countries from
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

  2. The Realest Somali | October 31, 2016 at 6:16 PM | Reply

    Thanks a lot America for opening up this can of worms in the muslim world

  3. IS shall be soon cleared out of Iraq as it’s last stronghold under the
    Iraqi fire
    they are now looking for a new area around..😂😂😂

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