Clinton Campaign Manager Reaction to FBI Reopening Case! 10/30/16

Clinton Campaign Manager Reaction to FBI Reopening Case! 10/30/16 1


Clinton Campaign Manager Reaction to FBI Reopening Case! 10/30/16

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robert Mook talks about what he thinks of James Comey and the FBI reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton emails – October 30, 2016

22 Comments on "Clinton Campaign Manager Reaction to FBI Reopening Case! 10/30/16"

  1. Did he just say “according to yahoo news”? Jeezus gawd almighty…

  2. So slimy, answer any questions lately?

  3. artistkeithlutz Beardsleys Painters | October 31, 2016 at 12:10 AM | Reply

    could only listen 60 seconds before almost vomiting..sorry

  4. bitshifter78230 | October 31, 2016 at 12:16 AM | Reply

    i would love to see a conversation between trey gowdy and this guy.

  5. Lock her bitchass up!

  6. What are those faggots so worried about if the emails are just wedding
    plans and yoga bantz

  7. You are a ding dong idiot! Answer the friggin question Wallace is asking!
    Who are you, Hillary Clinton? That’s how she answers questions too, round
    and round in circles and never answers the friggin question!!!!!

  8. Yahoo news?????? is that where y’all get your poll numbers at??? crash and
    burn assholes

  9. We are looking into the face of pure evil. Only evil is this calm. Ted
    Bundy would smile a smile like this. Soulless confidence.

  10. Chriszlaststand | October 31, 2016 at 2:45 AM | Reply

    Mook should know.They probably gave them this crap. This is all theater.
    Just as Mook said They just don’t do this days before a election. Chris
    Wallace is playing along. James Comey is playing along. They are just
    winding down the game clock. The real story is voter fraud. Remember last
    week when they were pushing voter fraud? Bam! Comey re opens case. Now
    everyone is talking about Huma & Weiner. Everyone has a mental image of
    Weiners boner. Brilliant move. Take you eye off the ball. My point about
    election fraud. There is no way to prevent illegals voting.
    The key to recent Presidential elections has been swing states, and the
    party that controls the majority of votes in these states usually wins the
    election. A broad list of swing states starts with about 15 contested
    states, and the list gets smaller as Election Day nears.

    Under current laws, strict voter ID laws are in place for 10 states with a
    total of 133 electoral votes. (A total of 270 or more electoral votes are
    needed to win the Presidential election.) Of these states, four are
    considered swing states: Ohio (18 electoral votes), Arizona (11 electoral
    votes), Indiana (11 electoral votes) and Virginia (13 electoral votes).

    Non-strict voter ID laws are in place for 21 states with a total of 152
    electoral votes. Swing states in this group include Colorado (9 votes),
    Florida (29 votes), Michigan (16 votes) and New Hampshire (4 votes).

    The remaining states 19 states and the District of Columbia don’t have
    voter ID laws, and they account for 253 electoral votes. They include the
    following swing states: Iowa (6 votes), Minnesota (10 votes), Nevada (6
    votes), New Mexico (5 votes), North Carolina (15 votes), Pennsylvania (20
    votes) and Wisconsin (10 votes).

    However, North Carolina will have its strict voter ID law in place by the
    2016 election, assuming that no court challenges delay the law’s

    All told, 173 electoral votes would be in play in the 15 projected swing
    states, with strict voter ID laws affecting states with a total of 68
    electoral votes. States with non-strict laws would account for 58 electoral
    votes, while the swing states with no voter ID laws account for 47
    electoral votes.

    If Wisconsin wins its court case, it also would go back into the strict
    voter ID column. But even with the addition of North Carolina and
    Wisconsin, the “strict ID” states wouldn’t control the majority of swing
    state electoral votes, falling 10 votes short of a majority.

    However, eight new voter ID laws were proposed in 2014 in a group of states
    that included swing states Iowa and Minnesota. And if Pennsylvania were to
    revisit its voter ID challenge, the majority of electoral votes in the
    swing states could tilt toward the states that have strict voter ID laws.

    So it seems that the legal and political battle over voter ID laws won’t
    abate as the next Presidential election approaches.

  11. Always dodging the question….”It might not even be Hillary that served as
    secretary of state, it could be anyone that served!”


  13. Robbie Mook needs to be arrested.

  14. lol OH SHUT UP ROBBIE!!!lmao

  15. Robby “The Fag” Mook…Yahoo news??? Oh my garrsh

  16. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! fucking TooL ! hahahahaha.

  17. Comey has an obligation to reopen an investigation if new information is
    found. It is that simple. Look is just a bullshitter because that is what
    he is paid for by the Clinton campaign. There is nothing wrong with Comey’s
    reopening the case, whether he knows already what is in those emails or
    not. They are emails sent to or by Clinton during her time in the state
    department. Look wants to make it look like those emails are unrelated.
    Comey would not reopen the investigation if those emails were not related
    to the case. Mook is full of it.

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