Benzie on Doug Ford’s comments on immigration: ‘I don’t know what he was thinking’

The Toronto Star's Robert Benzie discusses Ont. Premier Doug Ford's comments on immigration and his refusal to walk back the statement.

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    1. Right ? …he misses details .. it currently cost $24,000 a year for family of four .per year ..not including education , health care ect ect .. This only works as long as you print unlimited currency and no accountability . Who do you bring in ?? most are not even literate in own language , no skills … Considering Canada is only 10 % manufacturing , do we need more immigrants working for government ?

    2. @Alan Macphail lol he’s right many come here to milk the government for free handouts. Time to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under

    3. @Jumbo Me immigrants cannot receive government assistance until they have received permanent residency, which is a process that takes years.
      What are these ‘handouts’ you speak of, specifically?
      Please, name a welfare/assistance program that someone who is currently immigrating can receive

    4. @Ugh, the humanity! social housing . Welfare. Disability. Or join gangs or sell drugs. Definitely not saying all immigrants are doing that. But there definitely ones that are

  1. we yell at our “do-nothing-sit-at-home-all-day-playing call-of-duty” kids, for the same thing. Why would you allow a fully grown adult, fully capable of working, probably with a family of their own, to do the same thing?

  2. There’s nothing wrong with what Premier Doug Ford said.
    – Ontarian, voted NDP last election, migrated as a child back in 2002, Canadian since 2005

  3. As an immigrant myself I think “Only hard working immigrants” should be the slogan of all countries who allow them in

    1. “Only hard working immigrants” is a gaslight statement. I don’t know any immigrants that don’t work hard.

  4. As an immigrant ,I agree with what Ford said. I came here worked hard and paid my taxes. If I heard Ontario was filled with immigrants who just collected benefits I would stay far away.

  5. Why is telling the truth so hard for some Canadians. I’ve heard the same thing from new immigrants, and Canadians of all walks of life. The only ones that object are the Parties whose foundations are to promise free taxpayer stuff to gain votes. I think it’s the other way around, the NDP and Liberals should take heed and pull back on their political correct speech of incorrect policies. Canada has had a merit system for immigration as do most countries. That’s not the same process for asylum seekers. It was the NDP that offered free benefits to anyone who walked across the border. Many if not most of those don’t meet the criteria of immigration or asylum and are rejected. Ford is just being honest.

  6. This was no gaff. It is sensible and correct. Canada doesn’t need freeloaders. We need hard working citizens.

    This TS reporter is out of touch with reality.

  7. As an immigrant myself, who had to show proof that I had means to support myself until I got a job, and who has worked HARD ever since, I absolutely agree with Ford. No handouts, carry your weight and be a contributing member in society!

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