Trey Gowdy on FBI Finding 650,000 Clinton Emails

Trey Gowdy on FBI Finding 650,000 Clinton Emails 1


Trey Gowdy on FBI Finding 650,000 New Hillary Clinton Emails 10/30/16

Trey Gowdy Interview – October 30, 2016

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  1. This Trey Gowdy guy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people in D.C..
    He is a freaking beast.

    • Trey Gowdy , has always been a straight up guy . No one , or , nothing ,
      will stop him from uncovering….the truth. A scary word for the Clintons ,
      & tons of Washington minions.

    • Yeah and if he worried as much about doing the right things for Americans
      as he does about his F’ed up hair-doo maby something would get done. I
      remember back in about 1978 when a leak came out about the Senate And
      Congressional Barber services on the hill that the tax payers foot the bill
      for over $800,000 annually for these leaches. I mean should we be paying
      for hair-doo’s like Bernie Sanders and this Twerp Gowdy. His heads pretty
      big already he doesn’t need a stylist he needs to do some work and don’t
      worry about being a DC Pretty Boy Fag looking . We have to feed these
      do-nothing suckers all day long and pay for their Hair-Doo’s too…? How
      about using some of that pay raise money you give yourselves every year or
      2 and pay for your own hair-doo’s…? I know of no other job on earth where
      tax payers pay for their leaders hair-doo’s. Who do these bitches think
      they are..? I can’t imagine what trumps hair Specialist will cost us to
      keep that Egret’s Nesting Site on his head looking like a Duck Blind. I
      mean Jesus H Christ I don’t see why they think we should pay for their
      hair-don’ts, I mean can’t the Hair-Doo Lobbyist cover that for them.

    • Gowdy is a moron. Anyone else would’ve had Clinton behind bars by now. How
      much more does this weird looking turd need?

    • +MrSinister718 It is the DOJ and even FBI that has hung all this up. Gowdy
      produced MORE than enough to charge her (a long time ago) and move on with
      the case and they simply haven’t. Any one of US would have been boiled and
      hung out a long time ago but then we’re not part of the corrupt machine
      that is our fascist government. He not only has had to contend with the
      FED’s deliberate inaction and protection of her but the opposing dem idiots
      accompanying him on the committee that run even further interference as

  2. Hey I just went through my computer and found 23,394 Clinton emails!!! WTF
    are they doing here?

  3. Bye bye Hillary. America has simply had enough of the Clinton Crime Family.

    • +Mary Rose Nonsense!

      Socialism is socialism!
      Idiocy is idiocy!

      The fact is that The Founders HATED DEMOCRACY because it turns into

      The USA was founded as a REPUBLIC and NOWHERE would you find the term
      DEMOCRACY in the Founding Documents!

      Again, Socialism is Socialism and there is indeed a direct connection
      between democracy & socialism!

    • their candidate is finally getting her just desserts and her supporters are
      still worried about Trumps hair and what he said on a bus 11 years ago.
      This chickens always come home to roost.

    • Hear, hear!

    • and b.s. is b.s. why are all socialist countries successful while well to
      do duhmericans eat their kids?

    • spectacles testicles wallet and watch | October 31, 2016 at 11:04 PM | Reply

      its funny how this post does more than voting

  4. Mickey J. Duke Sr. | October 31, 2016 at 1:56 AM | Reply

    I’m so sick and tired of seeing Killary Rotten Clintons face and hearing
    her voice! Just go to bed no one likes you!

  5. Omg, Democrats and liberals are so disgusting animals… No respect for law
    and order.. Send them all to prison

    • all? like are you gonna adopt their children, while the libs and dems are
      in Jail? you make no sense.

    • I guess they will go to foster care like every other criminal’s- whats your
      point? Since when does having kids keep you out of jail? If they committed
      crimes they belong in jail

    • BigBadJerry Rogers | October 31, 2016 at 8:47 AM | Reply

      Hopefully when Trump wins, more prisons will be built to lock more of the
      liberal trash up

    • concerned citizen | October 31, 2016 at 2:30 PM | Reply

      We don’t need more prisons. Just incarcerate the real
      criminals(Clinton,etc.) from Wall Street to Washington D.C.. America has
      become one giant prison.

    • If you put your list in prison it WILL require more prisons! The more the
      merrier! We need enough space to incarcerate all criminals. Then when
      people stop committing crimes those prisons can be torn down! But we know
      that won’t happen.

  6. it was in a file labelled “life insurance” its going to be good

    • alice young and deflect from them stealing the election? Then next week
      this turns out to be nothing.

