1. GOP are going full Fascist. Disenfranchise Liz Cheney’s voice. Disenfranchise voters voices.

    1. The GOP is smooching Trump’s flabby, cottage cheese butt flesh. Not every member of the GOP but the traitorous members that continue to enable the Mango Mussolini in Florida.

  2. unless the filibuster is abolished, hr1 is basically useless because it will never reach the senate floor

    1. Thank Joe Manchin, the DINO, who supports the fillibuster. Historically, the fillibuster was used once a year, but under McConnell, it was used 89 times a year when Obama was in office. We need to get people to come to West Virginia and get on local media and expose the hard truth of what Manchin is really doing.

  3. “We are innocent. We plead insanity by reason of Sean Hannity, WA, WA, WA 😩😩😩”

    – Snowflake Brigade of January 6th

    1. In 48 hours the Texas House voted to:
      * Defund cities that defund police
      * Ban abortion at detection of heartbeat
      * Slash STAAR test requirements
      * Ban homeless camping statewide
      * Penalize protestors blocking roads
      * Ensure election integrity- easy to vote, hard to cheat

  4. We know at least 126 Republicans in Congress joined Texas’s lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election. These Republican members of Congress are more committed to partisan victory than basic democracy. We should never forget that.

    1. The racist politician said the cop at the capital died because of the protesters. ALL LIES. She didn’t CORRECT HIM. PROOF This man AND THIS KAREN is so hateful and he’s the real reason democracy is being destroyed.

    2. @Sarah then why are states passing legislation that allows them to overturn the outcome of their own election?

    1. @H K S True. Remember, Trump wanted to eliminate term limits. In fact he admired the Chinese president’s success at eliminating terms in China and installing himself for life. Trump: “Maybe we could do something like that.”

    2. @H K S This is coming from the member of the party that wants to institute vaccine passports and censor their political opposition online?

    3. @Rational Fanatic Not usually a bible thumper, but that book as a quote related to that. It involves splinters, beams, and eyes.

  5. Hey GQP!
    Still waiting to see that evidence the election was stolen in 2020. It’s only been **looks at calendar** 6 months!

    1. Watch out for the sham Arizona audit! Trump is indeed obsessed and waiting for the fraud they will find. The audit will find fraud then in other states. Trump will act vindicated and rile up his base. I wouldn’t rule out another coup attempt. He is so dangerous!

    2. @Brian Morris haha but not funny. Our democracy is under attack and if we don’t become proactive with our legislators we may not have a country. This is deadly serious.

    3. @A Morfus Who gives an F about hunter’s laptop? And if you do all you have do is go read his tell all book about the depths of his addiction and more. lol 

      Hey, come to think of it, when are we going to get trump’s kids laptops? I want to see whatt’s on Ivanka’s and Jarad laptops. Seems a lot more pertinent to see theirs since they were on the actual, you know, White House administration for 4 years.

  6. Someone needs to tell Trump and the GOP the world is clearly ready to move on now, we are all a bit bored of this reality TV show now.

  7. You watch O’rourke, and then immediately you look up Abbott’s interviews. The difference is staggering; O’rourke talks like a college graduate, and Abbott like higschooler. I just can’t understand why O’rourke isn’t governor of Texas, quite frankly.

    1. @FinnFan33 Dont know where you get that kind of nonsense but it must be from the National Enquirer. Or like most on the lunatic fringe you just make it up.

    2. @Lex Ruptor Just stop it. When I voted this last election there were black Americans in the same line as me. You and your entire party fabricate it when you cant prove it.

  8. Love his involvement; hate the visual of a whole lot of people standing shoulder to shoulder. Covid ain’t over ’til it’s over, y’all.

  9. The right-wing to far-right faction of the Republican Party must be stopped because they cannot have their version of the corrupt autocratic regime of Vladimir Putin.

  10. We, The People keep waiting for politicians to save us, but they have only proved that we must fight to protect our country. We, The People must vote. The GOP recognizes that our power is in our vote, and that’s why they’re doing everything possible to silence us.

      Yesterdays count of ILLEGAL BALLOTS WAS 950,000 .. TODAY… [ drum roll please ]
      1 Million 27 Hundred ILLEGAL BALLOTS… YEAH that’s 1,002,700 ILLEGAL BALLOT
      There only being just a little over 2 million votes cast…. to be audited… about half way

    2. Show the Republicans that no metter what obstacles they put on you the people you will not be intimidated! Get all your papers ID birth certificate etc and go vote bring your water food etc pee on the footpath if they won’t allow you to move from your post! Show this Republicans what you are made of! you have a Year to get all your papers in order, don’t wait for last minutes! From Australia good luck and keep strong 🦾💪

    3. @Barbara Bretti you are absolutely right there should be no reason why we shouldn’t be prepared because as you can see they’re trying everything they can to get in the way. To stop our vote. And I do mean BLACK people Mexican American native American Asian American Muslim . But they can’t 😎

  11. Imagine living in a country where political extremists stage an insurrection and fail, but those responsible for pushing them to do so aren’t held accountable. Welcome to America, where traitors get to keep their heads, their positions, and their power.

    1. Right? That dude must be at the Q corner of net fake russian news. Think oan the my pillow guy crap. That crap is the enemy of democracy. They have been told the kool aid is poison & still beg to take gulps for fun!!( or to stay with the racist pack for a roi.)

      Sad cowards, next time there are no monuments.

    2. BLM didn’t attack the capital!!! There are just different rules for people of color vs Caucasian’s

    3. @M W It is a proven fact, if you are into FACTS, that trump’s White Supremacists infiltrated all the BLM protests to make sure the violence, looting and damaging was blamed on “the Libs and Antifa,” by their Hitler wannabee leader, donald trump!!

  12. Nicole, trump was just the excuse the GOP needed to push for limitations, they don’t care about the big lie, the just want power

  13. There is No reassurance that They will be Able to stop this , the Only one to stop this Is Congress . they need To Get HR 1 Passed .

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