1. @GM_JACKSON Builds doing her dirty? She and Jay z have been the top Hollywood “power couple” for like 20 fucking years now. She already done did every body else dirty by now. She is past her prime. Time for her to go

    2. @no body I have my opinion, you have yours. So be it, let it go…


      – I know, I changed the lyrics I did that to fit the situation

  1. Imma be Truthfully Honest, THE GRAMMY’S SUCKS, only some of y’all will agree ( No Shame ) But Last year’s GRAMMY’S WAS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER…


  2. What can be more beautiful and friendly when then a beautiful singer,dancer,songwriter embraces by love the peoples with which to works on the stage too the shows one’s and one’s and speciale way the publics partener which represents love pulse front of winer wonder but more less lover nearly of the parents and her family! SHE IS QUEEN OF POP for Grammy wins at the 65th Annual Grammy musical!🙏🙏🌈🌈🌎🌎🥰🥰🤗🤗❤❤Cogratulations!Stimata BEYONCE.God bless you by health and everyone from USA.Isus to be with you!Twin sisters Anca Luminita.Romania west Oradea.

  3. Seeing Beyonce win an award is like seeing a ford f-150 in a liquor store parking lot.
    We all expect it at this point.

  4. Funny how she didn’t thank god, she said god bless you, aimed at her family and the LGBT community, AND it was also the LAST thing she did there. So, why did they sneak god right up into the front of the title? Seems sus af

    1. She actually said Thank God First On national television and then she Said Thank you God For keeping but they cut it out in this Video

  5. You should thank the fools that throw money at you so you can live your dream while they go to work at some meaningless job.

  6. The Grammys wasn’t woke enough. If I could’ve just stared at a black screen while listening to two non-binary queer gender, gay men make out heavily…I would’ve been so much happier.

  7. I cannot believe she thanked the gay community for inventing the genre. The gay community did not create the genre what is she talking about.

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