    • Craig Zimmerman | October 31, 2016 at 4:47 AM | Reply

      Comey wouldn’t take this step unless he had something.

    • +Carol Harris shes already lied under oath thats 5 yrs, perverted the
      course of justice 5-20 years , conspired to pervert the cause of justice
      5-20 years, put classified email on an open server 20 to life, it is not
      nothing , how will she have time to run the country with all those court
      appearances ? she should step down now, the usa looks like a swamp from the
      outside already, nobody will trust her to do business no foreign country
      will take her seriously. Anyone who votes for her now has no morals or love
      for their country.

    • +alice young anyone who votes for her has no morals or love of country…
      Not entirely true ppl like my mom are just NPR brainwashed and really good
      at ignoring things they don’t wanna look at…. As far as the rest, I’m
      afraid you are correct we live in a time where a great great many of us
      have no love of this nation… You can’t bring in millions of ppl , or
      allow them to walk in, and expect them to have that love… Also we have a
      huge black population on welfare, who have no love of this system and yet
      are at the same time dependant on this system…. Like a drug addict… If
      it were not for these two voting blocks, this election would be no contest
      at all.. It’s a racial issue, in a tribal sort of way…. Not a racist
      issue, for those that hear racial and think racist… It’s not racist…
      It’s just a fact racial groups group together… You don’t like that, take
      it up with nature not me…

    • alice young yep I bet Weiner is singing like a canary to save his own sorry
      butt. Funny thing is the Clintons introduced Huma to old Weiner that didn’t
      work out too well for them. Lol

  7. curious learner | October 31, 2016 at 3:28 AM | Reply

    Should Hillary still be trusted with Security briefings?

    • +KevinÇi Yeah Nov. 25th. But Only if you are voting for Clinton. Otherwise;
      Vote: Trump/ Pence November 08 2016. Happy Hollow-Wiener.

    • +Happy Buller But, Trump said to vote for him on nov 25th. I believe in
      Trump and Trump only. The rest is libs speaking bs. I’m gonna vote HRC on
      nov 8th and then Trump on nov 25th.

    • +KevinÇi Nope you got it backward man. Look for Trump’s video here, he’ll
      tell you that it’s a Clinton, Hollow-Wiener trick that is a left-over
      sexting e-mail that sinking up her campaign, that are giving you brain
      Look man, it is still a free country, vote you for whom you think can do
      the best job. You are not going to change my mind as I’ve already voted.
      *****************************************************Vote Trump/ Pence by
      November 08 2016.
      And you’ll help Make America Great Again.

    • curious learner I don’t trust Hillary with the truth let alone power!

  8. Creamer, Mook and Wiener. You can’t make this stuff up.

  9. talkcommonsense | October 31, 2016 at 3:43 AM | Reply

    Hillary = Creepy… Happy Halloween!!!

  10. So Bill Clinton is a Rapist, Anthony Weener is a child molester and people
    still want to Vote for Hilary? That alone should scare the hell out of
    people. I sware to God I want Trump for many reasons to win. But mainly
    because Trump is the safe Vote. Trump isn’t looking to start Wars. Nor is
    he a sick in the head. I’d rather keep our children and woman safe in
    America. And our Soldiers Safe.

  11. Hillary’s supporters are proof the walking dead is a reality show.

    • +Dennis Walker You’ll say you like angry till you meet me that’s one
      promise I can make you

    • +Just AGuy Don’t worry , not sure when I’ll be there but rest assured I’m
      coming . Never doubt that . And I will give you plenty of time to prepare .

  12. Maybe Weiner was the leak? We have a leaky weiner.

  13. Even spelling out Hillary’s, Obama’s and the DNC’s criminality has no
    effect on the voting choices of most Democrats. Is there a better example
    of Democrats’ committment to corruption and immorality?

    • But if you ask rectumheads, if Hillary pays off the DOJ and the FBI, then
      the crimes never happened at all. There is only a crime if there is NO
      collaboration to obstruct justice in the “feelings” of these idiots. Using
      that logic, only honest people commit crimes, but the corrupt never did,
      because no one will prosecute. It’s the Audacity of Hate.

    • Valelacerte I am a proud Republican because of this election

    • Valelacerte Amen

  14. If Hillary gets elected she may be the first president in history to get
    impeached as soon as she gets into the Oval Office.

    • +Pinkie Dee there will be no trial no matter who wins for trump… The
      charges will drop magically right after the election… When this happens I
      hope it helps open your eyes a little to how dirty politics are played by

    • +MrNick615 Of course it won’t. Either they already know or don’t care, as
      long as they get whatever the Dem nominee promised them.

