Baylor Dr.: We Need To Understand How Children Transmit Virus To Children And To Adults | MSNBC

Dr. Jill Weatherhead, assistant professor of adult and pediatric infectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine, tells Lawrence O'Donnell what we know and do not know about the spread of coronavirus by children. Aired on 7/20/2020.
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Baylor Dr.: We Need To Understand How Children Transmit Virus To Children And To Adults | MSNBC


    1. In the short term, their symptoms are generally milder, but since we know that lung damage occurs in all COVID people, even the so-called asymptomatic, we have not a clue about the long term effects beyond early reports of MISiC.

  1. republicans don’t care how many kids, teachers, staff or their families get sick. I mean it was Fox news who had a guest on who said, “1-2% of our children, that’s bad but maybe a price we need to pay.” I mean what’s a hundred thousand dead children, right?

  2. I have no kids, if I did no way would trust anyone but my intuition! Get ready people it’s only goi ng to get worst

  3. American children are deliberately being exposed to a virus all in the name Presidential politics by a disease called the Republican Party.

  4. First of all, there is nothing that a child can’t transmit, even if they don’t become ill. They are like little germ factories. And if they can transmit germs, they can absolutely transmit the coronavirus, probably better than anyone else.

    1. did you ever see such snotty hands and sleeves. I hate touching anything after a little kid has touched. Ugh

  5. Got people in the mid 30’s in Melbourne in intensive care in Intensive Care today. A lot of commentators have basically been seeing they are not at risk.

  6. It’s just common sense. Children are dirty. Kids going back and forth to school is goin to be as bad as when trump didn’t shut down cruise ships and airplanes

  7. My daughter is a nursing sister in South Africa at a large school, 3 children have been sent home sick and results are all 3 are Covid positive. This school is now a hot bed, for the virus. This is NOT false news this is my daughter, and it is true.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information. I hope your daughter is safe as possible from the virus and doing well. 💖

  8. Why even risk it and turn our kids to guinea pigs that’s just plain stupid we all know this is transmitted from person to person why try to ignore that so we can keep getting sick I don’t understand our country logic at times

  9. AKA: PARENTS, KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME!!!!! Protecting their lives worth missing 2 or 3 months of school!

  10. “We need to understand…”
    Trump: “Nah, I just go with my gut. It’s bigger than yours, so I know more.”

    1. That’s the only problem with scientists and doctors… they want to be precise and have proof. In the meantime, parents will need to exercise their common sense, caution and abide by the “FIRST, DO NO HARM” motto. Better to be cautious and careful than grieving.

  11. All I got to say is like my dad he was in the Vietnam War he had a severe levels of intoxicty because of negligence from our man in command and suffered his whole life because of ignorance, just think that ignorance is back and look what it’s doing there is an agent out there an undercover one orange his name is chump and he’s letting this disease this virus this uncontrollable outbreak get the best of us and put us in all of situation that it’s either delivered I or killer be killed as in you get it you take it to your mom or grandparents and you are killing them and not getting charged with it you should get charged with if you can’t emanate somebody else third-degree murder because of your negligence from our b**** in the White House but the case of the agent orange from the u.s.a screw-ups, but he served his time in Vietnam which he really did not like to do but he did it because he admitted to the country that he was there for the country even though you didn’t like to do it that is a wartime that my dad was a wartime hero I looked up to that man and he taught me everything love and salt dirty and being there for one another I probably put in 15,000 hours community service with him from when I was little little too when I was 15 is show love and peace and we’re there for one another through thick and thin this is not a wartime president he is a murderer she is them deseable murderer not the virus the virus is feeding off of Trump because chump is feeding the virus little do you know he’s probably killing more of his votes because those for the senseless ax that thought it was all just a hoax but he is a mass murderer he is a Hitler please vote you are blind if you did not see it please or we will be killing one another just for liberty and justice for all not United because the United is gone between more than 50% and as champ would say 1550 100005 50% ducks are chump you voted in please vote him out 2020 #Bidenfauci!!

  12. Honestly, I think the “kids don’t transmit Covid” idea is largely from a lack of testing. If children generally have milder/no symptoms, they are much less likely to be tested, so identifying them as the source of transmission will be much less likely. Also, most children have been kept home much more than usual, so their opportunities to pick up and pass on the virus between their peers is much lower than in normal circumstances. Once schools physically reopen, I think we will see significantly more cases in children, especially in places where masks and social distancing aren’t or can’t be adequately implemented. I have trouble believing that, out of all the viruses in the world, Covid is somehow the only one that children don’t spread amongst themselves.

  13. I read a report today that claims the height of the person is crucial in the spread of the virus. Taller people send out infected droplets that exit horizontally and fall down on shorter people. Young children are too short to infect taller people, but put them in classrooms full of people their height and transmission will increase dramatically.

  14. I work with children. Trust me, schools are an ideal space for germs. It will spread throughout our schools and they will shut down again.

  15. I taught at the elementary school level for decades, believe me, they are super germ factories, one runny nose leads to lots of runny noses, coughs and colds.. I spent so many lunch breaks supervising hand washing, people laughed,but it does work, as does swabbing desks and surfaces down with disinfectant. Lots of love from 🇨🇦

  16. What about the fact that it’s been proven via CT scans that even asymptomatic cases have lung damage? What about the fate of children who get severe disease upon REinfection? Who’s to say children will not suffer lifelong fatigue, pain and shortness of breath? Why do we Americans have to learn everything about the coronavirus the hard way?

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