Beto O’Rourke: ‘This Action Is Going To Kill More Texans Than Have Already Died’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Beto O’Rourke: ‘This Action Is Going To Kill More Texans Than Have Already Died’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke expresses his outrage over Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to reopen businesses to full capacity and the lack of leadership in the state amid a crush of crises. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Beto O’Rourke: ‘This Action Is Going To Kill More Texans Than Have Already Died’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. I’m not convinced he even sees them as people, Tina. And the entire “stop the steal” nonsense was an objection to them as voters. The message, simple. White Lives Matter More.

    2. @karen atha think about they say poor people Latin blacks and old people get more hit with COVID-19. Sad

    3. He is letting Republicans die also, it comes down to people dying.This virus will continue to multiply even more

    4. @Paladin Estates Q. Who allowed covid to spread in the first place? A. Expresident Trump. Please shut up and think.

    1. @Mr. Green I bet more people than not probably got it. But those who are not old and compromised with other issues never even knew it. It’s simply not that threatning to normal people. Ask yourself this when you first heard President Trump tested positive. Did you even consider hed die from it? Most people didn’t. And he’s in mid 70s and has extra pounds on him. But he’s a healthy guy.

    2. Not as bad as the WHO.
      Back on 12/14/2020 they finally admit that the PCR tests used to diagnosis diagnosis covid is too hit or miss due to too many false positive results

  1. Please LISTEN. TRUTH. Right Here. You Dont Wear A MASK. Look At your Hands. Blood Will Now Be on Your Hands.

    1. Great, two of you spoke up quite arrogantly, and more than 50 LIKED the comment. Interesting.
      So out of more than 50 people, do you think that the odds of being right are in your favor?? That you’re the smartest ones here?
      Does the name Custer ring any bells?

    2. @Laurie VanCurler listen mein fuhrer, “50 LYKES” on a comment made on youtube is the most useless thing i can think of since Joe Biden stole the election. i KNOW im smarter than you. you know how i can tell? because you can’t give me one piece of evidence that a piece of cloth can prevent you from getting sick. change my mind.

    3. LMFAO… must wear the “im with stupid” badge with dignity and pride. don’t worry! no fear! colostomy bag joe is going to save the day! your “$2,000 Stimulus” is slowly shrinking by the minute.

    1. @Kenny King
      Tell us about the net worths of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Gary Peters, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, etc.

    2. @The News In ASL Blah, blah, blah, Who cares? McConnell, Trump, Gaetz, Cruz, Hawley, etc all have high net worths too. Quit GASLIGHTING. It’s UNAMERICAN

  2. I feel bad for the windmills who will inevitably be blamed for the increase in corona cases in Texas.

    1. @Paladin Estates So, are you a Russian or Chinese troll? I don’t know, your post is so idiotic I would guess neither–perhaps someone living in his mama’s basement in Georgia–U.S.?

  3. WOW! on one level, I am glad I don’t live in Texas. On another level I really feel sorry for the folks who are just trying to survive.

  4. When infections spike again people will refrain from entering businesses again & employers will have staff doing zip.
    Seen this play out many times now.

    1. Absolutely, give it three weeks & watch the numbers spike, once the lag data is collated. Then off you go again. What the heck is wrong with the “governor” ??? Getting short of ?

    2. Yep. Meanwhile if we had just done what REASONABLE COUNTRIES DID, we would already be back and running….. this country is mostly made up of fools.

  5. Abbott’s ridiculous pronunciation is one of the most dangerous I’ve heard since the pandemic began.

    1. You should really check out Desantis.
      He is literally eat up with the dumbshit.
      And Floridians love it.

    2. Releasing Covid positive illegals into America is
      Creating a super spreader that will put us back on lockdowns!!!
      They are also knowingly spreading the virus and that is BIOLOGICAL warfare by our own President!!!

    3. @Paladin Estates
      Like no.
      Please educate yourself because you talking absolute nonsense.
      Stop that.

    4. Allowing illegals infected with the virus into the country unhampered is one of the most hypercritical and senseless policies I’ve ever heard of,even for Democrats

  6. Business leaders can ask customers to wear mask ,Texans protect your selves don’t end up stacked like cordwood in warehouses,the variants are in Texas.

    1. @Vincent Murolo it’s ill informed people like you that are the virus on this country, go educate yourself before making stupid comment’s.

    2. @Vincent Murolo I certainly hope so if you were dumb enough to believe in it I feel sorry for you.

    3. @Sherry Bentz I hate to tell you the richest and most connected are democrats. Have a great day.

  7. *Texans had the chance to vote this leader in. But instead went with Rafael Cruz..Shameful. However Texans can turn this moment around!, it’s NOT too late!*

    1. Texas run gQp already restricting voters rights it may very well be too late! They made it as hard as possible for 2020 election & 2022 will be even worse!! Take care!!

    1. If Jaws killed 45,000 people, then he asked all the state to spend time swimming near the sharks.

      Then denying climate change despite everyone freezimg to death.

    1. @Ry Black We were pretty close to going BLUE during the Presidential Election! BLUE Texas would be the BEST thing for us, since the Republicans DON’T CARE if we live or die!

    2. Blue states have handled this pandemic even worse! Covering up deaths numbers in Nursing homes in New York to California taking the top spot in total deaths in the country while being in lockdown the whole time! Wake up

    3. NY is one guys handling lol talking about blue States as in more then one.. please give more examples to elaborate on this point

    4. Texans will turn soon enough.. those so called leaders just need to screw up a few more times and make it even more obvious for the blind ones

  8. So now you know why l say conservatives don’t care about anyone. Gov. Abbott is right up there with Cruz and orange face.

    1. Specifically conservatives don’t care about Blacks, Mexicans and Native Americans. It would be a hard sell convincing me or anyone being honest that conservatives wouldn’t have a COMPLETELY different response to covid if the overwhelming number of deaths were white people.

  9. Abbott and Cruz competing for the worst politician in Texas. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Vote them out as soon as possible!

  10. Our leaders in Texas, have already proven that they shouldn’t be listen to. So why would you?

    1. @Laird Dougal Smart people might look at statistics and see that Covid death rates in Texas (151 per 100k) are lower than Dem lockdown states like NY (245) and Michigan (165).

    2. @jvee bklyn Guess you better try to make it higher then. lol Man you people are absurd. “There’s a higher death rate in California, therefore I support increasing it and defend it like a d—–s online… hyuck, hyuck.” Great reasoning there!

    3. @Paul Douglas Haha you’re so clever. Couldn’t address my point with stats or science. Not surprising. don’t care about facts.

    4. @TorstenHakonson Actually California seems to be doing relatively well compared to other states. Their mortality rate is comparable to Florida with a definite difference in approach. So maybe someone might look at that scientifically rather than politically. Just a thought.

  11. Texans…. Register to VOTE…. Remember Abbott condemned people to die….. maybe you or someone you know and Love. Remember to VOTE ABBOTT OUT

    1. It not just vote ,we need to make voting easy . I have seen plp stand 7-8 hrs in line to vote or take 60 miles for a drop box .. I don’t think we are making any changes to do that..

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