Bernie Sanders speaks at New Hampshire debate | USA TODAY 1

Bernie Sanders speaks at New Hampshire debate | USA TODAY


Bernie Sanders speaks to his supporters in New Hampshire for the ongoing 2020 primary.

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    1. @The Crazy Sunflower that’s not what I meant. I meant he outperformed drastically what he was expected to do in both states and that is much better for him than for Bernie.

  1. Lol the title of this video. Like Pete is a leader in NH. Like there is 2 leaders. But somehow only 1 leader last in Iowa the guy who lost popular vote? Lol wtfe

    1. Pete won the delegate count regardless. That’s why he’s one of the two front runners in the race which is a long way to go.

  2. USA we are watching you and your choice to list Pete in this videos title is shameful! You even placed his name first! Well let me tell you, you bunch of damned fools Bernie won this fair and square and your creating a misleading title only fuels the fire we have in our souls to pur this man Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office and will transform this country to a fair and just entity the way it was originally meant to be before it was hijackef by the criminal greed of past administrations. He will create for us a situation where we win and where government works fot OUR benefit.
    USA Today you are fools!!!

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  3. Bernie is a washed up dumpster fire with a hidden agenda! I wouldn’t trust him, so I’m voting for that stud muffin Mike Bloomberg in 2020! Go Mike!

    This comment paid for by Mike Bloomberg

  4. Wow, DemoKKKrats are really buying into Bernie Sander’s racism Nazi socialism. I would say punch a Nazi, but it would put Sanders in cardiac arrest.

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