1. @Alex Hamilton Last year, you promised us that Trump would win re-election in a landslide. So much for your opinions, loser.

  1. Biden could propose a bill to reduce those annoying robocalls and republicans would still find a way to oppose it.

    1. @Solstice of Snow $1.3 trillion for corporations to buy back stock and enrich investors vs. $4.1 trillion investment into state and local projects, elder care, R&D, green energy, vaccine distribution, schools, first responders and hospitals.
      And tax cuts for all classes is a joke. 85% of the benefit went to the richest people in America. Why you feel so willing to defend corporations and corporate investors, while looking sorely ignorant, is really beyond me. But for what it’s worth, it’s people like you who the 1% love! 😅😂🤣

    2. @Ro G 4.1 trillion that will only increase the defecit in vein. State an local projects can’t even be funded with our debt right now, most of this money actually vomes from loans out of social security, green energy is horrible inneffeciant and is not eco friendly, and the only green energy that is not horrible is nuclear, vaccine distrubution money has again been pulled from loans, federal schooling is actually part of the issue in which education standerds are extremley low, and first responders and hospitals hardley recieve anything afterwards and may just go into the pockets of few. Tax cuts actually help the middle class prosper and gain wealth that the upper class creates, which in term mean more and more people joing the higher classes. They also would have more money to spend on charity or other orginizations that are actually dedicated for helping the lower classes. Not only that, Obamacare and ACA are both the reasons why healthcare is so expensive, and we are simpley better off without it.

    3. The GOP will only allow progress if everyone believes that it’s their idea… it’s got to fit the conspiracy.

    4. Biden could mobilize the armed forces against an alien invasion and The Church of Baby Cheesus would shriek that the aliens are victims of cancel culture.

    5. @Insignificant360 Well yeah, especially considering most of those aliens would be Native American.

  2. The kid the blast “how fast is that?” so fast, you do not even know, papa roach, the expression is priceless ya grift mint tooth pick and the papa roach where ever you shall Rome

  3. Any upgrade equals jobs. The more we use the improvements, good roads, clean water and grid that is stable the more the demand will increase. That will take many years, many more jobs. And all of the second and third tier support groups, manufacturing and services. It’s like a HUGE shot in the arm of the economy.

    1. Your analysis ignores that $900B (LESS THAN HALF of $2T funding) will go to UNION jobs, who represent only 1 in 8 American Workers. So 7 American Workers will pay taxes for 1 American Union Worker and the MILLIONS OF FED, STATE AND LOCAL GOV PENSIONS. How could you not know this? You’re either paid troll, or someone with no work experience.

    2. @William Larney Sounds like an interesting way to encourage union membership as infrastructure is transformed. Maybe takes away a little of the fear people have of being persecuted for wanting a union — maybe it will encourage various companies to stop resisting unionization, hence the well-paid jobs promise. Should the government invest in companies that deny their employees representation? Investment in infrastructure pays for itself many times over as shown in many studies. So maybe there are more possibilities to others’ opinions than ‘paid troll’ and ‘no work experience’. Maybe there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    3. p.s. If we invest deeply in helping and lifting up the poor then the middle class are the ones that benefit the most (if Amazon isn’t the middleman). They will be the main providers of the goods and services needed for the new infrastructure. Jobs will disappear with AI technology rising fast; we MUST find a better way to value each other’s worth than whether or not one can still find a job, or things will become increasingly desperate.

  4. The Party of NO. The GOP has NOTHING to offer the citizens of this country except hate and division.

    1. The Republican Party only cares about the top one percent and the biggest corporations in America. They are racist and want to stop people of color and minorities from voting especially in Georgia.

    2. The Keystone pipline was approved under the Obama administration. This PIPELINE would bring oil from Canda to the USA without using trains or trucks.

    3. @Jordi Carvajal I from georgia the bill gives more access to voting than COLORADO OR DELAWARE WHERE BIDEN IS FROM. BIDEN TRIED TO TALK ABOUT THE BILL AND GOT 4 PONCHOS FROM WASHINGTON POST.

  5. Bernie …. thank you Sir. I’ve been feeding the homeless long time now. It’s been my hope’s and prayers for the homeless. Request prayers every Sunday. Keep up the good work Bernie.! You’re awesome 🧤🪡

  6. likes attract likes…choosing abundance and long term rather than scarcity and short term calculate the possibilities to be even more abundance and greatness.

    1. Bernie: I will gladly give you a $10 tomorrow, if you will buy me a hamburger today.
      American Workers: Go beg your burger from Chairman Xi, you Communist swindler.
      Only 1 in 8 American Workers will see a 1c of these Federal Union jobs + 1% Minority.
      And that begs the question, _WHERE IS THE OTHER $TRILLION DISAPPEARING TO?!_

    1. Republican’s answer:


  7. The GOP stopped governing 2 decades ago. For every thing they are criticizing the Dems for, there exists records of them saying and doing the exact same thing.

  8. There needs to be more help for those of us who can’t buy houses with cash. Good houses aren’t staying in the market , selling same day or as quick as a week. We can’t compete with that. And it’s defeating . I have 4 girls that I would like to leave at least a home to. The American dream is long gone and dying because of greed.

  9. So people want clean water , stop patch up work to our bridges, power grids, competitive international airports, upgrade our railway system , stop patch work on the roads , get people off the streets etc not to forget want to remain competitive on the international stage but don’t want to spend a dime . how do we do that ,I wonder 🤔

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