    • james callaghan | October 31, 2016 at 11:57 AM | Reply

      Maybe she can pardon herself.

    • james callaghan actually she can. Crazy but true.

    • +james callaghan She already has pardoned herself James.
      Now she is just trying to convince everyone else that she isn’t a liar.

  15. too bad trey gowdy can’t replace trump ,,, maybe he will run next time ,,,
    if there is a next time ,,lol

  16. Jackie Y. Freedom | October 31, 2016 at 5:57 AM | Reply

    Maybe all these 650’000 Emails are manipulated by the Russians?

  17. why isn’t killerey Clinton
    being charged with;
    perjury, obstruction, destroying evidence! ?!?!?

  18. Dear Mr. Gowdey – thank you for all of your service. We desperately need as
    a country more people like you. Please don’t judge Mormons by the “example”
    of Mr. Reed.

    • Eric Bess…I really think he was being ironic and meant no disrespect to
      Mormons, who are known for their sobriety. We all know that Reid is the
      antithesis of a Mormon. That is another thing I like about Trey. His
      understated, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

    • BigBadJerry Rogers | October 31, 2016 at 8:35 AM | Reply

      Reid is just another shill for the damn jews

    • Eric Bess Thanks for your comment. I am here to expose the corruption in
      our nation and world. I will expose the Illuminati in our government. I
      will not judge Mormons.

    • Every Mormon I have ever met happen to be totally opposite of HR. Very
      nice,caring ,& giving people!

    • Scary Harry is a buffoon! 😂

  19. Gowdey would make the best AG this country has ever known

  20. Soldier For Christ | October 31, 2016 at 8:15 AM | Reply

    Funny how the Democrips were sooo happy when Comey said no charges but now
    that he reopened the Dems are crying hes helping the GOP. These people are

    • Casper Blankenship | October 31, 2016 at 2:13 PM | Reply

      They’re not.

    • Soldier For Christ because of your channel logo I’m off out for a double
      burger with cheese and fries

    • +CaLMCee Agreed. What I find funny is when Comey didn’t recommend to Lynch
      to indict Hillary the left said he (Comey) was “fair and balanced”. Well,
      now there are 650,000 new emails that were found and have been subpoenaed
      (warrants issued to seize them) but NOW the left is saying he’s playing
      “party politics”. You don’t get it both ways….he did his job before and
      many disagreed with the way he looked at the findings. Not everything has
      to go Hillary’s way, not everyone has to show her in the most favorable
      light. How about we get to the truth….how about that? And frankly, if
      she did put national security at risk and someone or a group is ok with
      that and thinks the FBI should just let it slide….you all need to examine
      your priorities….. Could it be that some of those +30,000 deleted emails
      might be among this new batch??? Well, if (and that’s a HUGE “if”) Hillary
      was telling the truth all they will find is wedding plans and yoga
      workouts….. but we all know that’s not all that will be in there, if at
      all…… I’m guessing there will be a LOT of back channel Clinton
      Foundation “pay for play” with foreign donors….
      Some of you need to put down the Hillary Koolaid, you’ve obviously had

    • +Katherine Monroe It was actually Paula Jones who won the award, not
      Jennifer Flowers, but I take your point.
      Many of the new outlets to include the NYT’s and the WSJ use a polling
      service that is owned by a HUGE Hillary supporter. They take small
      samplings, and they generally call more registered Dems than registered
      Republicans or independents…their methods wouldn’t pass muster in a good
      stats class. But they get reported like they are the gospel. The main
      thing is to get out and vote….don’t let or think someone else will do it
      for you. I voted in a place two blocks from my house in a church. I walk
      down, cast my vote, and walk back. I wasn’t in love with Trump and I’m
      still not…but given the choice between him and Hillary, it’s no
      contest…..Trump all the way. I am somewhat disappointed with how some of
      the GOP members have acted towards Trump….they don’t have to love him,
      but if they think Hillary is a better choice they need to reexamine their
      belief system.
      I have a hunch Comey’s investigators told him to reopen the Hillary email
      case because they saw some things that looked somewhat familiar….I’m just
      guessing but if I had to say Abedin/Weiner had those
      +30,000 missing/deleted emails on their devices for insurance….just in
      case. Just in case one of the IT folks decided not to invoke the 5th, or
      needed it as a “get out of jail free” card. Or…just in case they both
      committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, 9 or 10
      times each…or had some “unfortunate accident” as some close to the
      Clintons have had happen. Comey knows what this new investigation can do
      to the political scene and I guarantee you, he didn’t do it without some
      serious evidence being shown to him.
      Trump 2016

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