Glaude On Moves To Restrict Voting Rights: ‘There’s Something Eerily Familiar About This’ | Deadline 1

Glaude On Moves To Restrict Voting Rights: ‘There’s Something Eerily Familiar About This’ | Deadline


Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University Eddie Glaude reacts to GOP lawmakers moving to restrict access to voting and says it is “an all-out assault on the franchise extended to Black folk”. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Glaude On Moves To Restrict Voting Rights: ‘There’s Something Eerily Familiar About This’ | Deadline


    1. @Dutch American lol, there’s the difference dipstick. You told me what l mean & l told you the reality. Seek psychological help asap.

  1. less words, more action.

    To fight reps. investigate them, and remove as many as you can before they burn the evidence, anything else is pointless, and doing it late is allowing them get away with it.

  2. About time somebody points out the danger in what is going on with Republicans and the emergency with which we need to act now!

  3. republican logic: If you can’t offer any policies that would get you the votes you need to win, better to just prevent the right people from voting altogether.

  4. If you can’t win on demographics then take away the right to vote. Very simple. Biased voting rights…

  5. They don’t want to give Reparations and yet they continue with the same Blatant Terrorization?

  6. Thank you Doctor Glaude, you nailed how dangerous that movement is, and it’s hideous nature.

  7. This is a cold civil war … that speaks volumes,learn from history, read a book, how the south won the civil war by heather Cox- Richardson

  8. The Republican Party, the GOP, the Trumpers, whatever they want to call themselves is the official party of voter suppression.

  9. The pilgrim that founded Plymouth in 1620, left behind Europe where they were prosecuted for being out of line with the King and too puritans.
    They left a place where they were a “prosecuted minority” for a virgin territory were they could become the “prosecuting majority” and that’s in American white culture heritage until now, claiming to be prosecuted when you find resistance to your prosecution of other beliefs and ideas, with good peace of the Bill of rights.
    The revolution was motivated by economic reasons not by “desire of freedom and justice”, Canadian paid the same tea taxes but never went to war with the King, and don’t even try to be sarcastic against them because the social results differences with USA are totally in their favour.
    The Constitution was written by slave owners for slave owners with slavery related amendments like the 3/5 clause.
    USA was the last western country to abolish slavery, but discrimination never went away until today.
    So today America is the expected outcome of an “experiment” that started with religious fanaticism, found there was money to make by exploiting slaves , taking land from natives and removing an unnecessary source of financial loss, the tea tax. All the rest, the Bill of rights, freedom of speech and religion , self determination have to be intended with a 😉 wink of the eye. That means , you can have these freedom, as long as you look like us, believe in the same religion and don’t complain about economical exploitation. How strangely similar to the imperialist pigs in Gorge Orwell’s Animals farm that after taking power declare “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  10. I genuinely hate the world that white Christian men have built. It serves them best, and the rest of us are afterthoughts, at best.

  11. “They are posing a clear and present danger to the very democracy that many of us cherish”. He sums it up perfectly.
    So anyone who is ok with the Republicans restricting the ability of voters to vote, are ok with diminishing democracy.
    That is the start of a very slippery slope!

  12. Corruption on full display, we the majority will not be governed by the minority no longer, we will vote, brothers and sisters of all colors, all race’s together as one we will win.

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