Beto O’Rourke interrupts Gov. Abbott’s press conference | Uvalde school shooting

Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke interrupted a press conference from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about the Uvalde shooting Wednesday.

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  1. This entire display was gross. How disrespectful to the parents. You can hear the parents screaming. They’re trying to get information not political grand standing. It wasn’t even 24 hours since the horrific tragedy.

    1. On average counseling ranges between $80-$250 per session which not everyone can afford. This would be prevented if mental health services were available to everyone for free under 25 years old. That is the age range where suicide and depression are at its highest. Drugs and alcohol are illegal but kids do them all the time. We should be addressing the underlying issues that could and can prevent future school shootings. Each shooter in every case was suffering from some form of mental illness ignored by adults around them until it boils over and innocent children are murdered.

    2. AK 1776 – I hope they get sued into oblivion! Those “law enforcers” just *physically* *restrained* and *stopped* *parents* from trying to save their own children and SAT THERE AND LET IT ALL HAPPEN!!😡

  2. How can Beto assume that the governor and senators aren’t going to do anything to prevent the next shooting if he didn’t even make it to the “thoughts and prayers” section of the conference??

  3. It’s on every American who defends having automatic weapons and not stricter gun laws…Period.

    1. So there isn’t a growing mental health crisis amoung youth? if you take away guns suddenly everyone will be happy and nothing bad will ever happen again?

    2. @1966johnnywayne What is the solution to stop school shootings? Give the cops more guns to defend themselves? Send in the Big Government police into elementary schools? Have cops in every classroom? Give the teachers guns to defend themselves? Give the kids guns to defend themselves? I guess we can just give up, thoughts and prayers.

  4. Why bother reading all the same NRA talking points from these lame trolls? What is it like to not think for yourself?

    1. If you were in his place and your child was a killed victim,what would you be saying or doing?

    2. @Nick Guthrie This is NOT one of the parents. It’s a politician grandstanding. That’s why I called it out.

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