1. Without a modern, 21st century, infrastructure. The US cannot compete with China to maintain it’s place as the number 1 economy and military power. Plain and simple.

  2. Reconciliation. You listening, Manchin? Get it done. Retrumplicans don’t want to help anyone. Even Liz voted against the stimulus.

  3. Hey president joe if they offer 600 billion counter offer 2.5 trillion and tell them the more they screw around the cost goes up.

  4. I sent money to Pete’s campaign. Very disappointed that he dropped out. I guess he made the right decision. All’s well that ends well.

    1. He is the most excellent speaker I’ve ever heard. Because of American bias, he really didn’t have a chance, however, based on his skills, and relative youth…honestly, he should have been president.

      Edit: He’s too good to ignore in the future.

    2. He never planned on winning the nomination… his goal was to rise to a strong position within the administration. He knew that being “a mayor of a medium-sized city”, was not a qualifier for the office of the Presidency. His goal was to make a difference for the people of this country, and he’s doing just that. He was born to be in-service to humankind and to make a difference….. and I LOVE how he is embracing his work with so much passion. He’s a rising star… and he’s learning to lead as a compassionate and profound harbinger of the future.

  5. McConnell’s agenda is only to obstruct, never even remotely constructive. One that does not evolve dies. That’s exactly what has happened to the Republican party.

  6. the military gets great maintenance and strives to build infrastructure. the corps of engineers was removed from the aegis of the pentagon. why is it always do as we say and not as we do?

  7. The government forced these backdoors to be put into place that is now being weaponized against Americans

  8. 7 dillion people in the world…300000000 rule …easy to defeat.. just divide then… make them fight them selves

  9. “Infrastructure is not going to get support from our side … I’m going to fight ‘em every step of the way”. So says Moscow Mitch. This GOP non-bipartisan stance was established way back the very day McConnell vowed that his one and only objective as GOP majority senate leader was to make newly elected president Obama “a one term president” regardless of performance. Essentially McConnell arguably single-handedly continues to obstruct, deliberately killing bipartisanship.

  10. No, let’s spend trillions of dollars on worthless fighter jets instead of actual threats or domestic programs…that will at least garner some bipartisan support.

  11. Sounds like this was planed hey Joey low job data gotta have a excuse for prices rising hey Joey 🤔

  12. Buttigiegi is a great communicator for his cause. I’m glad he was chosen for his job. Very articulate and very smart.

  13. Republicans: “Give our infrastructure to private corporations, they will take better care of it than we would, because we hate government.”
    Criminals everywhere: “Thank you for this opportunity!”

  14. We’ve been paying for foreign wars for decades and neglecting our infrastructure. It’s all going to crumble if we don’t tackle it.

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