1. I agree with you completely – vote for Pierre Poilievre or the Conservative party in the next federal election!

    1. I know its ridiculous!! He’s never held an honest job in his life. Been a politician his whole life!! Pierre Pollypump I mean 😉

    2. @Cone Zone I don’t remember Pierre in violation of ethics laws and I also missed his blackface photos.

  1. My family has their conservative membership and can’t wait to vote for Pierre P! Let’s turn this country around before Trudeau completely destroys it!

    1. I agree with you completely, My2cents. Pierre Poilievre is very sharp, down-to-earth and witty! Hopefully, millions of Canadians will be thinking the same way as you do on the day of the next election.

    2. @Thrill House
      So you’re able to afford the extra taxes & high prices & send your billions abroad. We can’t!

  2. I’ve never been a member of any political party. Now I bought a Conservative membership and will vote for Pierre

    1. Hopefully, millions of other Canadians are thinking the same way that you are – especially at election time!

  3. Why don’t the provinces apply price controls? Nova Scotia and New Brunswick do this already.

  4. I think he’s just waiting for someone to say “Simon Says” lift the mandates. Try it.

  5. I want Trudeau in prison not in office for the next 3 yrs and I want jagmutt and the bloc leader in prison too!

  6. As smart and simple as the conservative measures are, and as much as they will relieve some of the financial challenges for Canadians, trudeau will not do any of this. Not because they are awful ideas, but because his vindictive nature refuses to allow him to concede the conservatives have ideas that are doable. That’s all it boils down to.

  7. Love Candice! Everything you said is right on. I admire your strength and courage to speak for Canadians and for having are backs. Thank you!

  8. I am really starting to feel like I am back in elementary school and Mr. Trudeau is my teacher and he dislikes me, so I get punished when someone else dies something!…Mr. Trudeau, I have not been in elementary school for over 50 years…stop treating me like a child!

  9. I’m so disgusted and insanely disappointed with Trudeau it makes me sick! How dose he focus on the small crap when this country is so strapped with everything everything going up and gas I just can’t stand this, he should be absolutely adhammmmmmmmmed! I’ve never seen such mismanagement of this country so pathetic

  10. Sorry Candice…don’t think any of these parties have any compassion in their soul. I feel they will all go to hells gate when their time comes due.

  11. The conservatives we know would’ve pushed the government hard enough to make real change, they couldnt stop carbon tax or even pressure the government to pause the carbon tax. All talk these days .i hope Pierre changes the CPC

  12. Summer break until the end of September? I didn’t realize that Parliament was a daycare and elementary school for adults. Parliament was not in session from August 2021 to January 2022. You guys get paid WAY too much!

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